How Shameless Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign

Shameless conjures a negative vibe. But that’s not necessarily the case. There are several reasons why someone chooses to be shameless. It can be for attention or to obtain status. It can also be to bolster ego or secure things for others. Shameless isn’t about being selfish, not all the time. So are you shameless? When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? A human read to stop at nothing to get what she wants? Or a someone who values others and neglects human vices? Each one of us has a certain streak of shamelessness, but how deep does your streak run, is it visible, and do you even care? The beauty of life is that when one sign is totally shameless, another will be sans such characteristic. The natal chart, like the entire universe, is balanced. Therefore, some signs will take shameless and run with it and others won’t even be bothered. What do you think about your sign? Do you have any intuitions about your shamelessness? Take a guess at how shameless you are and continue reading to see how right you are.



16 Aries –Low Down and Dirty


Why is Aries so damn shameless? Truth be told, with all that cardinal fire, Aries you are bound to be determined and the spark that is you, the one that sets the zodiac chart running, is potent. Aries, you are the go-getter and you’d better believe you will let nothing and no one get in your way in order to get what you want. This is not to say you’ll step on people, but it’s not to say you won’t. You are focused on action and doing (hello Mars energy!) that you have several projects at one. The moment a thought synopsis illuminates, you’re already wondering how to manifest it and before you know it –poof, it exists. Every second that is wasted pains you to your core. And your core is so fired up that whatever lands on it instantly becomes something, transforms and shifts. Don’t get in an Aries way unless you are part of the solution and not the problem. Aires will roll over you, keep it moving, not look back, and shout, I gotta keep moving, sorry about that, but you were in my way.

15 Taurus –Only if You’ll Benefit

14 Gemini –Why are You Even Asking?


Want to shameless at its best and worst –then look no further than Gemini. Gemini, you already know you’re at the top of the most shameless and, in all honesty, you really don’t care. You might even be chuckling as you read this with that gorgeous twinkle in your eye that you get when you’re up to no good. You’re happy with who you are. You’re happy with how you interact with people. Why? Because even if you are shameless, you’re being true to yourself and your desires. If others can’t accept that, then f-them, that’s your philosophy. Gemini, you had being told what to do or how to be. So being shameless just comes naturally with the territory. The funniest thing about how shameless you are, Gemini, is that you go about it in such a nonchalant way, as though second nature, second skin. And it really does look good on you. If anyone can get away with being so shameless, but making it look so good, it’s you, Gemini. You’re sitting back saying, Don’t I though!

13 Cancer –Not About that Life

Cancers are not innocent, far from it. Cancers are notorious for being psychopaths and serial killers –but it makes perfect sense as Cancers are completely emotional, emotional as in take it to the edge of the cliff and hang on, the end of the world and back. You are the one sign that can allow your whole life to be ruled entirely on emotion (Moon power runs deep in you, Cancer) and not bat an eye. So why is Cancer not about being shameless, then, but about sociopathic behavior? Well, Cancer, you are above that, as strange as that sounds. You don’t see the big deal in being dramatic as hell, even to extremes, but you don’t want to let your business be known. Shameless has a connotation of being publically seen or at least felt. Privacy is your policy. Now it makes sense that Cancer could do something behind closed doors, but you would never air your business in public like that. You rarely share your feelings with your loved ones, so how you gonna let the world know about you. Cancer, you’re totally sitting back and watching everyone like, Look at the mess they’re making.

12 Leo –To Ensure All Eyes on You


As cliché as it sounds, Leo cannot survive without some sort of attention. It doesn’t have to be over the top or even public, it can be attention at home, even. Leo, if you don’t have the spotlight, you are willing to go to serious lengths to get all eyes on you. Here shameless does tricks. It smiles in faces, then turns around and grimaces. Leo, you know what I’m talking about. No other sign knows how to play the game as well as you do. And good for you, Leo. It’s your nature, your instinct –so to speak. Roll with it, embrace it. Should you be without proper attention or affection, or even a creative outlet, you will go wild, quite literally. Leo, you become shameless for the sake of survival. If anyone knows about the survival of the fittest, it’s you, Leo. Once you find that shameless works in your favor, you won’t be shy to use similar tactics over and over again. You’re sort of saying, Yeah, I get down like that, so what, it’s who I am. And trust me, Leo, no one is gonna fight you except you, yourself.

11 Virgo –As Covert As They Come

Think you’re all innocent, Virgo, because you're represented by the virgin. Things are about to get really real here, your cat is out of the bag and all of your magic tricks are being revealed right here, Virgo. Sorry. Virgo might be the most shameless of them all. You take things to a whole new level. Why? Because like Cancer, who keeps the business locked behind closed doors, Virgo does, too. But where Cancer lacks control over emotions, Virgo, you’ve got all that in check. Plus, no one does organization and development like you do. This means your shameless has been evaluated, dissected, critiqued, then put back together to make a shameless monster only a mother could love. You make your own shameless monster and revel in the beauty of its ugly. No one knows how to get away with shameless the way you do. You do it with purpose, tho; and you have various missions to accomplish in this lifetime. Being all quiet and shy, nervous and even reclusive, no one would be the wiser. That is until now. Virgo, the world is onto you and your shameless ways. Knowing you, you’re shaking your head like, This article is total bull, I want to see the credentials of the person who wrote it.


10 Libra –Way too Indecisive for that Mess


Here is Venus again, the goddess of attraction, but this time, Venus isn’t working so hard. Venus is super chill in Libra. And this might be the reason that Libra isn’t even concerned with being shameless. You are not just full of justice and righteousness, but you’re sometimes too compromised by such a strong character to get caught up in such nonsense. Libra, you are as indecisive as they come. This means even before you decide to do something, you will have thought about it over several hours, days, weeks, and in some cases months. No one can hold off on making a decision like a Libra can. Even if it feels like the right choice to be shameless, you will do a back and forth game with yourself, ask around, seek advice, then eventually throw your hands up and say, Why am I even worrying about such an insignificant thing, I’ve got a life to live here. And you do, Libra, you are so right. This is why you are the scales, balancing out all the wrongs with rights and vice versa. This is why you are justice as anybody’s business.

9 Scorpio –Too Much Depth to Go that Low

You might have thought that Scorpio would be on the top of the shameless list, but that would just show how little you know Scorpio. Scorpio knows what I’m talking about. While Scorpios are mean and even rude, they are not about putting themselves on display for the work to gawk at them, then criticize them, and later throw them to the wolves. Scorpio, you are beyond such displays. Like Cancer, you, too, are private. And most of what you do alone is wallow in feelings, get lost in self, and generally ponder all that is life, all that could go wrong and all that could turn out ok. You are a natural worrier, but in many ways all that worrying gets you to where you want to go. Being shameless to reach those peak is not your style, not at all. You are dignified and even stuck-up. No one is going to get in your way, but you don’t do much about them, you just sort of brush them to the side and say, Shoo fly, don’t bother me. And continue on your analysis of life and all its many splendid creatures.

8 Sagittarius –To Keep you Moving, Yep


While Aquarius might be known as the journeyer, the gypsy, the wander, Sagittarius, you embody much more of that character because Jupiter makes you jovial, light, bright, and bouncy. Sagittarius, you can’t sit still. You are not just a mover and a shaker, but you are a body that’s uncomfortable in its own shell and sitting somewhere for too long. This does not mean you move fast, on the contrary. You’re something like molasses. But you are so connected to exploration that you will do the best you can to find opportunities that allow you to be on that travel life. You take things slowly, you weight options, you evaluate and determine which path will be of greater service to you. If it won’t benefit you in some way, you’ll drop it like a bad habit. And you won’t be shy or embarrassed to tell people why either. Like your opposite, Gemini, you don’t feel guilty for acting upon desires that feel natural to you. As much as you take from others, you give, so you are living a life worthy of much applause. But there you are, with your hand stretched out, saying, What you got for me? And your honest reaps you many rewards.

7 Capricorn –For Work, No Doubt

Everyone knows about your undying devotion to work, Capricorn. You work so hard it even hurts us to watch you. No one devotes the time like you do, no one is neck deep in the stuff like you are. Capricorn, your goals are unprecedented. Why? Because no one can set them like you do, then achieve them as though using the powers of angels or spirits. And you very well might be using your occult connections to get things done. We can’t be mad at you, Capricorn. You are so compromised with work that you will take measures into your own hands to make sure you get what you want. Family and friends have to wait on the sidelines for you and you don’t mind telling them that, either. If someone can’t accept your hard-working character, then they’ll have to go. And you’ll move on very much like, Opps, another one bites the dust, but no matter, work calls and I’m thrilled to answer. Your work is your mate and this is not only commended on several levels, it’s also stunning to watch you at work, cut-throat and all.

6 Aquarius –Too Invested in Life


How could a humanitarian be shameless? Well, there are countless ways, but none of them occur to you, Aquarius. Something about you isn’t just die-hard committed to you causes, but you are so buried under the mission and the vision that employing sneaky methods just don’t occur to you. Some might call you innocent and you’d be fine with that. There is something childlike about you, but unlike children who can be quite shameless in getting what they want, you’ve moved beyond those infantile stages and found a great deal of comfort in maturity. If it’s shameless to devote your life to sacrifice, then you’d be happy to take on the title. Aquarius, your life has so much meaning, both in the gift of life itself, but in how you’ve chosen to live it, being shameless almost feels disrespectful. And you are no frills comments with things like, I don’t have time to consider such juvenile behavior, I’ve got a village to save.

5 Pisces –Dreaming Too Much to Bother

Pisces, you are all the way down there, deep down, dreaming, interpreting dreams for yourself and loved ones, delving ever deeper, trying to figure out the essence and purpose of life. No one can stay down there as long as you can and you relish in your gift. When people talk to you about shameless, you take this very seriously. You wax poetic. You find the lesson in the conversation. You find the meaning in the action or the existence of such a concept. Like your opposite, Virgo the healer, you’re searching for meaning. If you can’t find a honor in it, it doesn’t even belong in your realm and reality. You brush it out like some old star dust looking for a new home, a new piece of sky in order to rest and shine. Aires, being full of hot-headed steam, starts the birth chart turning, but you are the accumulation of all the signs, all feelings, all beings. That’s not an easy position to be in, but you do the best. Pisces, you are the noblest of the signs which wouldn’t even stoop to shameless. You seem to be saying something like, What are you talking about, I am simply existing.

4 Fire Signs - Riding high on those shameless flames


Overall, you’re riding high on those shameless flames, y’all. As fire signs, Aires, Leo, and Sagittarius are destined to be pro-active. When considering their positions in life, not only will they take action to secure their rightful positions and fulfill dreams, they will even use the action of others to their benefits. Fire is what gives us light and life, without it, humans would be much different, even extinct. So before anyone starts judging fire signs for being almost all the way shameless, realize that astrology needs their power to make change. Plus, zodiac signs tend to balance each other out, so while fire signs might be shameless, they make up for their unsavory behaviors in other ways.

3 Earth Signs- Seize the moment to serve yourself

When it comes to earth signs, you will seize the moment if you think it will serve you well. And if you think you can get away with it. Earth signs are looking for a come up, for sure. But not in every instance. Each earth sign has a specific calling. Taurus, you want to manifest the good life, full of luxury and food and romance. Virgo, you long to make a change in people’s lives and will be shameless in your ploys to get them the help they need; the same applies for your own selfish needs, too. Capricorn, you want to give yourself over to work and work related goals, ready to strive for the moon, stars, and rainbows. It surely feels like earth signs can be excused for their shameless behavior because it has tinges of truth. Whatever that truth means. There is no hidden agenda here.

2 Air Signs- Hard to nail down


Here’s a mixed group. One is all the way shameless and the other two find the idea of shameless to be shameful. Air tends to be hard to nail down, floating about up there on cloud 9. You are dynamic in your ability to get lost out there among the cosmos. Libra and Aquarius are perfect examples of air signs that find life is too short to be shameless. Both have missions, not very divergent either. Libra wants justice and shameless behavior just won’t cut it. Aquarius wants to save the world, one kitten or butterfly or bird at a time. Then there’s Gemini who is strictly shameless in all sense of the word. It has a lot to do with Mercury, a planet that is as quick to change from one moment to the next. Don’t judge Gemini so harshly, we all have our flaws.

1 Water Signs - Stray away from shameless tendencies

None of the water signs are even tempted by shameless guiles. You are all so majestic in your dive, in the way you move about the water, that shameless behavior would only dampen a good thing. You’ve got a good thing going, water signs. You allow emotions to rule you which means you aren’t swayed by the beast that can be shamelessness. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces garner solace as their fuel and when the journey is propelled by truth, what more do you need to keep moving forward. Water signs are elegant not only physically, but also spiritually. For this reason, you just can’t find it within you to entertain shameless antics to get by. You’d rather tread the water and see what surfaces.


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