Zodiac Madness: That One Thing You’re Better At Than Anyone Else

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Zodiac Madness: That One Thing You’re Better At Than Anyone Else

This is one competitive world and we really can’t blame ourselves, or anyone else for that matter. It’s just human nature to compete and to race to be at the top. Especially millennials… oh don’t let us get started with millennials. Now because of this, it is quite important to know that one thing you’re good at and focus on it. Whether or not it’s something you think you want to focus on, giving that one thing you’re good at a chance to bloom is going to be advantageous in more ways than one. And what’s the best way to know? Zodiac signs, of course! Folks, believe us or not, there’s so much more to zodiac signs that we think, and it’s all about making the most of the information it provides us. If you know that one thing you’re better at compared to everyone else, just imagine the potential you have in you!

12. Sports And Intimacy Are An Aries Forte


A fire sign, Aries is the Greek good of war and people under this sign are known to be strong-willed and risk-takers. They are physically and mentally balanced, which is not so common these days. Aries are so good at setting limits and rules for themselves and they’re good at standing by their decision, no matter how big or small it is. Thus, compared to other zodiac signs, Aries are known to be better at intimacy and sports. Yes, we know we said “one thing” but we really cannot choose. Because of the versatility of Aries folks, they tend to find it easier to do everything you can imagine. How freakin cool is that? And because they’re courageous and adventurous, they don’t find it difficult to find a partner willing to experiment in bed with them. For some Aries folks who are not huge fans of bedroom activities, they tend to divert the energy to sports, which makes sense given they are well-disciplined risk takers.

11. Have A Problem? Call A Taurus


Taurus are incredibly patient people. We have no words to express how patient they are and because of that, anything that involves problem solving, Taurus folks are your people. Whether that’s business related, or in the field of science, as long as there’s a problem and there’s a need for a solution, you’ll often see Taurus folks light up like a Christmas tree. They’re often the people who will step up when there’s a dilemma and when nobody can’t seem to figure out what to do. So if you’re a Taurus and you have no idea you’re good at problem solving, well now you do. Sometimes, it just takes some time for this characteristic to bloom. You just have to give yourself a chance… throw yourself in the water and believe that even when you don’t know how, you’ll figure out how to swim. Because you’re an earth sign and you are patient and persistent like that.

10. A Gemini Can Multitask With Charm

We say with charm because Gemini folks are charming people. They’re the kind of people you’d love to be with even if you’re not really friends with them. They’re the strangers you’re comfortable to chat with while waiting at the coffee shop line. Geminis are generally amazing human beings, despite the fact that they’re borderline materialistic. When you learn how to handle this attitude, chances are you can be really great friends with a Gemini. Also, they’re super good at multitasking. No, they are the best at multitasking. They may be stubborn and lazy at times but most of the time, Geminis can pack their brains with the things they need to do and incredibly, they don’t get things mixed up. This is definitely a cool ability to have! Now we all need to up our multitasking skills if we want to be at least half as great as Geminis.

9. Spread The Love Cancer


So, which zodiac signs loves the most? Answer: Cancer. This water sign represented by a crab is the King/Queen of love. Literally. Cancer folks are emotional people, which means they are not only good at spreading love, they’re also pretty great at understanding people and the heavy emotions in them. If you’re having that life crisis where everything is messed up and you have no idea what to do and you’re feeling all this gush of emotions, the best person to talk to is your Cancer friend. Believe it or not, even when she doesn’t seem to understand, she does. Just let her listen to you and give her the chance to talk. You will definitely get a lot of wisdom and wise words from her. This also means the best kind of partner in life is Cancer, if it’s compatible with your zodiac sign. Known to be loving and faithful, chances are you’ll never regret being with a Cancer.

8. Follow The Leo Leader


Another fire sign on the list is Leo, and man, these folks are great leaders. Even when they don’t think they are. If you’re a Leo, chances are you’ve caught yourself wanting to take the stand. You’ve noticed that there are instances when you want to speak up and lead the pack. Allow yourself to lead the pack. You will be surprised with your abilities because most Leos don’t even know they have it in them – the characteristics of a great leader. They care about their people, very much like a mama bear. But at the same time, they know how to make everybody else listen and follow them, like a lion or something. If you’re screwing up life, worry not. Sooner than later, the leader in you will rise and if you’re willing to hone the skills, you will be the best you can be, because the stars are on your side.

7. No One Can Organize Like A Virgo


Yes, as in the kind of organizing that you get a job for. We think they’re called professional organizers. And if you think these people are scammers, they’re not. They know how to take good care of your life even if they haven’t lived it. They know that if you call them to help you organize things, you badly want to get things organized. Because people these days only call someone when they’re desperate. So don’t worry if you live a cluttered life, literally. There are a lot of Virgos in the world and they are natural when it comes to organizing. Whether that’s your apartment, your life, your work sh*t, just call a Virgo and the mess will go away. Wouldn’t this be a great skill to have? Sadly, only Virgos have the gift of being natural organizers. The rest of us, we need to learn and by learn, we mean really, REALLY learn.

6. Libra Just Knows How To Live


Oh yes, if there is one zodiac sign who is having less problems with living, that would be Libra. This air sign is a master of everything mental, including mental stability, wit, the kind of skill you need when everything’s going crazy but you need to stay on top of your game. Good lord, Libra folks are super lucky! They have great social skills, which makes it easy to befriend one, but they are a little guarded when it comes to their skills. They’re not the kind of people who will sit with you at the park and exchange life tips. Libra folks know they are great at living and adulting and all that jazz, and they don’t have any intention in slowing down just to teach you a few couple of things. So that part kind of sucks… but the rest is okay. Especially the fact that they’re not super serious human beings.

5. Artsy Scorpio


Scorpios are natural artists. They’re often misunderstood because of their actions or because they’re bold people with bold minds and they’re not afraid to say what’s in their mind… but if you get to know a Scorpio, you will realize that she’s not really a bad person. You’ll realize that she could be a great mind-reader or that maybe, she just knows a lot about life because she’s bold and she loves taking risks, experiencing what this world has to offer. Most Scorpios are not afraid to fail and they’re not afraid to bend the rules either. Heck, these people are masters of creating their own rules. Which is why a lot of Scorpios can be found in the arts industry – whether that’s visual arts, writing or maybe even singing. These people never run out of creativity and ideas to take such creativity to the next level.

4. Ask Sagittarius For A Drink


Sounds fun? It sure is! Sagittarius are the masters of mixing drinks. Sure, not all of them are baristas and not all of them are drinkers, but if there’s one thing they’re a natural at, that would be mixing drinks. See Sagittarius are philosophers. They love to think and they love to experiment, but they’re not really patient people. Which is why most Sagittarius find it easy to fall in love with the art of mixing drinks. Take them once or twice to a bar and they would know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Which is why when you have parties of any kind, having a Sagittarius around is a huge blessing because all of you can enjoy great mixed drinks and you wouldn’t hear anyone complaining. Plus, given they are innovative people, you get to drink new mixes every now and then!

3. Capricorn Is The Best Friend


If you’re planning to give a Best Best Friend Award, chances are you’ll be giving it to the same person year after year. That is if you have a Capricorn friend. Capricorns may be known to be silent when it comes to so many things, they’re not fans of sharing and chitchats, but when it comes to listening, they’re your people. If you’re a blabber and you hate the fact that everybody seems to be tired of listening to you, you might want to consider finding a group of Capricorns and turn them into your best friends. Believe it or not, these people never get tired of listening. And they’re great supporters too! They’re the kind of people who’ll bring pom-poms to your board exam or the kind who will bring you cake after you’ve had that outpatient procedure. So for the bestest best friend, the life-long friend, the forever human, Capricorn is the best.

2. Creative Aquarius


This may sound typical but if you live in a very competitive world, the last thing you’d want to do is repeat a cliché idea over and over again. That’s a no no, folks. Good thing we have the Aquarians… the people who are best in coming up with new ideas about anything. Literally, these people are idea making machines. Even if they don’t know the full extent of something, anything, they can come up with new ideas to make this thing work better. Which is a great advantage in any field, work wise. So if you want to succeed and you have an Aquarian competitor, you might want rethink your ways because these people will crush you if the test is about generating new ideas that will make the world a better place for everybody. Natural humanitarians, their ideas are not just fresh, but also for the good of many. And oh, they usually don’t have time for drama or anything like that.

1. Keeping It Simple With Pisces


Pisces have a lot of potential. This water sign is all about potential and deep emotional connections, but they’re not huge fans of the pedestal. They won’t stand on the podium and let everybody see them and applaud for whatever achievement they got. Not that they’re not proud of their achievements, they just prefer the simple life. You know, the kind that they won’t have to dress up for the public or prepare some speech or anything. Pisces are better than any other zodiac sign when it comes to living a peaceful, calm life. And yes, that sounds a little boring but believe us or not, it’s a huge plus when it comes to acing this thing called life. They don’t easily drown in the noise and the piles of new information and the gush of emotions. Pisces know how to compartmentalize and they’re masters of taking life slowly and smoothly.

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