The ASOS x Crayola Collab Has Not Gone Over Well With YouTube Beauty Gurus

For anyone anything like YouTube sensation James Charles, then learning about the collaboration between online fashion and beauty shop ASOS and American art supply company Crayola was really exciting. After all, the concept of makeup produced by an incredibly popular company that's had successful beauty product collaborations in the past with brands like Clinique and Sally Hansen is really huge! The shades offered in this latest collab, across numerous palettes, face crayons, and other similar products were bold, bright, and came with nifty, nostalgic names inspired by Crayola's most well-known products, their crayons.


However, James and quite a few other YouTubers who have given the products a test run have come out on the other end disappointed with makeup looks that are definitely not ready for a day out. Even though the idea is incredible, the products themselves have proven to be incredibly lackluster. But why?

Before we get into that, we have to give credit where credit is due. When they're in the packaging, the colors are beautiful, and they even swatch beautifully. The entire line is vegan and cruelty-free and comes in a total of 95 shades across 58 different products. But thanks to James' not-so-glowing review,  it's pretty easy to pinpoint everything that's wrong with the product line.

The first thing that sticks out as less-than-stellar is quality vs price. The packaging is cheap and flimsy. In James' video, one of the eyeshadows falls out of the palette, the palette base separates from the rest of the packaging, the tip of one of the face crayons snaps instantly... It's not great. The package of makeup brushes that costs $40 gets the buyer a total of four brushes in an admittedly cute little pouch, but the price is absolutely outrageous when anyone can easily get better brushes for a better price.

Used on the eyes, the products don't do what's expected. For example, mixing the red and the yellow does not make orange. There's also a lot of transfer, and the highlighters pick up the foundation beneath them for a streaky, cloudy finish. If that's not bad enough, the products don't seem to dry and instead maintain a creamy, almost oily composition.

Perhaps the worst part is that the black colors that comes with the face crayons is not black. It's a dark shade of gray - and a streaky one at that! That's basically the worst thing that a makeup line could do.

Plenty of other YouTubers, including Jeffree Star, have shared similar thoughts in regards to this product line.

For the price range, there are plenty of other comparable products to choose from - and as much as we love the idea behind this makeup line, it's definitely a better idea to try those out instead!


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