10 Things To Expect When Dating A Scorpio

If you're alive and breathing, chances are you either are a Scorpio, or you've met at least one in your life. Scorpio people usually hold a less than perfect reputation, mostly due to their intensity when it comes to pretty much everything - especially relationships.

While every sign has its strengths and weaknesses, because they tend to be so feisty and intense, it's very easy to end up feeling frustrated and exhaustedi when dealing with Scorpios. However, their passion and natural charm make it easier than breathing to fall head over heels in love with them.

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It's a tricky dichotomy, yes. Being in a relationship with a Scorpio isn't exactly a picnic, but if you know what to expect, and how to go about dealing with it, you just might be looking at the most loving and loyal soulmate you could ever hope to find.

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10 Passion Is The Word To Live By

Remember the intensity we talked about? Well, probably the area where you can feel this more than thoroughly when it comes to Scorpios is in how unbelievably passionate they are. It's not easy to make a Scorpio fall for you, but once they do, there's no stopping the passion and hunger. This is the most intense sign of them all, so be prepared to feel the burning lust in every look, every kiss and every touch you share.

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One thing is for sure - if you're dating a Scorpio, your life will never be boring. Be prepared for unexpected and deep experiences, and even in the smallest gestures of caring, your Scorpio partner will make sure you know exactly just how passionate they are.

9 Trust And Loyalty Aren't Optional

It goes both ways. Scorpios are averse to lies and betrayal, and they are quick and sharp to catch you if you so much as try to trick them. Trust doesn't come easily to Scorpios, so earning it is absolutely mandatory if you want to make the relationship work. If you break this trust, don't ever bother trying to run back to them - once wronged, Scorpios aren't here for your excuses and apologies.

On the other hand, because they take this issue so seriously, Scorpios will prove to be the most loyal partners you could wish for. If a Scorpio loves you, you can be absolutely sure they will bring boundless loyalty to the table, and go to the ends of the world to protect and make you happy.

8 Space Is A Must

Scorpios crave independence, and they will walk out on any relationship that deprives them of that. If you're dating a Scorpio, come to terms with the fact that you won't always know what's happening in their lives, where they are going, and what they are doing.

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However, don't take this personally. Healthy relationships in general allow for both parties to have their own, separate lives outside of each other. Scorpios just happen to be slightly more adamant when it comes to personal space, but it doesn't mean they don't love or are purposefully hiding something for you! Only that, on a greater level than other signs, Scorpios need independence in order to be fulfilled.

7 They Like To Take Control

More often than not, you'll probably notice your Scorpio partner enjoys choosing restaurants and activities just a little too much. And sometimes, they suddenly change their mind about their decision, and fiercely move on to something else. They probably won't ever bother to ask your thoughts on the first, second, or third course of action their heart lead them to.

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This isn't out of spite, or because they don't care. Scorpios simply enjoy being in control, they need to feel they're able to grasp and take full jurisdiction of any situation. Don't take it personally; sometimes it's actually a godsend to have someone making minute decisions in our behalf - especially after a long day of work!

6 Be Prepared To Witness Their Competitive Side

Scorpios don't like to lose. It's almost possible to just go ahead and actually say Scorpios don't lose, period. Their urge to excel and be the best in anything they do translates into a fierce, dominant, competitive side that can't tell the difference between a Formula 1 race and Pictionary night. This is actually why Scorpios tend to be particularly good independent workers.

However, this need to overachieve can be quite frustrating, particularly if it turns obsessive. But unless it does, just be prepared to endure some aggressive sulking if you just so happen to beat them at Monopoly. Good luck with that, though!

5 They Will Be Curious - And You Will Be A Target

This sign is particularly drawn to the deepest, darkest, most unknown things. Their curiosity and hunger for greater knowledge knows no bounds, which makes them experts in deep conversations that touch upon things like the meaning of life and the fate of the universe a trillion years from now. There will never be a dull moment when chatting with a Scorpio!

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Just keep in mind that, if you're in a relationship with a Scorpio, their curiosity will inevitably fall upon you. Be prepared to open up and talk about your dreams, hopes and deepest fears, because a Scorpio won't be satisfied with just knowing meaningless facts about their partner.

4 You Will Never Witness Determination Like This

If you think you know perseverance, you don't. Not unless you've known a Scorpio on a personal level. People of this sign know no bounds when it comes to achieving what they want, sometimes even to the point of fixation. Their boldness and conviction are unmatched, and nothing - sleepless nights, natural disasters, alien invasions - will stop them from getting what they want.

Things can get pretty unpleasant if they fail. As their partner, you'll hear them go on and on about it while they try to find a way to make it work. But don't worry! Soon enough they'll find something new to channel their determination towards, so the roller-coaster never stops.

3 They Speak The Language Of Touch

Looking for a relationship with minimal touching? Then don't even bother dating a Scorpio, because lack of physical contact is a deal-breaker for them. Being such intense and passionate people, Scorpios like to feel in tune with their partner, show them just how much they love them. The best way they know how is through touch.

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No matter if it's just leaning their head against your shoulder, petting your hair, holding your hand, or randomly kissing you - Scorpios will continuously present their significant others with small, physical gestures of love. You might want to take a step back if you feel like such physical intensity is not for you.

2 They Mean What They Say

With Scorpios, it is what it is. Don't expect any ambiguity from their words, or try to decode hidden meaning behind their words. If a Scorpio says something, they mean it, and the chances of you getting them to change their mind are slim to none.

This is the most direct and honest sign there is, sometimes brutally so. Don't worry about having to figure out what they are feeling, or if what they tell you is actually truth or not - and this is valid for everything in the relationship, from their opinion on the food at the restaurant you had dinner to the extent of their emotions for you. Most of time, if not always, what comes out of their mouth is nothing short of accurate.

1 If You're In It, You're In It For The Long Run

The heart of a Scorpio isn't easy to touch. They are flirty and sexual by nature, but actually getting a Scorpio to fall for you is not a common or easy feat. Once they do, they will give you their all, and dedicate all their love, devotion and loyalty to you.

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If a Scorpio chooses to be in a relationship with you, it's because the feelings are real, and all the intensity and passion they are known for will now be directed towards you. They want you, and that truly means something to them. So if you do decide to have a Scorpio as a partner, know that you won't find a more fierce, loyal and loving one anytime soon, because they are in for the long run.

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