Zara Is Releasing A Lipstick Collection For The Holiday Season

Zara is arguably one of the most popular fast fashion retailers all around the world. Both their men's and women's clothing and accessories are extremely popular, meaning that many people most likely own at least one item from Zara right now. But maybe you're not looking to receive any clothing or accessories from the fashion brand this holiday season. If you still want that Zara fix, then their newest collection will certainly satisfy it.

As revealed by Allure, Zara is set to release a brand spanking new line of lipstick. Given that the holiday season is truly in full swing, it's the perfect time for the massive fashion company to launch such a collection. The lipsticks are so gorgeous that you may want some for yourself before you buy any for loved ones that might also love them.

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Given the fact that Zara is primarily a clothing company, the decision to release a lipstick collection may seem as if it came out of left field. But those who have followed the company for many years would already know that it isn't unprecedented. It was back in 2007 when Zara released a whole line of makeup for consumers to purchase. It may have taken over 10 years before they released more makeup, but at least it's finally happened.

The collection in question is said to be the ones used by the models in the past AW18 Zara Woman campaign photoshoot. Shades include berry-like colors, browns, classic reds to name just a few. It includes nine matte liquid lipsticks and eight matte lipstick tubes, as well as the Ultimatte Trio Set. The set contains one liquid lipstick, one lipstick tube, and lip liner- all of which are the same color. The lip liners aren't currently sold separately like the lipsticks are, but there's always the hope that that will change.

Zara's newest lipstick collection is set to come out on Wednesday, December 5th. Liquid lipsticks will run you $10 USD, whereas the lipstick tubes cost $13 USD. You can purchase one for yourself (or perhaps as a gift for someone else) on Zara's website.


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