Zodiac Signs Ranked Based On How Much They’re Love Addicted

We all may think we love being in love, but do we really? Sure, having someone to share your life with is all fun and games in theory, but in reality, it can be a little… different. In fact, the reality of love can be the worst. Being in love with someone means they can hurt you in the worst kind of way by breaking up with you, lying to you, or – the worst of the worst – cheating on you.

Furthermore, these possibilities can make us ladies go a little nutso. We can become possessive, controlling, insecure, and completely different people while in a relationship with someone. You were once a cool, confident woman, but now you’re locked in the bathroom, scrolling through his text messages, and drinking your second bottle of wine. Who are you? Also, don't worry, girl. We've all been there.

Like pretty much everything else in life, your zodiac sign can give you some clues as to if you’re good at love or bad at love. This is to say that some zodiac signs have an easier time enjoying love, whether it’s because they are able to keep a cooler head or because they are more willing to embrace their next big love. Below we ranked all the zodiac signs based on how much they're addicted to love. So read on to find out where you rank and just why you rank there. Hey, you may even learn something about yourself that can help you enjoy love a little more!

Here's the signs ranked from least to most addicted to love:


15 Virgo: This Analytic Sign Thinks Of Love In Practical Terms

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Aw, poor Virgo. When it comes to ranking the zodiac signs that enjoy love most, you come in dead last. I’m so sorry, girl. It’s not that you don’t enjoy love. I mean, everyone enjoys being in love to some degree. It’s just that you’re a bit too practical to buy into that whole epic romance thing.

Virgo, you’re known as one of the hardest working signs. You keep your head down and work hard at your job and, really, everything in life. This results in a very black and white way of seeing the world. You’re not overly creative, whimsical, or optimistic. You like to see things for how they really are. Because of that, you tend to see love for what it really is. You very well know that relationships often end in tears and broken hearts. Also, you’re one to discount your feelings in the face of reason. That said, you’ll put love on shelf because it’s just something that will logically not work out.

For the right person at the right time, you may fall in love, but you’re not someone who worships at the alter love. You’d rather worship your career because your career can never leave you for someone younger and hotter.

14 Aries: Love Will Always Come Second To Ambition

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Aries, it may come as a surprise to you that you’re this far down on the list. You love to be #1 at everything, so you likely wanted to see that you’re a sign who enoys love the best, right? Well, it’s for this very reason that you’re so far down on the list. Yes, we’re talking about that competitive side.

Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, you’re all about being #1. This applies especially to your career ambitions. Whatever your endgame ambition may be – that New York Times Bestseller, having 100K Instagram followers, getting that promotion to the executive position – there is nothing you wouldn’t sacrifice for that ambition, including love. While you, like every other normal person in the world, enjoys being in love, you will always enjoy achieving your goals more.

Sure, that Academy Award may not keep you warm in the middle of the night, but it’ll sure keep you happy.

13 Capricorn: Too Obsessed With Marriage To Want Real, True Love

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Capricorn, you may appear to enjoy love the most but that’s all for show. You’re a sign that is all about appearances and tradition.

When it comes to the milestones in life, you’re very concerned with hitting them. For you, it’s marriage, a home, and babies. That said, finding a husband is the first part of the puzzle. For this reason, you can sometimes be consumed with finding a husband but not necessarily finding a love. Sure, you want to love him, but you also want him to have good credit, straight teeth, and a SUV. He has to be the "right" kind of guy in order for you to love him. You’re not the type to fall for the drummer of a band, who is living out of his card and not paying off his student loans.

While you can enjoy love, you enjoy finding a guy who fits your idea of perfect even more.

12 Cancer: The Emotional Cancer Sometimes Manipulates Love

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Cancer, you are just full of those emotions, as all water signs tend to be. For that reason, you may have expected to see yourself higher on this list, but alas you fall right here.

The thing holding you back from enjoying love is the same thing that helps you enjoy love: all those thousands of emotions you have. Because you’re so emotional, love can sometimes turn dark for you. While you’re a loyal and sympathetic lover, you can also be suspicious, insecure, and controlling. The worst comes when those negative emotions push you into a situation in which you manipulate people who love you. Being loved by someone doesn’t mean you get to manipulate and control them.

While you enjoy love, sometimes those sneaky emotions can take you down a dark path that neither you nor your partner really enjoys.

11 Leo: This Arrogant Sign Loves, But Always Loves Themselves Most

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Leo, with your warm personality, people are always falling in love with you, which you really enjoy. While most signs enjoy having people be in love with them, no one enjoys it more than a Leo. The thing is, a Leo will sometimes love being loved more than actual love. The Leo enjoys being worshiped and being the center of attention, but not actually putting the time and effort into a long-lasting relationship.

Since the Leo is a fire sign, they thrive from passions and tend to put themselves first in every relationship. No matter how much a Leo loves you, which can be alot, a Leo will always love themselves more. While this isn’t the worst thing in the world and even advisable in some situations, it makes the Leo fall lower on this list.

Just remember, Leo, you may enjoy love, but you’ll always enjoy yourself more.

10 Aquarius: This Intellectual Sign Loves More Than Anyone Knows

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Aquarius, you may not be the best a expressing that you love someone, but you do love very deeply. As an intellectual air sign, you come off very independent. No one would ever take you as a sucker for love, but you totally are a sucker for love.

You like to think big picture ideas. When you’re with someone, you won’t only feel love for them but you’ll also really think about this love. You’ll ponder on why exactly you two work together, what exactly it is that makes you love this person, exactly what love really is at its core.

Aquarius, because you’re a thinker, you’re actually a very good lover. Yes, you feel feelings, but you also think about feeling those feelings. When it comes to enjoying love, it may not seem like it on the outside, but you certainly enjoy love.

9 Gemini: This Flighty Sign Falls In Love Every Minute Of Every Day

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Oh, sweet Gemini. You enjoy love a little too much. Like, maybe just enjoy love with one person at a time. I’m not saying you’re a cheater or anything. It’s just that you fall in love with everyone you meet, Gemini.

As the sign of the twin, you are known for having dueling personalities and thoughts. You may often feel at odds with yourself or unable to make a decision. This particular unsettled feeling also urges you to stay away form routine or repetition. Because of that and your proclivity for social interactions, you’re likely to fall in love with someone new every day. Whether it’s the Starbucks barista, your new co-worker, or just a random guy you saw on the subway, you’ll fall in and out of love fast.

So yes, you enjoy love a lot, but you tend to shy away from all the messy responsibility that comes with loving someone.


8 Sagittarius: This Idealistic Sign Thinks Love Will Solve Everything

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Sagittarius, you have a bit of the Gemini in you, in that you, too, shy away from repetition and routine. Though, it’s not for the same reasons as the Gemini. Instead, you’re more just hungry for exploration and adventure. That said, you want nothing more than a partner in these adventures. You do totally want a partner who you can committed to, but you also want to go see the world with this partner.

Because of your idealistic nature, you tend to always be thinking that something – be it a promotion or relationship – will be what finally puts your whole life together. You think that finding your soul mate will somehow make you someone who does yoga and gets up at 6am every morning. Unfortunately, you may find yourself disappointed when love doesn’t suddenly fix everything in your life. However, they won’t stop the sunny Sagittarius from truly enjoying love.

7 Taurus: This Possessive Sign Can Let Love Get The Best Of Them

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Taurus, when will you ever learn? Girl, you really, really enjoy love. In fact, of all the signs you probably desire to be in a relationship the most. This is because you’re happiest when you are nurturing relationships. You’re devoted, caring, stable, and loyal. You’re basically everything someone could want in the partner. Only, you also go over to the dark side. That’s right, Taurus, you can get possessive, controlling, and jealous. Because you give and give so much in your relationships, you tend to expect the same level of commitment from partners. However, they may not always be able to give you the same level of devotion. This is what can sometimes set you down the jealous path.

If only you didn’t let love take you to that bad place you’d be one of the signs that truly enjoys love the most. Don’t give into the green-eyed monster, Taurus!

6 Libra: This Fair-Minded Sign Is Always Thinking Of Their Love

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Libra, you're an air sign known for your cooperative, diplomatic nature. You’re fair-minded and like to view all situations from every point of view. Because of this, you tend to be a rock star at being in relationships.

Because of your devotion to fairness and your draw towards socializing, you enjoy partnerships of all kinds. Yes, you enjoy being in a relationship, but you also seriously enjoy working on a group project, catching happy hour with your friends, and literally anything else with a social aspect.

Because of your fair-minded nature, you’re able to full enjoy love. Unlike some other signs who may get possessive, jealous, and controlling, you’re able to step back and see situations from your partner’s point of view.

Libra, you see the bigger picture of every relationship and because of that, you get to truly enjoy love.

5 How To Love Like A Libra: Think Of Their Point Of View

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Want to enjoy love the Libra way? Well, it starts with thinking outside of yourself.

Many of us are so such in our own point of view that we fail to see things from other’s perspectives. This can leave us going to the dark side of relationships. If he’s been unavailable, busy, or at an emotional distance, don’t automatically go to the dark place and assume he’s cheating on your with your best friend. Don’t immediately start going through his text messages. Instead, step back and look at it from his side of things. Remember that he’s been working really hard on a project or that his friend is going through a breakup and he’s being there for them.

Whatever the case, a Libra also considers the other person’s situation. Adapting this trait will help you be more levelheaded and get back to really enjoying love.

4 Pisces: This Gentle Sign Lives For A Fairy Tale Romance

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Pisces, of all the signs you are the most gentle and most in touch with your emotions. You are intuitive and compassionate. Basically, you’re like a walking hug.

Because of this, you occasionally wish to escape reality a bit. I mean, the world is a harsh place for someone with a soul as gentle as yours. In order to get some solace during these tough times, you’ll cling to a loved one. In fact, you’ll truly indulge in the passion of a fairy tale romance all because it’s an escape from reality. Is it completely healthy that you enjoy love so much because it’s a little slice of heaven in an otherwise harsh world? Maybe not always, but it still means you enjoy yourself some love. So bye mean world, you're going to enjoy your fairy tale romance.

3 How To Love Like A Pisces: Embrace The Fairy Tale Romances

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Want to enjoy love to Pisces way? You have to embrace the romance, baby! In terms of the Pisces, this sign will embrace the most impractical romances. He could live on the other side of the country. He could be broke and living in his aunt’s basement. He could be, horror of all horrors, shorter than her. No but seriously, how much does it suck when a cute guy is shorter than you? Sorry, short guys, but it's true.

The Pisces doesn’t let reality screw up their fairy tale romance. To love like a Pisces, forget about how impractical it is and just love. Particularly, the Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius may want to take this advice. Those signs can easily talk themselves out of a great romances just because it’s inconvenient. Instead, embrace the love and forget about all those pesky issues in the real world.

2 Scorpio: To This Passionate Sign, Love Is The Most Important Thing

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Scorpio, your entire world revolves around passions and emotions. As a water sign, you live to experience and express emotion. While other water signs can sometimes let their emotions get the best of them, the Scorpio tends to be more levelheaded. This is not to say that the Scorpio doesn’t live and die for their emotions. It’s just to say that the Scorpio doesn’t let their love relationships make them jealous, insecure, controlling, or manipulative. Instead, the Scorpio fully embraces their loving relationships with the cool and calm behavior for which their known.

With a Scorpio, it’s all positive love and not negative emotions. When it comes to enjoying love, it doesn’t get more enjoyable than the Scorpio, who only embraces those good, happy emotions.

1 How To Love Like A Scorpio: Leap For Love

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Want to love the Scorpio way? Well, you have to embrace the big, earth-shattering, life-changing loves. In fact, you need to demand love like this. The Scorpio would never settle for less than the biggest, grandest love in the entire world.

In order to love the Scorpio way, you must wait for that consuming love story. Then, when the big love story of your life does come around, you must approach it with a cool and calm matter. Do not make the mistake of letting negative emotions creep in and ruin this love story. Say goodbye to anxiety, insecurity, and jealousy. The Scorpio simply doesn’t do those emotions.

If you want to love like a Scorpio, you must be willing to leap head first into love with a clear and positive mind. Yes, it’s a gamble, but leaping for love can pay off huge.


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