Zayn Malik Is Smooching A New Lady In Music Video

Zayn Malik makes out with Sofia Jamora in “Let Me” music video!

Zayn Malik is back with new music, and fans are both excited and shocked at the same time. Malik dropped his latest music video for his most recent single “Let Me” this past Thursday, and there are definitely a few hot and heavy scenes that have viewers talking.

The “Let Me” music video is a continuation of his “Dusk Till Dawn” music vid. Zayn’s video release earlier this year starred Jemima Kirke, who appears to portray a character enthralled in a life of crime. The video begins with that same song as Malik walks into a hotel. Flash forward to the “Let Me” video, Malik enters a club within the said hotel and finds a woman, played by Sofia Jamora, on the dance floor. This is where things begin to get steamy!

The two, who seemingly don’t know each other, are actually connected through scenes of flashbacks of the two together in the past. From flashbacks in hotel suits, yachts, and sketchy transactions, the video resumes back in the same club Malik and Jamora are presently in. Although this crime inspired music video is full of action, it is Malik and Jamora’s steamy make out session that really captured everyone’s attention.

The two are seen kissing one another in a flashback that alludes to the two of them working together in the criminal action that fills the music video. As the two escape the club in the end, they are seen fleeing on a boat followed by the words “to be continued”... Although we’re excited to see what’s next, we can’t help but talk about the two locking lips.

As if that were the only steamy part of the video, you should hear some of the lyrics! In the chorus, Malik sings, “Baby let me be your man. So I can love you, and if you let me be your man, then I’ll take care of you,” and he then continues, “Sweet baby, our sex has meaning.”

This video comes right after Malik and Gigi Hadid’s breakup this past March. Many are speculating the character choice potentially revolves around his relationship with Hadid, who he dated for 2 years. However, no one can really tell!

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