Zodiac Signs That Are Likely To Have An Affair And Those Who Will Be Faithful (His and Hers)

Sometimes you can see a cheater from a mile away, and other times, you truly have no clue that the person that you love is also hooking up with someone else. Relationships can seem super complicated, but really, love is a lot simpler than people make it out to be. If you're truly in love and are with the person that you're supposed to be with, you're not going to even dream about being with anyone else. The same goes for your partner.

Unfortunately, when cheating does happen, one half of a couple just isn't feeling it as much as the other one. And the results can be seriously tragic and heartbreaking. It's the stuff that sad songs and memes are made of.

Of course you love finding out everything that you can about yourself (and sometimes your boyfriend, too) based on your zodiac sign. It's a really fun thing to do. We're here to help when it comes to who's going to cheat and who's not going to at all. Check out the zodiac signs that are likely to have an affair and those that are going to stay super faithful! We rounded up his and hers signs so you can spot your BF's!

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24 Aquarius (His): Faithful

The Aquarius guy honestly sounds like perfect boyfriend material. He needs to be friends first with the girl that he's going to choose to call his girlfriend. Unlike some other people, he just can't possibly jump into a relationship. That would be his worst nightmare. He wants to get to know someone... and, honestly, more people should take that kind of approach to finding love. It's a smart way to go.

Since he's very careful about his girlfriend choice, he would be in it for the long run and it's very unlikely that he would cheat. Therefore, he definitely would stay faithful to the lucky girl who is his GF. If your boyfriend's an Aquarius man, then you're totally breathing a sigh of relief right now, right?!

23 Aquarius (Hers): Faithful

The Aquarius woman doesn't do well with casual hook-ups and wants more romance than that. So it makes sense that she would always stay faithful to the person that she's with.

Honestly, what's the point of cheating on your boyfriend, anyway?! It sounds like the worst idea ever. Sure, you might have some fun in the moment, even though it seems horrible to think that would be fun. If you love someone, you want to be with them and you never want to hurt them. Period. End of story. It sucks that more people don't realize that. It also sucks that more people aren't in the relationships that they should be in and decide to cheat because of it. A lot of things suck, apparently, but the Aquarius woman's ability to sustain a relationship doesn't. That is pretty awesome.

22 Pisces (His): Faithful

The Pisces man is a super emotional guy, so he doesn't really seem like the cheating type. Honestly, it seems like even if he did attempt to cheat on his girlfriend, he would get really upset and stop himself. That's good news for girls that date Pisces guys.

If this is your boyfriend, you should be glad and grateful that you have such a sensitive, emotional person in your life. Society unfortunately doesn't see having emotions and being sensitive as a good thing, especially for males, and that's a real shame. There's nothing wrong with being on the sensitive side. It's a pretty attractive thing in a guy, actually, since it usually means that he has no trouble telling you how he feels about you and being romantic AF.

21 Pisces (Hers): Faithful

The Pisces girl is just like the Pisces guy: very emotional and very sensitive. Again, this just isn't the kind of person who is going to ever cheat. They wouldn't even think about it.

If this is you, you probably know that when you fall in love, you love deeply and you really feel a lot for the person. You take relationships seriously. You would never even dream of ruining what you have because you're so emotionally invested in the person that you're with and the relationship that you have. While people might tell you to stop feeling so much and calm down, you know that it's not really a bad thing to be sensitive, and you should definitely be proud of how in touch you are with your feelings.

20 Aries (His): Affair

The Aries guy needs a lot of adventure in his life and isn't one to shy away from change. He might not be all that interested in a long-term, committed relationship because of those things. He gets bored easily and might lose interest in his girlfriend fairly quickly and want to explore with someone else.

This isn't the say that he absolutely can never find lasting love or that he has zero interest in committing to someone. He definitely can. He just might be more likely to cheat than some of the other zodiac signs, at least based on what some experts think about his personality traits and qualities. Of course, he might get bored with the person he's cheating with, too, so it would start a cycle that would never end...

19 Aries (Hers): Could Go Either Way

When the Aries woman does fall in love with someone, she's faithful. As long as she can find a partner that she really enjoys being with, she's going to commit to them, no problem.

On the other hand, she also gets bored easily and might not want to stick around. Either way, it really has to be her decision because she's a bit of a control freak. Sorry if that's you but it's what seems to be the case for this zodiac sign. The Aries woman can either commit and be faithful or cheat, and it just depends on the situation and how she's feeling about the relationship. That might sound kind of horrible but that's just the wild, mysterious, adventurous woman that the Aries is.

18 Taurus (His): Faithful

The Taurus guy could never, ever be okay with staying with someone if they cheated on him thanks to his super stubborn nature. It seems like he would always be faithful to someone for that reason. It makes sense that if someone is really stubborn, they would find it ridiculous to even think about forgiving someone for hurting them. And since cheating seems like a pretty massive betrayal, they would definitely never be able to stay with that person.

He also takes relationships super seriously and likes getting to know someone before making them his girlfriend. This is honestly something that everyone should think about because maybe if more people really picked partners more carefully, there wouldn't be a need to cheat in the first place...

17 Taurus (Hers): Faithful

The Taurus woman would never, ever jump into a serious relationship. She wants to move much slower than that. Once she's in, she's all in. Because of that tendency, it seems like she would be faithful to the partner that she finally chooses.

There's something to be said for a slow start to a relationship. Of course, there are really no right or wrong ways to start a relationship, despite all the advice and so-called rules out there. But all the conflicting advice just proves that no one really knows what they're doing when it comes to love and dating and relationships. If you're a Taurus girl, then you know that you like to stay with one partner, and that's all there is to it.

16 Gemini (His): Affair

The Gemini man needs to feel like everything in his life is one giant adventure. If someone bores him, he's going to move on. He seems likely to have an affair because of that.

Some of the zodiac signs have less than ideal and nice traits and this is one of them. It's definitely not heartwarming to hear that a Gemini guy wants his girlfriend to excite him all the time or else. It's like, come on, no one can be exciting 24/7 and that just seems like a lot of pressure. But that's just the way that he lives his life and there's really no changing that... although, maybe if he falls seriously in love, he might change his stripes. You never know, right?!

15 Gemini (Hers): Faithful

The Gemini woman seems like she would be more likely to be faithful to her boyfriend than cheat on him. She's an interesting case because she's said to have many partners throughout her dating life (in the bedroom, that is...). So while she's single, she's absolutely having fun and she doesn't want to settle down or anything like that.

When she does settle down, though, she's said to want to have kids with that person pretty much ASAP. She doesn't waste time or mess around, that's for sure. If this is you, you might notice that you start dreaming of wedding dresses and baby clothes as soon as you fall for someone... Well, now you can totally blame (or thank?) your zodiac sign for those daydreams.

14 Cancer (His): Faithful

The Cancer man is another one who's total boyfriend material since that's basically one of his goals in life. He really wants to find a girl that he can commit to and he takes that search super seriously. Where can you sign up, right?!

It would make absolutely zero sense if this type of guy cheated on the girl that he finally found love with. That just doesn't seem very likely. Instead, he'll stay faithful and do what he can to make the relationship work, as long as it's good for him and seems like a positive situation. He's looking at the future and isn't afraid of it at all.

13 Cancer (Hers): Faithful

The Cancer girl is all about romance. If this is your zodiac sign, then you're probably all about the Nicholas Sparks movies and the sweet nothings and the cheesy gestures. Valentine's Day is your favorite day of the whole year. Nothing is too over-the-top for you when it comes to the guy that you're dating. You're all about love and nothing can ever change that.

So why would you cheat on your boyfriend? You just wouldn't. Of course you wouldn't. That would be the worst thing that you could ever do and you would probably never, ever forgive yourself. And that's awesome. You're a loyal girlfriend and that's the way that it absolutely should be. More people should be like you and then there would definitely be fewer broken hearts everywhere.

12 Leo (His): Faithful

The Leo guy can be a bit of a drag to date since, let's face it, he's stubborn and arrogant and just too confident. If you don't think that someone can be too confident, then meet a Leo and you might change your mind... That being said, however, the Leo guy will take his relationship seriously (if he's in one, that is) and will be faithful to that person.

This faithful nature, however, comes with a catch: if he feels he's being treated like the most amazing, best man out there, then he's going to keep dating that girl. Yeah, that sounds like kind of a jerk move because, well, it totally is. He could definitely be a jerk. But that's just the way that the zodiac sign crumbles...

11 Leo (Hers): Affair

The Leo woman is always looking for adventure and new experiences. Those things are a lot more important to her than settling down or being in a serious, committed, long-term relationship. If she does find herself in that kind of thing, she's probably not going to stay faithful, and she's fairly likely to cheat on that person.

It's not that she's a horrible person or even means to have an affair, even though of course that's no excuse. She just honestly can't be tied down and can't be bored. Yeah, that sounds like a lot of other zodiac signs. The whole not wanting to be bored thing can get kind of, well, boring to hear about, but it really is the way that a lot of people feel.

10 Virgo (His): Faithful

Virgos are cautious and loyal and organized people and are really not designed for affairs. It would honestly seem kind of impossible to believe if a Virgo man did cheat on his girlfriend...

You've probably heard that Virgos are neat freaks and that they're big readers and all that jazz. And it's honestly true. Virgos might get a bit of a boring reputation but they have a lot of good traits, too, and one of those positive qualities is taking their relationships seriously. They're loyal to their friends and family and romantic partners, and that can't be anything but a really good thing. If your boyfriend is a Virgo, consider yourself super lucky to be with such a sweet, responsible, loyal guy. But, of course, you probably already know how lucky you are.

9 Virgo (Hers): Faithful

The same thing goes for the Virgo woman. She's not likely to cheat and, in fact, even the very idea of it would seem super foreign to her. It just wouldn't be something that would ever be on her radar... and that's great news for her boyfriend for sure. And good news for her since she won't have to betray the one that she loves and mess up her whole life in the process.

Virgo guys and girls seem to have very similar personality traits, if not the exact same, and they seem to act the same way in relationships, too. That's not always true of other zodiac signs but it's for sure true of Virgos. The Virgo guy and girl are also pretty likely to get really upset when they hear about someone cheating on their partner. The mere thought of it is just the worst news ever.

8 Libra (His): Faithful

The Libra man is absolutely going to be faithful to his girlfriend. Why? Because he looks for love as if it's his full-time job.

Okay, okay, so that might be a tiny bit of an exaggeration, but... not by that much. He really does want to find someone that he can make his entire life. He wants to settle down and he doesn't want to wait. He's dating to fall in love and get married, essentially, and casual hook-ups and the like just aren't interesting to him. You'll probably never meet a Libra man who wants a one-night stand or anything like that... which is good news for you if you meet one and you want to settle down, too. It's honestly music to your ears, right?!

7 Libra (Hers): Faithful

The Libra woman isn't likely to cheat, either. She really enjoys the commitment of a long-term relationship. She is really the ideal girlfriend since she has her own life for sure but also likes merging her life with her partner's.

That's easier said than done, usually, but not for the Libra woman. She doesn't see how she could live and love any other way. While she always wants to keep her own hobbies and career and friendships and all that, she wants to be a part of her boyfriend's life, too. And she wants to be a pretty massive part of his life. It's a super balanced way to be. Sounds like the best thing ever, doesn't it? We could all learn a thing or two from the Libra woman and how she dates.

6 Scorpio (His): Affair

Oh, the Scorpio man. He's a bit more difficult to date and he's not going to be faithful like some of the other zodiac signs on this list. Nope. If you're looking for a guy to be your one and only, this might not be your best bet.

This guy loves the chase and to play games, so he seems like a likely candidate to have an affair... if he even gets into a relationship in the first place, that is. Because he honestly might want to just chase as many women as possible and call it a day. He's the kind of person where the chase is more important and interesting and attractive than what he gets. The worst, right?! You've definitely met a guy like this, and maybe he was a Scorpio.

5 Scorpio (Hers): Affair

If she doesn't feel satisfied with her relationship, she just might step out on her boyfriend. So it's possible that she would stay faithful after all, but it's also possible that she would have an affair. Super helpful, right?!

When you think about it, this is really the only reason that people cheat anyway. If you're in love and satisfied in every way by your partner, you're not going to even entertain the idea of having an affair. It just wouldn't interest you and you would see absolutely zero reason to ever do that. If there was something that was off or a huge problem that you weren't dealing with, though, you just might get attracted to someone else, and that's definitely what happens to a lot of couples.

4 Sagittarius (His): Affair

For the Sagittarius man, his worst nightmare is a girl that he considers to be a clinger, so it seems like he would cheat on someone if he felt boxed in or trapped.

Of course, it sucks to hear that because you're definitely sick and tired of hearing guys complain about girls who trap them or make them "whipped" or, most irritating of all, are "clingy." Ugh. What's with guys calling every girl clingy?! No, seriously, what's up with that?! It's really not the case and it's getting really old. They should definitely stop doing that. The Sagittarius guy, however, probably isn't going to stop, and so if he cheats, that would be the reason. Yup, it's as annoying and terrible as it sounds, that's for sure.

3 Sagittarius (Hers): Affair

The Sagittarius woman probably isn't down with, well, settling down. She's extremely independent and cares more about living her own fabulous life than having a serious relationship.

If she was in a relationship, though, she might not be able to stay faithful to her partner. It sucks to hear that because no one wants to get cheated on. Yeah, that's the biggest understatement ever. She would find her own reasons and explanations for why she did it, and she would probably say that she just couldn't be tied down by a boyfriend. If she sounds like the cliche, stereotypical male who can't settle down, that's because she kind of is exactly like that. Bad news for the guys who date her... and bad news for her, too, since she might not find everlasting love with an attitude like she has.

2 Capricorn (His): Faithful

The Capricorn guy isn't very likely to cheat on his girlfriend. So that's some seriously good news.

He might need his potential girlfriend to make her interest in him known and won't be super obvious about his romantic feelings. Once he gets through that, though, he'll be loyal. This is the type of guy that you start dating and feel a bit insecure and worried about because you're not super sure that he even likes you. You know, in that way. You might think that he just wants to be friends but that's not the case at all. He just needs some time to get to know you. But once you two bond and get to know each other, it's going to be the best thing ever, and he definitely will stay loyal and faithful.

1 Capricorn (Hers): Faithful

The Capricorn woman will absolutely never, ever cheat on her partner. She doesn't ever do casual relationships, so that seems like a pretty strong indication that when she falls in love, she wants it to last and be really great.

Hook-ups and one-night stands honestly don't even appeal to her. She has never been casual with anyone and never would in the future, either. She might not even understand why anyone even likes that stuff in the first place. Some people might find that strange but to her, their behavior is totally strange. Since she's not interested in any of that, she dates to fall in love, and is therefore a loyal girlfriend once she becomes one. If this is you, then, well, you already know this since you know yourself better than anyone else does.

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