Zodiacs Ranked In Order Of How High Their Standards Are (Him & Her)

Are you someone who expects their partner to be a ten? When it comes to dating standards, some people expect more from their partners than others. In fact, we all have specific standards for a variety of things in our lives; the cars we drive, the food we eat, and all the people that we date. But did you ever think that how high or low your standards are in your romantic relationships could hinge upon when you were born? Well, we've done our research and found the zodiac signs that have some of the highest and some of the lowest dating standards around.

If you are ready, dive into this list of the zodiac signs with extraordinarily high or incredibly meager standards. See where you fall and what it all means for your love life in the end. Because really, we all just want to find our forever person.

Again, these are all just generalizations and not to be taken too seriously. So have a little fun, and find out how high your standards are based on the day you were born! Who knows, you may find out that the reason you've been single all this time is due to your impeccably high or incredibly low dating standards!


Ranked from highest to lowest standards based on your sign:

24 A Leo Man Will Expect Nothing But The Best From His Partner


Leo men, the stars of the show. The guys who are always the center of attention! Leo men are faithful and lovable partners, but they also tend to have extremely high standards when it comes to the female partners that they date. In fact, he can be impatient and stubborn, but nothing compares to his temper. It's no wonder that Leo men desire that their partners have better character traits that they do. As a result, a Leo guy will be the one thinking that he is the best and deserves the same from his partner. Therefore, a Leo man will undoubtedly be looking for a partner who is beyond gorgeous, he needs someone who is the complete package. He won't settle for anything less.

23 The Leo Female Looks For A Partner Who Allows Them To Be The Hottest Couple In The Room


Are you a fierce Leo woman? If so, you know how impeccably high your standards are! The female Leo is intelligent, witty, energetic, and creative. It's why there are so many female celebrities who happen to be Leos like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, just to name a few. Leo women happen to have high standards because they have the confidence that is unbreakable. In fact, being remarkably faithful to her partner, a Leo woman expects the same in return. She needs someone who is just as attractive as she is so that whenever a photo of them is taken, she knows that the two of them are the hottest couple in any room. As a result, a Leo woman is someone who is extremely passionate and will never settle for a boring relationship.

22 The Gemini Man Sees Even The Tiniest Flaw As A Deal-Breaker


Are you a Gemini guy who finds himself single more often than not?It could be a direct result of your high standards! Gemini guys are incapable of being in a relationship with someone that they find flaws in. In fact, even the smallest imperfection could result in a Gemini guy running for the hills. Big things like trust and honesty are undoubtedly crucial in relationships. While appearance can be debated upon, Geminis will freak out over little details like clothing choices or food habits that could lead them to stay single for longer than they'd want. It's because of their high standards that they typically find themselves living the bachelor life instead of being able to stay in a committed relationship long enough for the girl to leave her toothbrush at his place.

21 A Gemini Woman Will Run Like The Wind At The Sign Of A Red Flag


Just like the Gemini guy, Gemini ladies only commit to relationships and partners that are seemingly perfect to them. Anything less than perfection is not something a Gemini female is willing to invest in. In fact, a Gemini woman will be the first to run from a potential relationship as soon as she notices any possible red flags. If a guy weirdly eats his pizza or wears a cologne that she doesn't like, a Gemini woman will never want to see this person ever again because she knows that she will never be able to be in a relationship with him. As a result, Gemini women often find themselves at the singles table at their friends' weddings because they have a severe inability to let the little things go in romantic relationships.

20 Every Libra Guy Is Notorious For Having Long-Checklists For Thier Partners To Meet


Are you a Libra guy who knows what he wants from a partner? Do you happen to have a checklist of all the qualities and character traits that your perfect person must meet before committing to someone? Libra guys tend to seek balance when it comes to their romantic relationships. In fact, they want a partner that balances them out. Which is why they go to extreme measures, like creating a checklist for their potential partner to meet. If someone can't live up to their incredibly high standards, then the Libra dude will avoid any sort of commitment with this person and move on. Searching for the perfect person to be the soulmate for a Libra guy is important, but they won't settle for anything less than they think they deserve.

19 A Libra Women Never Settles For Anyone Who Can't Make Her Laugh


Fair, loyal, and creative. These are just a few of the incredible ways to describe a Libra woman. When it comes to her standards for men, she is looking for someone who can make her laugh. To the Libra woman, nothing is more attractive than a guy with a great sense of humor. In fact, being the hopeless romantic that she is, she will look beyond a guy's looks and try to find a deeper soul. As a result, Libra women are often the ones most known for being impeccable girlfriends and wives. If you happen to want to catch a Libra women and make her yours, consider letting her get to know your funny side, it can go a long way towards getting her to commit to you. Once she laughs, she can be like putty in your hands!

18 Capricorn Men Are Notoriously Independent


Are you a Capricorn man who loves his independence? Looking for a woman who shares the same values as you? Capricorn men are incredibly independent which makes them desire the same from their potential partners. In fact, these guys lost respect for women who end up revolving their entire lives around a man. Having a partner with their own interests, hobbies, and career goals is something that Capricorn men actually find attractive in a potential mate. Capricorn guys are looking for an energetic, intelligent woman who can go toe-to-toe with them on any subject matter. As a result, Capricorn men don't ask for too much but also will never settle for someone who is too clingy or dependent on them for their own happiness.

17 Capricorn Women Can Take Care Of Themselves


Are you a Capricorn women who can't seem to find the man of your dreams? Capricorn women have been hailed as one of the most challenging signs in the entire zodiac. In fact, due to their highly independent nature, they can often be intimidating in the eyes of men. But, when it comes to the men that they allow into their lives, they never settle for anything less than they deserve. With a slight temper, it can often be difficult for a Capricorn woman to maintain a long-term relationship. As a result, a Capricorn lady needs a strong man who can handle her stubborn nature. Therefore, while it may seem complicated, reliable men who are up for the task can actually make great partners for the Capricorn lady.

16 Virgo Men Can Only Be Talked-Down To For So Long Before Finally Leaving


Are you a Virgo man who can't help but be drawn in by a chase?Virgo men will only be able to put up with your lousy treatment for so long. While they are patient by nature, they do have a certain tolerance level that can easily be reached. In fact, while these guys are known to enjoy a good chase, they will only do so for so long without any reciprocity. As a result, while they may fall victim to succumbing to some low standards, they never wholly let their emotions get the best of them. Instead, they choose to be confident within themselves and follow their hearts. Virgo men gain their self-confidence by leaving people who don't have the same feelings towards them as they have for the other person.

15 A Virgo Female Will Chase Someone Who She Is Interested In, Even If They May Not Share The Same Feelings


The devoted and loyal Virgo woman is not someone that dates people who are mean, emotionally unavailable or rude. However, when an attractive and single man comes along, the Virgo woman may end up falling for someone that requires some chasing to attain. In fact, even if the object of her affection doesn't share the same feelings towards her, she will be relentless and ruthless in attempting to get this guy. Unfortunately, her efforts will usually come to an end once she remembers her worth. This unstable emotional quality in a Virgo female is what makes them human. Always needing to be perfect can be exhausting. Even Virgo women have flaws, and once they see them, they can grow and become a better version of themselves.

14 Aquarius Men Have Trouble Avoiding Their Ex


Are you an Aquarius gent who always finds himself crawling back to the woman that broke your heart? The Aquarius man is notorious for being a fantastic flirt. But, when it comes to his standards, he can't help but have his ex-girlfriend come back into his life. Without even trying Aquarius guys share a deep connection with all of their exes. In fact, it can be hard for them to ever really sever all ties with anyone that they have ever been intimate with. As a result, having an ex-girlfriend show up out of the blue is a perfect excuse for the Aquarius man to run into her arms without any hesitation. Therefore, while it is possible, for Aquarius men, avoiding all their exes becomes a challenge.

13 Aquarius Females Need Their Friends To Remind Them That They Deserve Better


Just like the Aquarius male, the Aquarius female is known to go crawling to that ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. In fact, it's her friends that allow her to keep her sanity and stop her from making poor impulsive decisions on the regular. An Aquarius woman may forget how much she actually deserves when it comes to a relationship. As a result, she relies on her friends to give her the self-confidence to move forward and avoid going back to the guy that once broke her heart. We all know that we are better off without the guys from our past. Aquarius women have a hard time remembering or knowing what they are worth, which is why they have their friends right by their side to snap them back to reality.

12 The Aries Man Will Claim To Have High Standards But It's All A Facade


Are you an Aries guy who claims to have ridiculously high standards for your romantic relationships? We all know the real truth! There is nothing wrong with admitting that you quickly fall for all the crazy women. If you ask any Aries guy, they will likely say that their standards are incredibly high. However, the reality is, they typically end up falling for people who are significantly beneath them. The Aries guy is notorious for getting into relationships with women who may be able to make them feel alive and alert. But these women won't be as ambitious, career-driven, successful or respected as they are. As a result, they end up in a slew of romantic relationships that don't actually serve them or make them happy.

11 Aries Women Are Notorious For Falling For Guys That Are Beneath Them


Are you an Aries woman who continually finds herself in a relationship with the wrong guy over and over again? Aries women are incredibly attractive mates. In fact, their charm and wit are just certain aspects of their personalities that attract guys by the droves. However, when it comes to romantic relationships, Aries women tend to fall for guys that are entirely beneath them in almost every respect. While an Aries women is a total package, she still needs a guy by her side. But when it comes to choosing the right guy, the Aries woman struggles to pick a good one. Aries women are typically the ones who end up with guys that lack ambition, have no jobs, come with baggage, have emotional issues, or are married.

10 A Sagittarius Man Will Have High Standards When It Comes To Looks, But Nothing Else


Are you a Sagittarius guy who is always in a toxic romantic relationship? The Sagittarius guy is notorious for getting blind by beauty. In fact, if a woman has a pretty face, he will instantly fall for them. They will put up with a lot in romantic relationships if they find themselves being with someone who has a fantastic body and gorgeous face. Being treated poorly is something they have become accustomed to in romantic relationships. As a result, Sagittarius men are often the ones who struggle to get out of toxic relationships over and over again. Making the same mistakes is something the Sagittarius guy must overcome so he can finally find the healthy relationship that he deserves. Therefore, take control of your life Sag, and avoid falling for another pretty face.

9 The Sagittarius Female Can Easily Be Blinded By A Beautiful Man


Just like a Sagittarius male, a Sagittarius female is easily blinded by a gorgeous face and a fit body. In fact, settling for the wrong guy is something that Sagittarius females know all too well. This poor decision making can really end up messing up their love lives in general. Continually being in a romantic relationship with a toxic individual can be emotionally draining and damaging to your mental health. Staying in a toxic romantic relationship for too long can cause some severe problems down the line. Ideally, Sagittarius women should learn when they've had enough and leave the situation before it gets out of hand. The best thing is to have family and friends to rely on who can help you find someone who is more deserving of your love, time, and attention.

8 Pisces Men Are Sometimes Too Nice When It Comes To Romantic Relationships


Are you a friendly Pisces guy who just can't seem to find a soulmate worthy of your love? Continually forgiving the person you have intense feelings for all her mistakes is what a Pisces guy is known to do. In fact, a Pisces man will be the first to forgive a discretion in a romantic relationship. The Pisces dude will never complain when his partner suddenly cancels plans last minute without a good reason. These guys are often considered to be too sweet, kind, and compassionate when it comes to their romantic relationships. They are usually taken for granted by women who get a kick out of putting guys down. It takes a lot for a Pisces man to claim that he has had enough and actually leave a relationship.

7 A Pisces Woman Is Incredibly Forgiving And Often Let Their Partners Get Away With Just About Anything


Are you a Pisces women who has a heart of gold? Forgiveness is something you do on the regular! Just like the Pisces man, the Pisces woman is sweet-natured and kind. She is often the one easily forgiving her partner for any transgressions he has made in the relationship. In fact, Pisces women are some of the easiest to love because their hearts are so big and expansive. They will do anything and everything to make sure that their partners are happy and fulfilled without taking the time out to consider their own personal needs. As a result, they put blinders on and look at their partner through love-fogged goggles. This allows them to forgive their partner for straying or betraying their trust quickly.

6 Scorpio Men Are Too Hard On Themselves, And Not Hard Enough On The People They Date


Are you a Scorpio gent who happens to have terrible luck in relationships? Scorpio guys lack inner self-love and self-esteem. As a result, they often settle for relationships that are toxic. Ending up with partners who are not worthy of their tremendous love and adoration. In fact, Scorpio men usually sell themselves short when it comes to romantic relationships. Typically, they will treat themselves like crap which allows the women in their life to feel like they can criticize them negatively as well. However, Scorpio dudes need to always remember how amazing they are. Being surrounded by people that genuinely have their best interests at heart is what every Scorpio guy needs in his life so he can avoid making dating mistakes over and over again.

5 Scorpio Women Often Settle For Less Than They Deserve Because They Don't See The Beauty Within Themselves


Are you a Scorpio woman who doesn't know how amazing she really is? Lacking the confidence to go after what you deserve? Scorpio women are the queens of not knowing what they want when it comes to romantic relationships. In fact, Scorpio women are typically the ones who underestimate themselves and what they deserve in relationships. Fluctuating between hot and cold like crazy, a Scorpio woman struggles to find someone who is deserving of her love. As a result, she often ends up in toxic romantic relationships without knowing how to get out. With low-self esteem, Scorpio women have a tough time avoiding the wrong men. Therefore, it is essential for Scorpio women to have ways to strengthening the inner mean girl that they all share inside themselves.

4 Cancer Men Are Able To Put Up With A Lot


If a Cancer man falls madly in love with you, it doesn't matter how poorly you treat them. They will find a way to stay with you. Cancer men are really terrible at breaking up with people. In fact, you will rarely encounter a Cancer guy equipped to handle a breakup healthily. As a result, while Cancer men are emotional and can cry at the drop of a hat, even if you are the cause of their tears, they will forgive you and never let you go. Notorious for dishing out second chances like candy, Cancer guys love unconditionally. They never actually realize how low their standards really are until someone can actually point it out to them. A Cancer man always thinks he is a fantastic partner, which is his biggest goal in life.

3 Disappoint A Cancer Woman And She Will Still Want To Be With You


Being some of the most prominent nurturers in the entire zodiac, Cancer women have sensitive souls with hearts of gold. In fact, they love to take care of people. This is true in their romantic relationships as well. Where no matter what their partner does, they feel the need to protect them and keep them safe. Being able to love unconditionally is something that comes naturally to a Cancer woman. As a result, she is probably going to forgive her partner faster than another sign would for any transgressions or mistakes he may make. Being incredibly patient people, Cancer women are often taken advantage of by guys who lead them on. With some encouragement from loved ones, a Cancer female can learn to build a backbone and stand up to the guys that take her naivete for weakness.

2 Taurus Men Are Constantly Falling For All The Wrong People


Are you a Taurus guy who just can't stop texting the girl you adore? Newsflash: she just isn't that into you! When someone doesn't answer their text messages, it's a surefire sign that they are no longer interested in you in any way, shape, or form. However, for a Taurus male, being persistent is just in his nature. In fact, a stubborn Taurus man will keep inviting you over, even though they already know that you are only using them for their bodies. You treat a Taurus guy like crap, and he will continue to pursue you. As a result, Taurus guys continue to hope that you will one day wake up and completely change your mind about your feelings towards him.

1 The Stubborn Taurus Female Doesn't Know How Much She Actually Deserves


There is just no one more steadfast and unequivocally loyal than a Taurus female. However, her standards for men are significantly lower than you'd expect. In fact, when a Taurus loves someone, no matter how wrong they be, she loves them for the long haul. Nothing is ever short-term for the Taurus female. Being wholly devoted and committed to the person they love makes them blind to their flaws. As a result, ending up in toxic relationships is something the Taurus female knows all too well. Not knowing how much she actually deserves is something that the Taurus female is continuously faced with in all of her romantic relationships. It's her loved ones who have to remind her of how amazing she is and how much she actually deserves.

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