Zodiac Combos That Will Have The Worst First Dates

Bad first dates are basically a rite of passage. It doesn't matter how amazing you are -- if you're single for any period of time, you're going to go on horrible dates. The only way to not do that is to stay home all the time and never try to meet anyone. While that might sound cool, you know that's not the best thing to do. So you brave the outside world and have the weirdest, most terrible dates. The whole time you're thinking, "Why can't I meet a normal guy and why can't I have a good first date?" Don't worry, you're totally normal and you're definitely going to find someone soon.

But until that happens, you're going to go on a lot of first dates, and, well, they're not all going to be anything to write home about. Why not look at your zodiac sign and your date's to see who you shouldn't go on a date with? The more prepared you can be, the better, right? Read on to find out the zodiac combos that will have the WORST first dates!

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15 Virgo And Leo: Both stubborn signs

Virgos are smart, love to read, love to work hard, and are more logical and practical than adventurous. Leos are stubborn, kind of cocky, and always need to be the leaders who are in charge. It's easy to see why these two zodiac signs might not want to try going on a first date.

Sure, anything can happen and opposites do attract, and it's completely possible that you're a Virgo and your boyfriend is a Leo. Or vice versa. It's not like you can live your life exactly based on zodiac signs. But according to what experts say about these two zodiac signs, it just seems like they wouldn't get along very well. It seems like Leos would totally upset Virgos and make them feel insecure and self-conscious. That definitely doesn't sound like a very romantic first date...

14 Virgo And Aries: Virgo's....again.

Virgos shouldn't really think about a first date with an Aries, either, because Aries are said to have more confidence and aggression than a Virgo does. While the Virgo is more on the smart and quiet side, the Aries is a much louder, more passionate type of person.

If these two were sitting across from each other in a bar or restaurant, they might have a horrible conversation since their personalities are just so different. If you're a Virgo, you're not a very spontaneous person. Okay, you're not at all. You like order and plans and all that jazz. You might hate spending time with an Aries because they live for adventure and they make last-minute plans. This stuff might not be super obvious the first time that you go out, but that will come up later on if you keep seeing each other.

13 Virgo And Aquarius: Are Virgo's the problem?

So at this point, you might be asking, "Who CAN Virgo date?" Hey, it's not Virgo's fault. Not everyone can like everyone. That goes for friends as well as romantic partners.

Virgos might not have a fun first date with an Aquarius for the same reason that they might not match well with an Aries: they are just very different. Virgos are loyal people who want others to rely on them whether that's in a work-related situation or something more personal. Aquarius are said to be on the quiet side sometimes, which sounds like the Virgo, but the Aquarius can be a bit colder. Virgos might spend the whole evening wondering if they did something wrong and feeling weird because this person doesn't seem to like talking to them. Of course, they did nothing wrong. They're just not a good match.

12 Leo And Libra: Wayyyy too similar

The problem with a Leo and Libra going on a first date is that they are way too much alike. They are both pretty stubborn people and they are both fairly confident. It's a case of too much of a good thing. Seriously, can you even imagine two stubborn people dating?! It sounds like the plot of a TV drama.

There is one place where they differ, though, and that's Libras really want everything in life to be fair. If something isn't fair, they take it incredibly seriously and even personally. Leos are so confident and more on the aggressive side, so they wouldn't really understand why Libras care so much. To a Leo, a Libra is sensitive AF and it's kind of strange. There would definitely be no second date in their future.

11 Libra And Taurus: Taurus likes to take control

Libra and Taurus are also both really stubborn, so right off the bat, that's a problem. Taurus take it one step further and aren't big on compromising. Since compromise is a big part of any relationship, it seems like it would be kind of hard for a Taurus to be with anyone. Just saying...

If a Libra dates a Taurus, they might find that the Taurus can act like they own them, and it might cause some drama. Since Libras care deeply about causes and issues and people, they're going to be super friendly all the time with all kinds of other people. Taurus will get mad and jealous and won't like that, and it won't be a good thing. These two signs should never even try going on a first date.

10 Scorpio And Pisces: Way too many feelings

If you're a Pisces and you have a first date lined up with a Scorpio, you might think that it's basically written in the stars that things would work out. After all, you're both very sensitive, and you're water signs, which seems to suggest that you would get along.

Taking a closer look at your zodiac sign might prove otherwise. Being a Pisces means that you have a lot of feelings and you can talk about them anytime. Scorpios aren't like that at all. Nope. They're said to have a tough time talking about secrets and they're pretty likely to keep things to themselves. Since communication and honesty are so key, this isn't a great match, and both signs should probably look elsewhere for love.

9 Pisces And Sagittarius: Sensitive beyond belief

These two zodiac signs have a similar issue to the one above: Pisces are really emotional and sensitive, and Sagittarius are seriously into the whole idea of freedom. Anyone who is a Sagittarius sign are also considered to be big into travel.

So if you take a sensitive soul and someone who thinks that staying in one place is super boring, well, it's simple to see these two could have some tension on a first date. This isn't to say that it's totally impossible, of course, because pretty much anything is possible, but if you're one of these signs and have ever had a bad first date with the other one, then you know that this is why. It's totally not your fault. You can blame the zodiac.

8 Taurus And Leo: Dating can be a headache

Basically, both of these signs are said to be really stubborn... which sounds familiar, right? There are definitely a lot of zodiac signs that aren't good with compromise or doing what other people want or even listening to other ideas or opinions. Which sounds pretty terrifying since those are all big parts of interacting with other people and, you know, dating.

It seems logical that two signs who have very stubborn personalities wouldn't do very well if they went on a first date. That's just reasonable. While they might be able to make it work if they really do hit it off and care about each other, it's a total headache and both signs might give up early on. Dating is hard enough without dealing with someone who is just as stubborn as you are.

7 Cancer And Pisces: Would only have a terrible time

You would think that these two would be a serious love connection. After all, they're both sensitive AF and they like to talk about feelings and all that jazz.

Unfortunately, that's exactly why they would have such a terrible time if they went on a first date together. It's just not a good idea for two super emotional people to date. People say that opposites attract and even if you think that's a super lame thing to say, there are times when this is the total truth. You need a certain give-and-take in a relationship. If one person is more emotional or sensitive than the other, then that's a good thing. They can balance each other out. That's just not going to happen here. They should totally avoid going on a first date.

6 Libra And Aquarius: Can be pretty dull

With these two, you have two super strong personalities. The level of confidence and aggression on the first date might be way too high in order for them to make a really good match.

Again, it's totally best if each member of a couple is a bit different. If one person is more on the shy and quiet side and the other is louder and more confident, that's totally fine. It can work really well. Life is more interesting when people are different from each other and embrace the things that make them totally unique. The same is totally true of love, dating, and relationships. It's just too dull if you end up dating someone who is way too much like you. Just way too dull. Not a good idea at all.

5 Scorpio And Aquarius: Perfect for a friendship....only

Scorpios are in touch with their feelings. They're a water sign, so that's how water signs go. They are said to be very loyal so they make friendships pretty easy. Should they go on a first date with an Aquarius? Nope. Definitely not.

How come? Because they are very emotional and Aquarius are the exact opposite. For the Aquarius, showing their feelings is really tough, and it's just not something that they want to do. They are said to be really bad at compromise and can even seem kind of cold. It's hard for other people to get to know them. If you're thinking that it sounds like it's going to be hard for them to date pretty much anyone without working on that stuff, well, you just might be right.

4 Sagittarius And Virgo: Sensitive Vs. way too harsh

The main problem with these two going on a first date is that someone who is a Sagittarius is said to make tons of promises that they just can't keep. They are also pretty chatty and they say things that that might be a bit harsh or mean. They don't really care, though. It's not that they have the intention of hurting someone's feelings -- they just say whatever comes to mind.

Virgos are pretty sensitive people and they can get shy in certain situations or when they're around certain people. If a Sagittarius says something harsh to them on a first date, then that's going to be the end of that, and they both should just go home and forget that this date ever happened. Love definitely isn't in their future. Virgos will also be pretty annoyed if a Saggitarius promises them something and then goes back on their word. A Virgo just wouldn't stand for that.

3 Taurus And Aries: Extreme mood swings

Taurus signs are said to be stubborn, as we've said, and Aries are said to be pretty moody. Hmmm. That sounds like the best first date ever... right?! Okay, not at all. It sounds like something out of a horror movie.

There are a lot of things that the Aries sign doesn't like. They're not big fans of having to wait for someone or something. They can also get into really bad moods. If they're in a bad mood on a first date or having a crappy day, they might not take it out on their date, but they won't be much fun to go out with. The Taurus won't think that they should give them a second chance and go on another date. They're just going to get annoyed and they're too stubborn to give second chances.

2 Capricorn And Virgo: Obnoxious is not hot

There's one very simple reason that these two would have a bad first date: Capricorns are said to act like they know everything. And Virgos are just too sweet to take that.

Of course, this doesn't only bug Virgos. This totally bugs everyone. Have you ever been on a date with a guy who couldn't stop talking and who couldn't stop acting like he was smarter than you? Yup, being on a date with a mansplainer is never a good time. It's enough to make you want to just stay home and give up on dating altogether. And that's a shame. You deserve love and you shouldn't have to do that or feel that way. So if you're a Virgo, you might want to avoid this zodiac sign, and make your love life a million times easier.

1 Gemini And Cancer: Passionate and energetic in a bad way

Geminis are pretty amazing signs to date. They may have two personalities, as the zodiac experts say, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes they're pretty chill and low-key and other times they're more passionate and energetic. And, really, doesn't that just describe all of us? We can all relate to that.

The problem with this sign is that they can let nerves get the best of them and they can have a tough time making decisions. This can make love connections difficult. The worst person that they could go on a first date with is a Cancer, since Cancers can be insecure. Cancers also have a tendency to look on the dark side and think that bad things are going to happen. Yup, these signs aren't that compatible, and they should look elsewhere for first date candidates.

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