Zodiac Madness: What's Your Dark Side?

If you’re a fan of reading your everyday horoscope, chances are, you’re reading it to know the good thing about today and the next coming days. Most of us read horoscopes so we can stay updated on the good things and know what are the not-so-good things that will happen to us. We all need to prepare, right? But have you ever thought about reading your horoscope to figure out what your dark side is? Have you ever thought of reading about zodiac signs to know which aspect of life you should really improve? We can all be clueless about this sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay clueless. Take this article for example – this is your friendly guide to knowing your dark side and your deeply hidden secrets. Now, it’s up to you if you’re going to do something about it, if you’re going to try and fix it or if you’re just going to leave it as is. So, is your dark side really that dark?


15 Aries – You Just Want People To Change As Much As You Do

If you’re an Aries, you know how complicated your life is. You have full understanding that you’re not the kind of person who makes decisions easily. You can’t stick to one thing – even when you’ve already sworn you would be in it for the long run. Aries folks are generally amazing people who love life and who cherish their amazing friends. However, you also have this big trouble of making quick decisions, and actually standing by it. And another bigger trouble is the fact that you want others to change as often as you do. You know it’s a pain in the you know what and for some unknown reasons, you also want others to feel it. Girl, that’s just, well, lame. Why in the world would you even do this? Why in the world would you ruin other people’s lives and force them to be weak and indecisive like you? Well, perhaps we can blame this on your dark side.

14 Taurus – Die-Hard Seductive

Taurus folks are secretly die-hard seductive. You’re a friendly person, which is why you have friends of all kinds – the shy ones, the okay ones, the seductive ones. And deep inside you secretly want to be just like the seductive ones. You secretly pay a closer attention to your fellow seductive friends and you tend to hang out with them more. Why? Well, because you want to be just like them. There’s no clear reason for this. Even you cannot pinpoint the main reason why you find yourself wanting to be a seductive woman. You just do. And every single day, you try your damn hardest to hide this great desire of yours. You wouldn’t want your friends to know, much less your family. You have friends who you know can help you but still, you choose to keep this a secret.

13 Gemini – Vain To The Highest Level

Gemini are super vain people. They're the kind of people who don’t care about anybody else but themselves. On the outside, a Gemini is a social butterfly. You’re great at making friends and you love the fact that your pals often see you as their leader. You have it in you, girl. You’re amazing like that. But the thing is, this attitude can be too much most of the time. Usually, you’re not just a social butterfly anymore, but you’re someone who does everything in her power to make sure everybody puts you in their minds first. You’re so vain like that and you think it’s normal. You think because you’re kind and friendly and all, people would adjust to your likes and wants and needs. Girl, that’s not really how this world works, okay? You can’t keep on thinking of yourself and yourself only, and you can’t expect others to keep on thinking about you as well.

12 Cancer – You Know Nothing About Stability

Because of the crab mentality Cancerians are naturally born with, they tend to have problems with stability. You find it super difficult to live an okay life, it’s like you’re always in trouble. And because of this, you often end up pretending you know everything about stability just so you won’t be left behind with your friends. Just so they won’t think ill of you. But in reality, you have zero idea about stability. For you, surviving the day is the only important thing. Cancer pal, please know that being stable in life is one of the best things that can happen to you. So instead of pulling other people down, why don’t you just practice being stable and having a steady lifestyle? Because no matter what you do, believe it or not, people will find a way to be okay and stable despite your efforts of ruining their lives. Darkness and negativity will never win.

11 Leo – Attention-Seeking From Under The Veil

And then we have our Leo pals, who are fairly great at making friends. You often come off as the no-fun kind of woman because you’re usually serious, but when people get to know you more, they will quickly change their verdict. They will realize you’re actually a good friend and hanging out with you is fun. But girl, you have a secret agenda you may not even know, since only few Leos are actually like this. You are a huge attention-seeker. It’s not easy to figure this one out, which is why we’re here to help. You’re not serious because you take things seriously. You come off as serious because deep inside, your mind is busy figuring out how else you can get the attention of everyone around. How else can you make them pay more attention to you and be amazed by your abilities and all. Leos are smart people, it’s just that you often struggle to make the most of your wit, so you end up troubled on how people can pay extra attention to you.

10 Virgo – Crazy Judgmental

You try your best not to, but Virgo girl, you just have this super judgmental bone in you and there’s really nothing you can do about it. Aside from taking control of it. One of the darkest sides of Virgo folks is that they are just plain judgmental and they don’t even notice it. For them, they’re just having opinions and expressing those opinions. But in reality, you are already judging this person. Girl, this needs to stop. You need to learn the difference between judging and simply expressing your thoughts because more often than not, you don’t do the latter. And your judgment game is so high even your friends can’t wrap their heads around it. They try their best to understand you but if you don’t try to take control of this, you will exhaust yourself in trying to keep it a secret forever. And at the end of the day, it’ll still show up. There’s no such thing as being able to keep this for good.

9 Libra – You’re Nothing But A Trickster

Don’t get us wrong here, we love that Libras take time to make decisions. We love that you’re well aware of the fact that wrong decisions can lead to disasters thus, it’s important to think about it really well. However, the problem with most Libras is that they don’t just take time thinking about something before making the decision. They literally do not decide. Yes ladies, you read that right. Even when you think you’ve made a lot of good decisions in your life, you may not realize this but some (or most) of those decisions were not even made by you. You just trick people. You paint a picture and you show it to your friends and family and you actually make them decide for you. Sometimes, you ask them what they would do and then you just follow their suggestion. So yeah, other people but you are usually the ones making decisions, you’re the one who tricks them into doing it.


8 Scorpio – You Secretly See Others As Puppets

Scorpios are like, magnets to great people. You have this superpower of choosing the right friends, and this power never fails you. For some people, it takes time and a hell lot of effort to build a good relationship with someone. For you, it’s a piece of cake. Mainly because you’re a nice, friendly person and you’re passionate about so many things in life. One of which is being passionate about other people’s dreams. However, Scorpios have this dark attitude of manipulating others. Because you have a lot of good friends who trust you deeply, you find it easy to manipulate them and you may not even realize what you’re doing. Because you’re compulsive, you tend to manipulate people to do things for you – the right things. This spares you from dealing with your compulsions since there’s nothing left for you to do. You can just sit like a queen.

7 Sagittarius – You Doubt Yourself (Especially Your Gender)

And then, we have our ever-curious pals… Sagittarius. Girl, no matter how hard you try to hide it, we can see it. We can see your dark secret. We know you’re confused about your gender and until today, many years after you started feeling confused, well, you are still confused. This is because you’re afraid to face the fact that there’s a chance you’re not straight. Well woman, believe us when we say there’s nothing to be afraid of about exploring your gender. You don’t always have to hide in dresses simply because it’s what people think women like you should wear. You don’t have to be ashamed that you doubt a lot of things about yourself. You have the freedom to explore and you certainly have the freedom to doubt your own gender. That’s called being curious and that’s totally fine. Stop hiding. It’s not doing you any good.

6 Capricorn – Secretly Thrives On Gossip

For our Capricorn pals, we’re pretty sure you’ll hate us after reading this but, we just need to say it… so you can try your best to avoid it. See, Capricorns thrive in gossip. You don’t gossip that much per se, but you so love it when your pals do. You love it when your pals talk about one another. You’re like a devil’s advocate or something. Now this isn’t entirely wrong. It’s just that you’re a good listener and you’re so observant. This is simply the downside of being a Capricorn, and it’s a bigger downside if you don’t do anything about it. Being a good listener is great. But you need to have a better filter, girl. Don’t thrive on gossip and then pretend you don’t. Because whether or not you believe it, your pals will soon know you’re just listening because you get to have something to gossip about.

5 Aquarius – You’re Trying So Hard To Be Young And Wild

Aquarians are the most mature sign on the list. And if you just know how to handle your maturity, that would be great. But good lord, you just suck at life. Well, at being fun to be exact. You, Aquarian reader, are secretly trying your d*mn best not to be the no-fun kid in the room, but you’re failing, big-time. You may not even realize it, but deep inside, you’re wishing you knew how to be more fun; how to loosen up a bit because you always feel that everything should be taken seriously. Girl, not everything should be taken seriously. We suggest you should watch more cartoons than documentaries. That’s probably going to help you loosen up because if you don’t do something about this, you will spend the rest of your life hiding the fact that you think everything should be taken seriously. You hide it because you’re afraid people wouldn’t want to be friends with you anymore.

4 Pisces – Lacks Direction And Pretends Otherwise

And then we got our Pisces pals who are generally super cool to be with. You’re imaginative and you always think outside the box. But because you’re too creative, you tend to find it difficult to find direction in life. There are so many creative people out there moving through this world clueless, and that’s okay. That’s what life is all about and you’re ought to figure things out along the way or else you won’t figure out anything at all… if you’ll just sit and forget about your creativity. However, most Pisces have the tendency to rely too much on their creativity. You tend to think as long as you’re creative and all, you’ll be fine. Girl, you should also keep in mind that you have to have at least one clear goal in life. Because even when you don’t know your direction, if you got that one goal, you will naturally figure out a path towards it. Trust your gut and have a goal, dear. So you won’t have to pretend that you’ve gotten everything figured out.

Signs we’re hopeful for (because hiding your dark side is suffocating)

3 Aries

Okay, Aries may have this illusion that they can change everyone around them, that they can fit people into the mold they created, but still, we’re hopeful you can figure out your way around this. We all have hidden agendas and we all have dark sides, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t nor we couldn’t do anything about it. Aries are strong people, and we strongly believe that if you really want to change something, like this dark side of yours for instance, you can change it. There’s no erasing it, for sure, but there’s something called adjustment. That’s where you have to focus on. Adjust your standards and adjust the way you interact with others. Stop thinking that once you’re friends with someone, you can force her to change her way of thinking simply because you’re a person who changes your way of thinking so easily.

2 Sagittarius

Sagittarius folks are gender-benders. And girl, there’s nothing wrong about that. You don’t have to be ashamed about the fact that you have no idea if you’re straight or not, or that you want to explore your gender. See, when confused about gender, most people think it’s a dark side that should always be hidden. Well, it’s called a phase, dear. It’s called a phase where you get to explore and experiment and let experience teach you, because that’s the best way to learn. So don’t be afraid to go out there. No matter what you do, people will always have something to say. Just stop being too conscious and stop hiding the fact that you’re unsure of your gender. Embrace it and the next thing you know, your friends and family are already supporting you. Just trust that and everything will be fine.

1 Pisces

We know this sounds cheesy but yes, we strongly believe in you, Pisces girl. We understand that being a creative is not a walk in the park and we get that more often than not, you feel confused and lost. We’ve all been there. But as long as you have at least one goal in life, and you’re rooting for that goal, you will be fine. Because even when you have no idea where to go and what to do, even when deep inside, you know you’re totally lost, you will figure things out. Keep in mind that it’s better to admit you’re lost and you’re confused than pretend you got it all figured out. The latter will just ruin your relationship with your friends, especially when they realize how much of a big fake you are. So go, be confused and lost with your pals, we’re sure they don’t have a clear direction in their lives too. Because really, we rarely do.


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