9 YouTubers That Make Way More Money Than You Thought

YouTube is a social media platform where people can upload videos on all sorts of things. Over the years, there have been some content creators that have joined the platform and then become pretty huge celebrities over the years, even outside of the world of YouTube.

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From brand deals to their own brands, YouTube stars have really found a way to make some serious money from the video sharing platform. Some of them make a surprising amount of money from the videos they upload to their channels.

To see 9 YouTube stars that make a surprising amount of money on the platform, keep reading!

10 Liza Koshy

Although Liza may have started out on social media, she's a pretty big star now. Liza got her start in the world of Internet fame when she started uploading short, comedic videos to the app Vine before she made the transition to YouTube. As well as YouTube, Liza has appeared in her own YouTube Premium series, hosted MTV's revival of Total Request Live, and hosts the Nickelodeon game show Double Dare. Aside from her other projects, Liza is reported to make about $1.3 million per year from YouTube!


8 Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles is a YouTube star that has been making videos on the platform for years. Jenna, whose real name is Jenna Mourey but chose her channel name because of one of her dogs, started uploading from her apartment in Cambridge way back in 2010! These days, she lives in LA with her boyfriend and fellow YouTube star Julien Solomita. Even though Jenna refrains from doing sponsored videos on her channel, she still makes an estimated $1.4 million per year on the platform.

7 NikkieTutorials

NikkieTutorials is a YouTube personality that lives in the Netherlands and makes videos focused on the beauty world. From reviews of the most popular new products hitting the Sephora shelves, to tutorials on how to do some really eye-catching makeup looks, Nikkie does a ton of different videos. In 2018, Nikkie reached the incredibly impressive milestone of 10 million subscribers and previously worked with Too Faced to release a collaboration palette. From her YouTube channel, Nikkie is reported to make up to $1 million!

6 Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star has been a celebrity on the Internet since back in the days of Myspace. Back in those days, Star was definitely better known for being a super outspoken Internet celebrity with a music career. These days, Jeffree Star has a makeup line and over 13 million subscribers on YouTube.

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Anyone who has watched Jeffree Star's videos will know that he's not shy about showing off his wealth. While quite a bit of his cash has come from business ventures like his makeup line, his YouTube channel is helping! Each year, he's reported to make about $150 million per year from all his businesses!

5 Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is a beauty guru on YouTube that has been posting videos for a few years now and has definitely managed to get a huge following on the platform. Along with making beauty tutorials and review videos, Jaclyn has even worked with makeup brands like Morphe and BECCA to release collaboration products. She once even hosted Kim Kardashian on her channel for a video!

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From her YouTube channel, Jaclyn is estimated to make about $300,000 per year. With all those collaborations and her growing channel, this number may seem small in comparison to other YouTube stars but it's clear she's still making some serious cash.

4 David Dobrik

David Dobrik is a YouTube star who makes comedic videos with his friends who also have their own channels. David, like most of the people in his friend group of fellow content creators, got his start on the app Vine where he would upload short, comedic videos. Since then, he's been a vlogger who uploads 4-minute videos of himself and his friends a couple of times a week. Many celebrities like Kylie Jenner have even been featured in his videos! From YouTube, David Dobrik is said to make up to a total of $9 million per year.

3 Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is a YouTube star who has been on the platform for years. He started uploading to the platform in the mid-2000s and has gone from uploading skits and music video parodies to other comedic videos and now, he's known for his more series documentary series he's been doing on various topics.

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Considering he's been on the platform for so long, it's no surprise that he has a ton of subscribers. With over 20 million subscribers, Shane is reported to make up to $2 million per year from the videos he puts online.

2 Mia Maples

Mia Maples is a YouTube star who lives in Canada and has been doing YouTube videos for a few years now. Over her time on YouTube, Mia maples has amassed over 2 million subscribers, and she does primarily fashion and beauty videos. Some of the most-viewed videos that Mia Maples puts out tend to be videos where she buys clothing items from trendy stores and then reviews them to see if they're as good in real life as they seem online. It's reported that Mia makes up to $1 million per year from her YouTube channel!

1 Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo is a hair stylist and YouTube star who has gained quite a bit of popularity on the video sharing platform in recent years. Brad initially began gaining fame on YouTube making videos in which he reacts to other people on YouTube trying to color or cut their hair at home. Along with YouTube, Brad has worked on the hair of huge stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Shay Mitchell! On his YouTube channel, it's reported that Brad makes up to $700,000 per year.

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