Zodiac Madness: This is Why You’ll Always Give Your Ex The Silent Treatment

For some of us, being civil and just kind to one another is the best option on the table. We all try our best to be kind and understanding and forgiving, even to those who hurt us, like our exes. But it’s not always easy and really, no one can blame you. Some relationship breakups are just terribly painful that you can’t even imagine being okay with your ex, much less be a friend to him. And then there are those people who strongly believe that once they were hurt, they will give those people the silent treatment. And that is the only thing they will give to them. Have you ever wondered why you find it a challenge to be friends with your ex? Why you choose to cut the communication completely? Here’s what your zodiac says about that.


15 Aries – your strong stance makes it easy for you to be on your own

Aries are strong people, especially when it comes to emotions. In a relationship, it usually takes you ages before you give up on a terrible man because you can take it – you can take all the pain. And for you, what most people consider as a major issue, you only see it as a small one. You’re strong like that, and it’s great that this strength is not only when it comes to love but it applies to every aspect of your life. It’s also the main reason why you’re highly successful. You never get tired of pushing. But when someone hurt you, especially an ex-partner, that’s a big deal for you. Like, being hurt once by a person is enough. You’re not going to give him a chance to hurt you again. Besides, you’re strong enough to b on our own and you’re well aware of that.

14 Taurus – you think it’s all part of being patient and giving yourself more time


Taurus folks are super kind and patient. You know the importance of giving others a chance and you’re so full of patience for every kind of person. This, of course, includes the people who have hurt you. This is the reason why Taurus folks usually have a lot of friends – you’re so patient and kind that even when a friend is not a “close friend,” because of your kindness and patience with her terrible attitude, she later on realizes what a great person you are. Your social circle is so big, dear Taurus reader, but your ex-boyfriends are not part of it. You choose to give the silent treatment because you think it’s part of you being patient and kind to yourself. You were kind and patient to him back when you’re still together. This time, it’s time to be kind to yourself.

13 Gemini – there’s always too much going on

Because of the twinning thing, there’s not a single moment in a Gemini’s life that’s all about peace and quiet. You rest, of course. You Netflix and Chill and watch Stranger Things over and over again. But most of the time, Gemini people are too busy with life – friends, work, maybe school, and then more friends… so yeah, technically, the silent treatment you’re giving to your ex is not 100% intentional. It’s just that when you end a relationship, you usually keep yourself busy and preoccupied until you can say you’ve finally gotten over him. But when that time comes, you become too used to the feeling of being busy and socializing, you don’t even remember checking in back with him. And then, you just decide to keep the silent treatment going because it’s doing you good. Perhaps this is one of the best traits of our Gemini pals.

12 Cancer – you’re too emotional to connect with him again, even as friends


Cancerians are highly emotional people. You’re moody and you’re having a hard time controlling it. But even then, your mood won’t distract you on your goal to maintain radio silence with your ex. Just because you’re a clingy woman when in a relationship doesn’t mean you will have a hard time letting go of a man. This is one of the most common misunderstandings people have when it comes to Cancerians. This is also the reason why men usually take advantage of you – they think because you’re too clingy, you’re also too patient with them and they can take advantage of that. Well girl, it’s great that you often choose to give the silent treatment. Go let those men be amazed at how strong you are to distance yourself from them and not communicate at all. Because despite the overflowing emotions, your mentally strong like that.

11 Leo – the silent treatment makes you feel like you’ve won something

Leo folks are always hungry for success. You’re the kind of person who always wants other people to notice your good deed. You want your friends and family to be amazed at your success, no matter how big or small that is. Thus, when it comes to relationships and breakups, silent treatment is like winning a trophy. Because you, too, are also very emotional, you feel like being able to cut the communication between you and your ex is like winning something. Well girl, maybe it is indeed winning something. Because whenever you choose the silent treatment, you also have the tendency to five more love of yourself, which is great because more often than not, you’re too preoccupied in working so hard and trying to be more and more successful. This silent treatment is reminding you that you need to communicate with yourself more.

10 Virgo – it’s your version of long-term self-care


For most Virgos, self-care is one of the most important things they can ever give to themselves, which is pretty good. Among all the signs, you’re the one who always finds it easy to check in with yourself, make sure you’re feeling okay with all the things going on in your life. So when it comes to breakups, there’s really no question why you’re choosing the silent treatment every single time. This is your form of self-care. This is you, choosing yourself instead of trying to patch things up with him, or trying to be civil with him. Don’t get us wrong, being civil with your ex is important and you do understand that, deep inside. But for you, choosing yourself is still the best way to go. And yes, you’re right on this one. After all, some people are just not meant to be part of our lives.

9 Libra – you’re too smart to get in touch with him again

Libra people are insanely smart when it comes to relationships. You have this unique ability to sense whether a man is really into you or if he’s just into your successful career, your good name, or your pocket. Maybe he’s just into you for the night. This is the ability all of us wish we have. Thus, when a relationship ends, for whatever reason, you have no problem deciding whether you should build a friendship with your ex or you should cut the communication fully. Because for you, the silent treatment is the best way to go. You’re too smart to give this guy a chance. No person is perfect so there will be moments where you let your guard down for the wrong man. This silent treatment is your self-reminder that you’re a strong woman and you’re strong enough to not get in touch with your exes, no matter how much you love them, still.


8 Scorpio – your dark emotions are always taking over


Scorpio people tend to have this dark aura within them. And no, we’re not saying you’re an evil person. It just that you have the tendency to hold on to the negative traits of other people. When someone hurts you or betrays you, it’s easy for you to forgive but your brain never forgets. It never forgets the feeling of pain, how you were when you were in pain, and most certainly, it never forgets that person who inflicted pain. Your dark emotions are on the works when it comes to breakups, and this is when you make a decision to choose the silent treatment. And because you’re the kind of person who always stands by her decision, you often end up standing by this decision as well. You will later on see the beauty and the positive effects of the silent treatment thus, you just choose it every single time a relationship ends.

7 Sagittarius – you’re enjoying life way too much to welcome someone who once hurt you

Opposite to Scorpio, Sagittarius are happy people. Like you’re always high on happiness. If there’s such a thing as a happy pill, as in the literal pill, people would suspect you’re taking them uncontrollably. You’re a kind and forgiving person who is always after the good things. This is the reason why you’re fairly successful in almost all aspects of life. Well, aside from love. The thing about being a super happy person is that you tend to fall in love so easily. Which is why whenever you get stuck in an ugly relationship, it’s a struggle for you to get out. And when you’re already out, you choose to not communicate with that toxic ex ever again. You don’t have plans to welcome him again in your life because you feel like the only thing he’ll do is ruin your happiness again. And girl, this is actually a good way to protect yourself from pain.

6 Capricorn – you just don’t build relationships with people from the past


For our Capricorn pals, well, you’re a straightforward person. You are considered the pillar of your girl tribe and even in your family because you’re always brave to decide, even when the situation is complicated AF. And no matter what your decision brings, you’re strong enough to deal with it. This is the reason why you’re one of the most hard-working among the signs. And this is also the reason why being in a relationship is not easy for you. See, men have the tendency to want to be dominant. That’s not going to work for you. But after a few back and forths, some men would understand you and would love to build something special with you. Well, until things start crumbling. So when a relationship ends, whether that’s a short one or years-worth of a relationship, you always choose to go radio silence. You just don’t want to welcome him again in your life, period.

5 Aquarius – you’ve been hurt so much repeatedly that you’ve had enough of it

Aquarians are also known as humanitarians. You’re a kind person who give and gives that sometimes, you’re taken advantage of. Good thing you’re clever and it’s easy for you to know whether the man is just taking advantage of you or not. This ability spares you from terrible relationships. And because you’re a fairly strong woman, you’re quick to end a relationship that you know won’t go anywhere. You’re quick to leave a man whom you’ve given tons of chances already but still chooses not to value those that you gave him. So when it comes to deciding your relationship with your ex, you know going silent is the one and only option. Because you’re a giver, you tend to give multiple chances to a man. When you leave him for good, you know you have nothing left to keep tabs on him.

4 Pisces – you don’t believe your exes are worth talking to ever again


Another sign that’s all about kindness is Pisces. You, dear Pisces woman, tend to have so much faith in people. You strongly believe that as long as someone believes in him, he will change. He will later see how terrible of a person he is and he would be more than willing to work on his personal issues. Oftentimes this works like a gem. But that doesn’t mean you’re okay with communicating with your ex. Just because you’re kind doesn’t mean you’re okay with them still being part of your life, especially those ex-boyfriends who know nothing about giving back and those exes who are just terrible people. Yes, girl, you still encounter those kinds of people sometimes. And when love clouds your judgment, you don’t just encounter them. You find yourself falling for said person. Luckily, you know that being silent and cutting communication with him is the way to go. And you stand by this decision every single time.

Signs that won't change their ways

3 Capricorn – you just don’t build relationships with people from the past

The thing about Capricorns is once they made up their mind about something, and they know their decision is benefiting them, there is no trying something else. There is no reconsidering. And most definitely, there is no looking back. This ability is something that is unique to our Capricorn pals, and this is the reason why maintaining a silent treatment with exes is a simple task. If you’re a Capricorn, chances are, you’ve already thought about this. Something had happened to you that made you think about going silent for good. If you haven’t done it yet, you just need a little push… a little encouraging. Once you’ve done this, you will know it is the best choice you’ve ever made, and you won’t look back ever again. You won’t make any other considerations, especially to the guys who hurt you and are now trying to get back with you. For Capricorns, a NO is a NO.

2 Scorpio – your dark emotions are always taking over


Because of the cocktail of emotions Scorpios have, something most of them have a hard time controlling, going silent is usually the best option. Sometimes, being too emotional saves you. Sometimes, being dark saves you from being in pain. So the next time you end a bad relationship and you think of giving your ex the silent treatment, go for it. Don’t question your dark emotions. Don’t think you’re just over-reacting or that you’re being too harsh. You are not. This is you trying to take good care of yourself again, after being through so much pain. Keep in mind that the silent treatment is not always a bad thing. And dark emotions in us are not always the enemy. They’re there for a reason and more often than not, they’re there to save us from too much pain.

1 Cancer – you’re too emotional to connect with him again, even as friends


Given that Cancerians are also highly emotional people, you’re also expected to be kind and forgiving. You’re a straightforward person who knows how to be kind even to those who are not kind to you. And you’re not a huge fan of running around the d*mn bush. When you deal with something or someone, you always go straightforward. You still wear the kind face and the soft smile on your face but you show these people that just because you’re kind and emotional, that doesn’t mean you’re weak. In fact, you’re the opposite of weak. Which is why when it comes to exes, you tend to unleash your strength through cutting communication with him. It’s easy to fall back into his arms, but for you, you know that turning your back for good and not opening any doors or windows of communication is what’s best for you.


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