Zodiac Madness: How Authentic Are You?

Authenticity is a tricky thing and more often than not, we get it wrong. It’s not you, if that’s what you think. Some people are just so d*mn good at portraying as someone else, faking a lot of things about them, that they fool others easily. And what sucks about this is that when you’re fooled by someone whom you’ve already considered a good person, you’ll end up blaming yourself for being stupid for believing in him. Ladies, we’ve all been there. Stop beating yourself up about this. Instead, just focus on yourself and ask, are you being authentic enough?

See, with too much exposure on fakeness, it’s easy to fall in the trap. Sometimes we don’t notice it but really, when we ask ourselves, that’s when we realize that we, too, are falsifying things. So rather than paying attention to others, check your zodiac sign and be guided on how authentic you are. Because if you don’t take control of it, chances are you’ll become Queen of Hoax.

15 Aquarius – rational and reliable… you’re fine.


Aquarian folks are rational. They’re loyal people, and if you identify with this sign, you may not even realize you’re being loyal already. For Aquarian folks, all they think about is being truthful and kind and loyal. Nothing else could be more important than this. And maybe they’re right. But sometimes, this kind attitude and positive disposition in life are being taken advantage. Thus, a lot of Aquarians are introverted. They stay inside their comfort zone, in their tiny bubble and they would want to stay there on their own. Sometimes, for Aquarians, the outside world is just too much. When it comes to authenticity, hell yes. Aquarians are finely authentic and they are super straightforward too. When there’s too much drama and they know they can’t deal with it, or don’t want to deal with it, they will tell you about it. If you want a bestie who won’t play the faking game ever, befriend an Aquarian.

14 Leo – so opinionated you make fake opinions all the time


On the other hand, Leo folks have a different thing. They are highly opinionated. See, the thing about being opinionated is that oftentimes, people don’t understand it. People would think you’re being bossy or probably just being annoying. But no, if that’s a Leo being opinionated, chances are it’s because of their astrological sign. The only problem with Leo folks is that they’re hungry for attention. They’re people-pleasers and they want everybody to like them. Heck, they like it when everybody’s chasing them or when everybody wants to be friends with them. These people are social butterflies. And this hunger for attention is what’s driving them to fake opinions and unleash a fake attitude. They want everyone to like them so bad that they’re being fake almost 24/7. So no. No authenticity here. Just some people wanting to please other people. If you can relate to this dear reader, please stop the faking and people-pleasing. It’s ruining your life.

13 Pisces – hell yes! and instinctual too!


Pisces is probably the most authentic sign there is. Folks under this sign are instinctual. They’re really great at listening to their guts and they know when it’s their gremlin talking or if it’s the good voice… which makes these folks really amazing. While they usually end up loving others more than they love themselves, which can be a toxic attitude, that’s totally fine because most Pisces are open-minded. When their friends remind them it’s time to love themselves more, a good Pisces woman (or man) would check up on herself and see if she’s really pouring more love to others than to herself. Pisces are incredibly good listeners, which makes faking a difficult thing to do. Also described as kind and compassionate, these people are loved by many. Thus, they don’t really see the need to be fake. In fact, whether or not a person likes them, a Pisces person would just be her authentic self, because she knows how important it is to be true to yourself.

12 Virgo – oh yeah… authentic. Way, WAY too authentic.


Virgo folks are so authentic you would think it’s not true. Because it probably isn’t. See, Virgo folks are huge perfectionists. These people are after nothing but perfection and that’s exhausting because really, there’s no such thing as perfection. And because they’re huge fans of perfection, automatically, they end up faking their attitude to show the world what perfect is. Yes, we’re actually saying a lot of Virgo people are faking to appear perfect and to make it seem like their perfection is authentic. They’ve been doing it since forever so really, nobody would notice. You might just think your Virgo friend is still figuring life out. Nope. That’s usually not the case. But still, we must note that while they’re die-hard fans of perfectionism, they’re still reliable. At least, most of the time. Every now and then they try to learn how to relax and not overthink things. If only they can be more consistent on this then maybe they can erase the fake perfection.

11 Aries – you say what you mean


Also known as straightforward people, Aries appreciate people who are true to themselves. When they know you’re being fake or you’re being an a$$, they will tell you. When they know you’re faking things so you can please others, they will tell you, and they will tell you to stop. And the beauty about Aries is that even when calling other people out, they do it in the politest way ever. They’re calm and kind people and while they notice a lot of bad things around, and they actually express their opinion about those bad things, they see to it that they’re being kind and polite. Aries are fans of authenticity thus, they practice it themselves. Not only do they appreciate others when they’re being honest and true, Aries folks also keep tabs on themselves to make sure they haven’t fallen into the trap of fake lifestyle yet.

10 Libra – convincing enough but still, you’re pushy.


Okay, Libra is a 50-50 on this one. See, there’s no question about their authenticity. They’re straightforward and they’re being real all the time, even when being real is the most difficult thing to do. Libra folks know the importance of being true to one’s self and they want to spare themselves from the complexity of fakeness. But at the same time, these people usually end up demanding other people to be just as straightforward and real as them. And by demand, we mean ‘really’ demand. They ask other people to be honest and authentic all the time and they expect everybody around to be as authentic as them. This leads Libra folks to be the pushy person that they are. More often than not, one of the many words used to describe our Libra friends is assertive, and not the good kind. Libra readers, you really need to control your pushiness.

9 Taurus – not only thoughtful, authentic too!


To be honest, we just love the authenticity of Taurus folks. These people are special because while they’re being their bona fide selves, they also automatically spread positive vibes. They let others see the beauty of being a credible person and instead of being pushy, they encourage others to do the same. Now this is the kind of friend we all want to have. Also, we must mention that Taurus folks are extra thoughtful. They exert extra efforts in making other people feel good about themselves and they want their friends and family to always remember how special they are. Thus, Taurus is the kind of person who will randomly text you or who will give you small gifts on random days. If you think this is them covering up a sin or a lie, that’s not the case. These folks are just normally thoughtful. And independent too!

8 Scorpio – you’re more ego, less reliability


Okay… so, our Scorpio friends have just a tiny bit of authenticity in them. And really, there’s no problem with that. Not all of us are super authentic and not all of us are even interested in being one. Now for Scorpio folks, most of them are more ego and less reliability. They find it more important to keep their pride and ego on that shining pedestal made of gold than to be their authentic selves. These are the kind of people who will actually think twice if now is a good time to be true or not… if now is a good time to reveal their real attitude or not. And if you really come to think of it, it’s kind of exhausting. Thus, we want to remind our amazing Scorpio friends out there that there’s nothing wrong with bruising your ego from time to time. That’s part of life. Just like how it’s part of life to fake things sometimes. The most important thing is you want to be authentic and you’re exerting efforts to achieve it. After all, authenticity doesn’t happen overnight.

7 Gemini – you’re good, but please, grow up.


Geminis are pretty authentic people. In fact, they’re one of the most pure and reliable signs. The only problem with our Gemini pals is that they’re often immature. This is the reason why most people don’t take them seriously. This is why most people see Geminis as someone still on the “figuring it out” stage. See, being carefree is good. Embracing freedom is good. But too much of both is already toxic. Geminis need to learn how to deal with their great desire to live that carefree life. Because the more they focus on the cliché YOLO, the more childish they appear. And the only thing people will see in them is the childishness and not the fact that they’re actually good people. So to our Gemini pals out there, please know that you’re already authentic enough. You just need to let it shine more.

6 Sagittarius – too shallow, dear.


A Sagittarius’ authenticity is too shallow. Yes people, we just said that. In general, Sagittarius folks are amazing. They’re the kind of people who know what they want in life and they sure as hell know they are strong enough to achieve it. Sagittarius folks are also quite generous. They are straightforward and they will tell you when you’re being a jerk but still, they will help you, and that’s the kind of friend we all want, right? Someone who can dare tell us straight to our faces that we’ve been terrible but still willing to help us get through our sh*t. The only tiny issue here is that Sagittarius tends to be shallow people. Sometimes, they make everything seem like a big deal and sometimes, they show way too much of their authenticity. As in, they wallow in public because their partner left them and they expect you to understand their emotions. Sagittarius folks, please know that not everybody can understand how shallow you are.

5 Cancer – intuition queen and everybody’s jealous


Not only are they queen of intuition, but they also let their intuition reign. Which is to say, everything you see and hear and feel about your Cancer friend, all of it are for real. This person does not fake. She doesn’t have the time or energy to fake sh*t and to show off something that’s not even real. If she’s broke, she’s not afraid to act like how a normal broke person acts. If she hates you, she’s not going to fake liking you just so she can ride in your luxury car. We all love our Cancer friends and we all appreciate their authenticity. After all it’s not every day that you meet someone who is this authentic. Even when you think she’s being crazy for listening to her intuition, because you don’t believe in intuition, she will remain the kind of person she is, and she’ll give you space until you come around and understand her point of view. Now that’s a keeper.

4 Capricorn – the only thing authentic about you is your temper


Capricorn folks do not hide their emotions. These people are highly emotional and they don’t care if they show it in public. As in, they would yell in the streets if they’re mad and they would cry if they’re sad. And they would be their bubbly, happy selves if they’re in a good mood. This is probably the reason why a lot of people misunderstand Capricorns, but at the same time, a lot of people love them. There’s no faking here. Especially with their temper. Capricorns have super short tempers and when they’re mad or when they’re exhausted about something, you will not see any faking. Every bit of emotion that your Capricorn friend shows, it’s all authentic and real. If you think you can handle an extra dose of emotions every day, you’ll be a good friend to a Capricorn. At least, she doesn’t fake being kind to you.

Signs we just can’t deal with

3 Sagittarius


This world is already full of drama, dear. Please stop adding some more. The thing about Sagittarius is that they don’t know when to be shallow and when to act like a real adult. Or at least to try and be a real adult. Yes, emotions are valid and all, and there’s no rule saying you can’t express your thoughts. But if you’re going to share it with everybody, even when they really have no business about your crappy boss or your annoying mother, and when you share it over and over, now this is where the problem begins. See, shallow people have this habit of yammering about a tiny issue repeatedly until the issue gets solved. Well, this is not the case all the time. So instead of bothering your friends with your toxic kind of authenticity, you may want to filter out your thoughts and emotions. Of better yet, you may want to learn how to be less shallow. Because if you don’t want to be like most Sagittarius people who are avoided by their friends, you should really consider our tips.

2 Scorpio


Their ego is authentic, that’s for sure. But see, these folks are just so full of ego they don’t know where else they could hide it. They think it’s okay to be so egoistic. It’s not. So please, for the love of all holy, try to lessen the pride and ego. Learn how to handle it and while we understand that it is in your sign, there’s nothing wrong with trying to be less vain. This world is not all about you, even when you feel like it is. Scorpio friend, you are authentic. There’s no question about that. You know the importance of being real and you apply it to your everyday life. But being so vain is ruining you. It is pushing your friends away. Don’t wait until it’ too late before you act on it. Keep in mind that authenticity is a treasure but we all need to do some digging. Your friends will be tired of digging through your ego if you won’t work on it.

1 Libra


Similar to most signs, there’s no question about the authenticity of Libra. These people know how to be real and they know when to unleash their bratty, fake attitude. Some people just deserve this kind of attitude. And this is probably one of the best things about this sign. However, because Libras are so authentic, they expect others to be authentic towards them as well. They expect people to be real all the time and this is not really going to happen, dear Libra reader. Some people just can’t be real and true to themselves. So stop being pushy and stop forcing them to be someone they’re not, or to reveal a part of themselves they’re not yet ready to reveal. If you can’t deal with the faking, instead of being pushy, just go away. Leave the fake people behind and trust that you will meet new friends who are just as authentic as you.

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