The Complete Timeline Of Zayn And Gigi’s Relationship

Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik and model Gigi Hadid have been dating off-and-on for a little while and the two of them couldn't be cuter. From photoshoots to music videos, these two have been pretty open with their relationship since it started a few years ago.

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The two of them got together back in 2015 after they each got out of their respective relationships with other people. They broke all of our hearts when they called their relationship off once but they seem to be going strong now!

Keep reading to take a walk down memory lane with a full timeline of Zigi's relationship.

21 November 2015: Spotted Together

Back in 2015, Gigi and Zayn were each dating different people. Zayn had been engaged to Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards and Gigi was dating Joe Jonas. In November of 2015, reports started swirling that each of those couples had decided to call it quits! While this was upsetting for people who loved them together, it all worked out in the end. Later that month, Zayn and Gigi were spotted out for the first time holding hands in matching monochrome outfits.

20 January 2016: That Lockscreen

Two months after they were spotted together for the first time, Zayn and Gigi were still trying to play a little coy about their relationship. They talked about being good friends but let's be honest, we all saw right past that and knew the truth about what was going on with them.

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It became more clear than ever that something was going on with this famous couple when Gigi was spotted out and the paparazzi snapped the perfect shot of her with her phone screen facing outward. Who's that on her lockscreen? Zayn!

19 January 2016: Major Music Video PDA

What's the best way for a musician to make his relationship official? In a music video, of course! When Zayn's debut single as a solo artist, PILLOWTALK, came out, it was a huge deal for a couple of reasons. For one, it was the first song that he had released since he left One Direction and his fans had been eagerly awaiting his music. The music video also starred Gigi and was the two of them basically going public with their relationship once and for all.

18 February 2016: Zayn Makes It Official

A month later, Zayn did an interview with Zach Sang & the Gang where he talked about his PILLOWTALK music video. Anyone who has seen the video was probably well aware of the fact that Zayn and Gigi were clearly a couple by that time but Zach Sang made sure to ask just to clarify. In the interview, Zach Sang asked Zayn about what it was like to have Gigi in the music video with him, referring to her as Zayn's girlfriend, and Zayn was happy to gush about how nice it was having her on set. How cute!

17 April 2016: The First Vogue Shoot

Considering the fact that Zayn and Gigi made their relationship public in such a major way with Gigi appearing in Zayn's music video, it's no surprise that the two of them continued to be pretty high-profile after that. In April of 2016, the two of them appeared together in their first photoshoot for Vogue.

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This model and pop star spent time together in Italy and took some of the most adorable shots for the magazine. We can't decide if we're more jealous of their trip to Naples or their relationship.

16 May 2016: Red Carpet Couple

Only a month after their photoshoot, the two of them were definitely catching the attention of the cameras again. In May 2016, the two of them attended the "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art together. Considering the couple are so stylish in their everyday lives, it was no surprise that they definitely rocked the theme of the night with their metallic details on their clothes like Gigi's silver sequined dress and Zayn's metal arms.

15 May 2016: Is It Over?

Famous couples constantly have people spreading rumors that they're no longer together. While it's sometimes true, it's often simply a rumor and the happy couple is quick to shut it down by showing their love to one another. Not long after the Met Gala, rumors began to swirl that Zayn and Gigi had broken up. But was it true? It didn't seem like it since the two of them were posting about each other on social media all month but there have been more surprising breakups in the past!

14 June 2016: Gigi Says No

With the rumors that Zigi has broken up swirling, Gigi did an interview with Elle and was happy to set the rumors straight about their relationship. And luckily for fans of the couple everywhere, she was happy to say that the two of them were still together.

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Although Gigi didn't comment directly on the rumors, she did mention that her favorite way to spend her time was with her boyfriend. How cute is that? This shut down those pesky breakup rumors once and for all.

13 July 2017: Another Vogue Shoot

Because their first photoshoot for Vogue just wasn't enough, Zayn and Gigi came back in July 2017 to do another one that was just as adorable as the first. One of the shots from this shoot found its way onto the cover of the magazine and accompanied an interview inside in which the two of them discussed things like sharing clothes with one another. Considering how fabulous their style is, we can't blame either of them for borrowing clothes from each other's closets.

12 September 2017: A Family Holiday

Anyone who has ever been in a serious relationship will know what a huge deal it is to have your family and the family of your significant other get together, especially over a special holiday. In September 2017, Gigi's mom Yolanda Hadid posted this adorable shot of herself, Gigi, Zayn, and Zayn's mom celebrating Eid al-Adha together. The two of them had been together close to a year at this point, so having their families get together must mean things were getting serious!

11 October 2017: Halloween Goals

Is there anything cuter than a couple dressing up together on Halloween? There are some celebrity couples that seriously go all-out when it comes to their Halloween costumes and some celebrity couples that are a little more laid back with their costumes. In October 2018, Gigi posted this adorable shot of herself and Zayn dressed up for Halloween and captioned it "Spidey's girl." How cute is that? Zayn dressed as Spider-Man while Gigi dressed as Black Cat, a character from the Spider-Man comics who is often Spidey's love interest.

10 March 2018: It's Over

All good things must come to an end, including adorable celebrity couples like Zayn and Gigi. In March 2018, rumors started swirling that the two of them had chosen to go their separate ways and end their relationship. These rumors had happened before, so fans didn't believe it could be true.

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Unfortunately, not long after the rumors started to spread, Zayn and Gigi each took to their social media accounts with a message announcing that the rumors were true and they had decided to end their relationship after over two years.

9 April 2018: They're Back!

Well, Zigi's breakup didn't last long. The very next month, the two of them were spotted by photographers in New York City kissing on the sidewalk. While that's adorable, it was pretty confusing for people who were still upset about their breakup! The next few months made it obvious that they were back together with Zayn rocking a pair of sunglasses that Gigi had designed and the two of them being spotted in the same t-shirt at two different times.

8 June 2018: Zayn Gushes About Gigi

As if those sightings of Zayn and Gigi weren't enough to convince the world that the two of them were back together, Zayn's GQ interview in June of 2018 definitely should be. It's always cute when a celebrity talks about their significant other and Zayn's mention of Gigi was no exception.

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Although he didn't really address their breakup in the interview, Zayn did mention Gigi in a pretty adorable way. In the interview, he talked about the fact that he and Gigi don't feel the need to label their relationship and how she helped him see the more positive side of life when they met.

7 August 2018: Gigi Channels Taylor

Remember the line in Taylor Swift's song Call It What You Want when she sang about wanting to wear a necklace with her beau's initials to show just how close the two of them are?

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It's safe to say that Gigi remembers that lyric because in August 2018, she did just that. She was spotted out with Zayn once again by the paparazzi but this time, she was wearing a very special accessory. Around this model's neck, there's a gold necklace with the letters "ZM" on it in two delicate, gold charms.

6 August 2018: With The Family Again

Family is a huge part of the lives of many celebrities. This makes it super adorable that Gigi is so close to Zayn's family and has spent so many different special occasions with them! In August of 2018, Zayn and Gigi traveled back to Zayn's home for the second year in a row so that they could spend Eid al-Adha with Zayn's family once again. Among the photos that Zayn's family shared of the celebration, this totally precious shot of Zayn and Gigi looking so stylish was shared.

5 November 2018: Trouble In Paradise?

Uh oh. Although a lot of music that celebrities release isn't necessarily personal or reflective of their own lives, there is a lot of music that they put out that definitely does speak to something that's going on in their personal lives. When Zayn released his collaboration with Nicki Minaj, a song called No Candle No Light, we sure hoped this wasn't one of those situations.

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With lyrics like "I only end up losing, who are we really fooling? It's agree to disagree, some things ain't meant to be," it's hard not to wonder if this tune is about some problems that Zayn and Gigi are facing in their relationship.

4 December 2018: Social Media Silence


Not long after that song was released, fans started to notice something unusual about Zayn and Gigi's social media profiles. Instead of posting one of their usual adorable shots of themselves spending Christmas together, the two of them were basically silent over the holidays and some eagle-eyed fans noticed that Zayn wasn't even following Gigi on Instagram. This definitely isn't always a sign of trouble in a relationship, but for a couple that had previously been so open, this sudden change and silent could mean something is going on.

3 January 2019: The Rumors Begin

Zigi wasn't silent for long before rumors of a breakup began swirling. Of course, breakup rumors weren't exactly something new for Zayn and Gigi at this time and they had been proven to be totally false in the past. But when a source claiming to be close to the couple told E! News that they were spending time apart for a little while, Zigi fans were naturally worried. The couple had been out of the public eye and fans worried that they weren't just keeping their love private but that they had broken up.

2 January 2019: Gigi Gets Spotted

Luckily for Zigi fans, a paparazzi spotting of Gigi in New York City in January of 2019 might have been a sign that the two of them are as happy as ever together and that we have nothing to worry about.

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Assuming that the rumors of their split in late 2018 were true, these two have had a seriously off-and-on relationship. But when Gigi was spotted leaving Zayn's apartment in New York City in the early morning, it seemed like things were back on for this famous couple.

1 March 2019: Zayn's Special Bracelet

Although Zayn and Gigi haven't really said much about what's going on in their relationship lately and fans are still speculating on whether they're together, Zayn has been pretty adorable on social media about his maybe-girlfriend. In March of 2019, he replied to a tweet from a fan that mentioned how he always wears a special bracelet with the words "I'm in love with you" on it. Why is that bracelet so special to Zayn? In the tweet, he revealed that Gigi bought it for him! How cute is that?

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