Your Ultimate Honeymoon Destination, Based On Your Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. There are so many things to decide, budgets to keep in check and family members to please. It's stressful! And as fun and meaningful as the day is, once it's all over, you and your spouse deserve a vacation. And that's why we have the honeymoon. It's the perfect chance for the newlyweds to take a breath and get away from all the stress of the wedding. It's also a great way to spend some time together and start your life together on the right foot. What could be better?

But there's no such thing as a one size fits all honeymoon. Some couples can't wait to hit the beach and work on their tans. Some couples want to go out and explore a new city. Some couples want to hike a mountain and others barely want to leave the hotel room. It all comes down to your personality and what you're looking for in a trip.

So if you need some help planning your honeymoon, it's time to consult the stars. Use your zodiac sign, and check your boo's sign too, so you can pick the perfect honeymoon spot for the two of you.


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24 Aries Guy Wants An Adventure In Machu Picchu


Aries man is all about the adventure. He's not looking to just sit back and relax on his honeymoon. No, this guy wants to get out there and do something. He wants to tackle a physical feat, dive into new experiences and see one of the most Instagrammed places in the world. So where else than Machu Picchu? Machu Picchu is an Incan Citadel high in the Andes Mountains in Peru. If you are headed to Machu Picchu, be prepared - this place is busy! Over 5000 visitors come every day. To get there, most people opt to hike the Inca Trail. There are a number of other trails you can hike as well as a train/bus option. The hikes generally take a few days. But once you get to the top, you'll realize it was well worth the trip!

23 Taurus Man Is All About Traditional Romance In Paris, France


Ah, Paris! The city of love. Of course, Paris is a great spot for a romantic honeymoon. And for a traditional romantic guy like a Taurus, there really is no other option for a honeymoon. Strolling along the streets in Paris, you'll enjoy the beautiful architecture and scenic views of the city. Stop for a croissant, a cafe au lait, and of course, you have to see the Eiffel Tower if you're in Paris. Walk along the Seine, pop into a museum, curl up on a picnic blanket in the park. And treat yourself to a beautiful city stay with champagne, a luxury bathtub and views of the entire city. With a honeymoon to Paris, you'll come back floating on cloud nine. What a way to start your married life!

22 Gemini Dude Wants The Wild Nightlife In Miami, Florida


Miami is a great choice for a fun honeymoon without having to leave the United States. And it's the perfect trip for a Gemini who loves the nightlife. In Miami, an outgoing Gemini guy can indulge his social side by hitting up some of the coolest dance clubs in the world. You can spend your days on the beach and your nights sweating along to the best beats. Best of all, if you want to take your honeymoon to the next level, you can board a cruise from Miami and be in the Bahamas in three days. Think of all of the fun you'll have in not one honeymoon location but two! Plus, you'll definitely be partying on the cruise ship the whole way there.

21 Cancer Guy Is Looking For Serenity With Boo In Phuket, Thailand


Thailand might seem like a strange choice for a honeymoon, especially for a Cancer man who is all about home and family. It doesn't get much farther away than an island in Asia. But that's because a Cancer guy wants to spend his honeymoon focusing on his new family: his new spouse. He doesn't want to go to a crowded place. Gemini's honeymoon in the clubs of Miami is a Cancer guy's worst nightmare. But Phuket is perfect. It's quiet and beautiful. A Cancer man and his partner can feel restful and relaxed here. They get to focus on one another and enjoying every bit of this island paradise. Plus, Cancer's element is water, so vacationing on an island surrounded by crystal blues is a perfect choice.

20 Leo Man Wants To Be Treated Like Royalty In Bali, Indonesia


A Leo man is looking for a honeymoon fit for a royal. Because, let's face it, Leo guys really do like to be treated like kings. They have high-class taste and want their honeymoon to be like something out of a fairytale. So Bali, Indonesia is a perfect choice. In Bali, a Leo man and his new spouse can stay at a beautiful resort in the jungle or right on the beach. Imagine waking up in the middle of paradise, feasting on fresh fruit, and taking a dip in your very own infinity pool. Go get a spa treatment, relax on the beach, and go out for a fancy dinner. Basically, it's all perfection. And you get to do it with stunning Bali in the background, a drink in hand and a new spouse by your side.

19 Virgo Bro Craves Art And Culture In Florence, Italy


For a Virgo guy, a honeymoon is not just about lounging on the beach or at the hotel. And it's also not about hitting the clubs or going on a big athletic adventure. For a Virgo guy, a honeymoon is a chance to experience some art and culture. Virgo men don't love to travel, but when they do, they want to become more worldly because of it. So Florence, Italy is the perfect place to really soak up all of that culture he's looking for. The city is beautiful, but won't be as crowded as other top destinations. It's also more laid-back than some of the popular cities. You can get your fill of museums, art, architecture, language and, most importantly, delicious Italian food! What's not to love about Florence?

18 Libra Man Will Never Get Bored In New York City


A Libra man is the type of guy who can never just sit still. He would be so bored if he had to spend his honeymoon lying on a beach or relaxing in a hammock. This guy wants to make the most of his vacation days by doing something every minute of the day. So where else to go than the city that never sleeps: New York! If you're up for exploring, the concrete jungle is the perfect spot to do that. You've got shopping, museums, parks, attractions, Broadway, restaurants, nightlife and everything else you can think of. There's something for everyone in New York. And if you do happen to tire of the city life, you can always take a couple days to recharge in beautiful upstate New York.

17 Scorpio Dude Loves The History And Mystery Of Mykonos, Greece


Like his Virgo brothers, Scorpio guys also want a honeymoon that is full of history and culture. They want to really experience something new and not spend all day relaxing or running around. Scorpio is looking for a little bit of mystery. So the stars are suggesting a honeymoon in Athens, Greece. Athens is a beautiful spot to honeymoon. It's got gorgeous sights and is steeped in culture. There are delicious food options and some opportunities to relax. But there's also all the mysteries of Ancient Greece that will keep a Scorpio man intrigued. Every old monument or artifact tells a story. This honeymoon is going to involve a lot of investigating, exploring and learning. Hopefully, you're up for it! Just keep in mind that every learning opportunity is also going to be full of beauty and charm.

16 Sagittarius Can't Wait To Start Exploring Costa Rica With His New Spouse


You know that a Sagittarius is all about the travel and adventure. In fact, a Sag man likely can't wait for the wedding to be over so he can get onto his next big trip. The honeymoon is the ultimate for a Sag guy - don't be surprised if he tries to extend the trip and make it last even longer. And with a destination like Costa Rica, you can totally do that. This isn't the kind of place where you pop by for just a long weekend. Costa Rica is a country where you can explore for a long time. You can get in your lazy beach days while enjoying tropical fruit and beautiful views. But you can also get in all the adventure Sag craves with zip lining, trekking, hiking, kayaking and so much more. Costa Rica is a beautiful place to explore and fall in love all over again.

15 Romantic Capricorn Wants Sun And Fun In The Dominican Republic


A Capricorn guy is a true romantic. His idea of the perfect honeymoon is sun, fun and spending lots of time with his boo. And there isn't any shame in that! There's a reason that all inclusive vacations in the Caribbean are so popular. It's the perfect way to really and truly relax. Plus, there are usually great deals you can snag at the last minute. So a Capricorn guy would absolutely love to spend his honeymoon on the beaches of Dominican Republic. He's all about sitting by the pool with a drink in hand and his new spouse by his side. If he's feeling a bit more active, he might try out snorkeling, kayaking or the tennis courts. But he's really looking to just relax and spend time with his love after a stressful wedding season.

14 Curious Aquarius Seeks Solitude In Iceland


Like their Scorpio friends, Aquarius men also enjoy a bit of mystery and intrigue. Aquarius guys are naturally curious and want to go on a honeymoon where they can explore new things and discover new experiences. And the perfect place to do that is in Iceland. Iceland is an amazing country full of glaciers, geysers, waterfalls, mountains and if you're lucky, a sighting of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). This is the ideal itinerary for an Aquarius guy. Plus, Aquarians don't love to spend a ton of time in crowds. So the perfect honeymoon would be to land in Iceland, rent a car and set out exploring. Once you get off the tourist path, it will feel like you have the whole mysterious and enchanting country to yourself.

13 Pisces Wants To Relax And Enjoy The Breathtaking Views Of Morroco


Talk about an exotic honeymoon location! Morocco would be an amazing place to start your married life. For a Pisces guy, the honeymoon is really all about the romance. He wants to go to a place that feels like a fairytale with his new spouse. And it definitely doesn't hurt if it's an exotic spot where the new couple can explore together. In Morocco, you can enjoy a romantic hot air balloon ride followed by a cozy dinner for two. You can explore the markets, stroll along the beach, and embrace all of the beauty around you. Plus, creative Pisces will definitely be inspired by this colorful and exciting place. Don't be surprised if he starts writing poetry, painting or playing music in this cool country.


12 Active Aries Gal Wants To Keep Busy With Adventures In Cambodia


Aries girls are living for the adventure. For an Aries lady, a vacation without some action would be a waste. You want to get your sweat on and really work for your vacation. And you want to make the most of your time away and explore all that you can. So the perfect honeymoon for an Aries gal would be an adventurous trip to Cambodia. In Cambodia, you'll be able to explore ancient temples and cool ruins. You'll also get to take in the city sights and enjoy some new foods. And if you need even more adventure and athletic activities, there are lots of places to hike, kayak and get out in nature. It's the trip of a lifetime - which is exactly what on the go Aries is looking for.

11 Traditional Taurus Lady Opts For The Classic Honeymoon In Hawaii


There's a reason that Hawaii is the classic honeymoon location. It's got everything! It's stunning and just screams romance and relaxation. Which is why it's the perfect honeymoon spot for a Taurus lady. Taurus, you're a traditionalist. You like going with what's tried and true. You're also practical and you know that a honeymoon in the USA will save you some money. But at the same time, you enjoy pampering yourself and living luxuriously when you can. That's why Hawaii is the best choice for you. You can enjoy massages on the beach and meals under the palm trees with your new boo. You'll find all of the romance and indulgence you're looking for in Hawaii. Plus, your bargain hunting side will enjoy the plentiful options of honeymoon packages you can take advantage of.

10 Gemini Girl Will Be Fascinated By Lively Barcelona


Gemini girls will absolutely love Barcelona. Barcelona is a city that stimulates the senses with Gaudi's famous architecture, beautiful buildings, the beaches, the food, the smells and the colors. It's a perfect city for a curious Gemini to feel satisfied. Plus, a Gemini girl can indulge her social side with Barcelona's famous nightlife. You really can't get bored in this gorgeous city. But if your indecision and curiosity get the best of you, Barcelona is a great starting point for enjoying the rest of Spain. You can fly or take a train to explore Madrid, Ibiza, and Seville. In those cities, you'll find more history and attractions, beach parties and gorgeous estates. What a dream honeymoon! Let's hope your new spouse is just as keen to go on a Spanish adventure.

9 Homebody Cancer Chick Just Wants To Relax In Montenegro


Cancer ladies are the true homebody of the zodiac. That doesn't mean they don't love to travel. It just means they want to enjoy the comforts of home and still feel a bit of home wherever they go. So to keep things feeling homey, you want a honeymoon that is secluded and romantic. The beautiful towns and beaches of Montenegro are just the ticket. There you can focus on your new spouse and relax in a really laid back country. And as a water sign, you'll love spending time out on the ocean taking in all of the views. A charming town like Sveti Stefan would be perfect. You'll get the sea and gorgeous sights as well as the small town quaintness that will make you feel at home.

8 Leo Lady Wants All Things Exotic, Bright And Expensive In Tahiti


Leo ladies are looking for the ultimate luxury on their honeymoon. You love the good life and want to be treated like a queen. And with a personality as big and bright as yours, no tiny little honeymoon will do. You would hate to do the same thing that every other honeymooner is doing. You want something unique and totally exotic. You want bright colors and new experiences. The islands of Tahiti are the perfect choice for you. You'll get the exotic factor you're looking for by choosing a secluded spot deep in the jungle with access to the water. And you'll get the luxury factor in one of the famous overwater bungalows where you are waited on hand and foot. Bora Bora would be an awesome choice for you.

7 Mrs. Virgo Needs To Be Forced Into Meditation In Stunning India


Virgo ladies are all about the practical. In fact, you may not even think you need to take a honeymoon. After an expensive wedding, you might think it's smarter to just stay home. But honey, trust us, you need a vacation! And since you're only going to honeymoon once, you want to do it right. You need a place where you can totally relax. We're talking Eat, Pray, Love style in stunning India. India is a bold country that gets at all of your senses. While the hustle and bustle of the cities aren't exactly relaxing, you will find some tranquil areas further out. Consider a relaxing getaway for two - perhaps a yoga retreat with daily meditation? It would be the perfect way to relax after a stressful wedding and to start your marriage on the right foot.

6 Libra Girl Wants To Honeymoon In Picture-Perfect Amalfi Coast, Italy


There's a reason the Amalfi Coast in Italy is such a sought-after destination and so popular on Instagram. It's stunning! And no one is going to appreciate that more than a Libra lady on her honeymoon. Libras love beautiful things. And it really doesn't get more beautiful than the Amalfi Coast. Start in the adorable town of Positano where you will see all of the homes on the side of the mountain. Take the winding trail or steep stairs on your way through the town and down to the beaches. Enjoy some classic Italian fare - gnocchi and gelato anyone? If you're feeling more athletic, you can take the stairs back up to your accommodation or go on the Walk of The Gods to the next town. Or better yet, hop in a boat and see the coast from the water!

5 Outdoorsy Scorpio Lady Wants To Get Back To Nature In Ecuador


Scorpio lady wants to go full rustic on her honeymoon. You totally want to get back to nature. Especially if you're a Scorpio lady who lives in the city, your honeymoon is the perfect chance to escape and really enjoy some of Mother Nature's beauty. So a honeymoon in Ecuador is the perfect place. You can stay at one of the many resorts along the Amazon River where you will be totally immersed in nature. There will be lots of options for bird watching, hiking and hanging by the beach. It's all about the seclusion and having nothing between you, your new spouse and nature. You'll also be able to immerse yourself in the culture. Study Spanish, try Ecuadorian cuisine, visit a shaman and learn about the eco-friendly practices taking over in the region.

4 Well-Traveled Sagittarius Gal Wants To Go Far To Exotic Kenya


While some little girls spent their time planning their dream wedding, Sagittarius girls spent their childhoods dreaming of their honeymoon. The adventure and the travel are what it's all about for a Sag. So of course, you wouldn't be caught dead doing an ordinary honeymoon somewhere you have been a thousand times. You want to go on a real adventure. So what could be cooler than a honeymoon in Kenya? Nairobi, Kenya's capital city, is modern and filled with all the city amenities you could need. You can then journey farther to visit local Massai tribes and go on a safari ride through the Serengeti. It's exotic and foreign - exactly what you're looking for in a honeymoon. And to make it more romantic and luxurious, upgrade from hostels and camping to hotels and glamping. There are tons of luxury resorts to choose from.

3 Capricorn Girl Balances Relaxation And Adventure In The Bahamas


The Bahamas is the perfect place for a Capricorn girl to honeymoon because it balances adventure and relaxation - which is exactly what a Cap girl is looking for. If you can splurge, treat yourself to a stay at the Atlantis Resort. You'll feel like royalty in one of the luxurious suites with fine dining, beach access, and nightly shows. But when you want a taste of adventure, you can go swimming with the sharks, deep sea fishing and try out the adrenaline pumping waterslides. You can try your luck at the casino, visit the various ponds and aquariums, walk along the property and admire the yachts and just enjoy everything that Atlantis has to offer. If Atlantis itself isn't quite in your budget, there are lots of great options nearby and you can still access the amenities at Atlantis.

2 Independent Aquarius Girl Sets Out To Tackle Patagonia


Patagonia is the ultimate adventure. And that totally speaks to an Aquarius girl planning her honeymoon. Your friends know you to be a bit of an eccentric, so it only makes sense that you would pick a honeymoon most people would never consider. Tackling Patagonia in South America certainly isn't for everyone. It's not exactly a beach vacation. This one requires some planning and some work. But once you get where you're going, you'll enjoy stunning views and secluded spots. An independent Aquarius will crave this solo time just with their boo and away from all of the crowds. You'll get the quiet time you need. And you won't have to sacrifice anything since Patagonia will give you mountains, jungles, glaciers and the ocean.

1 Dreamy Pisces Gal Wants A Trip Of A Lifetime In Sydney, Australia


Pisces girl, you are a big dreamer. When you think of your honeymoon, you're planning a wild and wonderful trip of a lifetime. You'd be so disappointed if you ended up going to a hotel in a nearby city for the weekend. You want to go somewhere far. And if you're in North America, it doesn't get farther than Sydney, Australia. Your inner escape artist will love the idea of running off to the land down under. You'll get all of your creature comforts in a city like Sydney where they speak English and nothing will feel too foreign. Your water sign will naturally bring you to the gorgeous beaches - make sure you walk from Bondi to Manly to take it all in. And when you want to take your adventure to the next level, head inland and experience the outback.

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