12 Ultimate Dream Proposals Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your proposal may happen in the blink of an eye, but it is something that you'll talk about for a lifetime. First, you’ll post to your social media that you’re engaged and friends upon friends will ask about the proposal story. Somebody that you haven't spoken to since the fifth grade will text you, asking how he did it and if they can see the ring. That’s only natural. You’ll also have relatives ask you how the proposal went down. Hell, even the guy bagging up your groceries may ask you how you were proposed to. Your kids and your grandkids will ask. Basically, you’ll be telling this story forever, so it better be good.

Obviously, proposal preferences differ from person to person. One woman’s perfect proposal could be another woman’s nightmare proposal. Not everyone is going to think the same proposal is perfect. If that were the case, it would be a lot easier for guys to figure out how to pop the question. Instead, guys take time to figure out what the perfect proposal is for you.

Since zodiac signs play a big part in our personalities, guys should seriously think about your sign when thinking about your proposal. It really could help him figure out the ~ perfect ~ way to propose. Maybe you want something big and flashy because you’re a Leo. Maybe, you’d like something that includes your family and friends because you’re a Taurus. Whatever your sign may be, it will dictate what your dream proposal is.

Below is your dream proposal based on your zodiac sign. Feel free to share this list with your bae so he gets the idea.

11 Aries: A Surprise Proposal Will Thrill You

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Aries, you would love a surprise proposal that really knocks you off your feet. You're a thrill seeker and live for the rush of a good surprise. Since this would be your greatest surprise ever, you'd be buzzing off the energy for days after. Because you are typically the leader in many situations, a surprise proposal will also prove to you that your guy knows how to take charge too.

You’re a trendsetter, so you would love a ring that is a little bit different. You'd be interested in a black diamond, a pearl or a sapphire. You're also not against a diamond, but it has to be something different from the typical ring. You’re not like everyone else, and you want both your engagement and ring to reflect that uniqueness.

If he really wants to win you over, his proposal should mention what an adventure life will be. You’re brave and passionate, seeing much of life as an adventure to be had. You never want to be dull, so you need a partner who will keep things spicy.

Because you are so determined and passionate, you may not be able to wait for a proposal. Don’t let your impatience get the best of you, Aries. You’ll want to ask your guy what is taking so long, but don’t! You don’t want to ruin the surprise of a lifetime.

Taurus: Including Your Family & Friends

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Taurus, you’ll love a proposal that includes all your favorite people. You are reliable and devoted, with your family and friends being the most important thing in your life. You're not showy and don't need a big, fancy proposal. What you would enjoy is a simple proposal that includes your friends and family in some way. Whether it takes place in front of all of them or they are waiting to join in the celebration afterwards, you’ll be happy that your future husband thought to include all your favorite people.

You're naturally talented in areas of cooking, music and gardening. This gives you an earthy appeal. A proposal with a boho edge will be a nice touch for you. Keep that boho-chic business away from your ring, though. You are practical by nature and would love a classic ring.

10 Gemini: You'll Love Unexpected Details

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Gemini, it will have to be a surprise proposal for you. You hate routine and repetition, so something out of the blue is an easy way to win you over. A surprise proposal will appeal to your free-spirited nature. You are also extremely curious, leading you to notice and appreciate unexpected details. A proposal that has specific personal details will really knock you over.

While a surprise, personal proposal is perfect for you, one should only propose to you when they know you are ready to settle down. You have a nervous and indecisive nature. Relationships aren’t exactly natural for you since you live for change. His proposal should reflect that he knows this about you. He should be ready for a life of your unpredictable nature.

Because of your unpredictability and indecisiveness, it may also be hard for him to pick out a ring for you. You wouldn’t mind if he proposed to you with a starter ring and let you pick out your own big rock.

9 Cancer: A Heirloom Ring Will Emotionally Stun You

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Cancer, you will cry. There is really no way around it. When he drops down on that knee, you’re going to be in tears. This is because of your extremely emotional personality.

Unlike many of the other emotional signs, you are very hesitant with strangers. People have to work for your trust. You keep things close to the chest and value your friends and family. For this reason, an heirloom ring with emotional significance would emotionally rock you. Your great grandmother’s amazing ring from the ‘20s would be ideal because it's beautiful and has emotional value.

If his proposal included another emotional component, like proposing in the same place your father proposed to your mother, your heart would nearly explode. Since he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, he should already be aware of your emotional side and plan for a lot of tears. You may want a moment, or a few hours, to collect yourself before you celebrate. Planning to give your some crying time is necessary in terms of a proposal.

8 Leo: You're Not Afraid Of A Grand, Attention-Grabbing Proposal

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Leo, you don’t mind when all eyes are on you. In fact, you thrive in the spotlight. When people aren’t pay attention to you, that’s the real problem. That being said, a grand, public proposal isn’t out of the question for you. If he were to sing you a song while a plane-full of people watched (a la The Wedding Singer), you’d love that. You’re looking for something both grand and creative. You place a lot of value on creativity. A proposal with a personal spin, albeit done in public, would be ideal.

Since you’re generally cheerful, you may not actually cry but you won’t be able to stop smiling for a week. Just like the proposal, you wouldn’t be against a ring that draws attention. The flashier the better. You’re a queen, so both the proposal and ring should be fitting of such.

7 Virgo: A Modest, But Feminine Proposal For You

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Virgo, you couldn’t be further from the attention-hungry Leo. You are shy and often worry about what people will think about you. You hate being center stage. Your self-criticizing nature would make a grand, public proposal nightmarish. You’d be too preoccupied with the people watching you to really enjoy the moment.

Instead, you’d like an intimate, low-key proposal. Without too many people around, you'd be able to enjoy the moment and act on your own accord, without fear of people judging you. While you crave something smaller, the proposal should still appeal to your feminine sensibilities. You like when you are treated like lady, so something traditional that woos you is perfect. Opening the door to a candle lit room, where your sweetie is on his knee would be a dream.

Because of your love of cleanliness, a ring with clean lines and shapes is perfect for you. Too much decoration and jazz isn’t your style.

6 Libra: Romance To The Max

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Libra, you love romance and tend to romanticize everything in your life. Even while doing the little things, you find romance. Those few moments spent each morning making your cup of coffee are ritualistic and romantic to you. You are a dreamer in that sense. Because of this, a proposal that maxes up the romance factor is perfect. There is never too much romance in your opinion. There should be flowers, candles, doves, balloons, moonlight – basically, the works. In Gilmore Girls, Lorelai was proposed to with 1,000 yellow daisies. Something like this would be right up your alley. All the daisies for you, Libra.

Of course, the proposal may be the high point of the engagement for you. Wedding planning is not your forte. You shy away from confrontation and you’re easily manipulated by others. Because of this, your mother-in-law could get away with calling a lot of the shots. Don't be afraid to speak up if you want the red velvet cake, Libra. Your mother-in-law will get over it.

5 Scorpio: A Passionate Proposal With A Little Edge

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Scorpio, you are passionate and sexually charged. When you're in love, you have a hard time keeping your hands off your loved one. In fact, you are so passionate that the proposal would work best in a private place since you may want to  celebrate (wink, wink) immediately after.

You’d also like an edgy proposal, something that is different from the norm. You want to be excited to tell your friends and shock them with the fun details. Because of this, a quirky proposal works well for you. The proposal in the Sex and the City movie is right up your alley. After having had sex in a walk-in closet, Mr. Big proposes to Carrie, using her Manolo Blahnik as a makeshift engagement ring. You love the passion in an engagement like that.

A proposal in a luxurious hotel room would also be something you’d love – rose petals, room service, a bed and lots of privacy.

4 Sagittarius: A Fun Proposal While Traveling

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Sagittarius, your adventurous soul loves to travel. You love the freedom of exploring a new city and culture, all while leaving the stress of work behind. Because of this, if your man were to drop down on his knee while you two were on vacation, you'd love that. Whether it’s a big, romantic adventure in Paris or just a weekend getaway at a local beach, a proposal on vacation is ideal.

Since you have a great sense of humor, he should feel free to make a joke while down on one knee. In fact, you’d love a proposal with a few jokes thrown in there. It would prove that he understands your sense of humor, which is very important to you in terms of a partner.

Bonus points if the proposal takes place outside since you love the great outdoors. Just give a Sagittarius a scenic proposal while on vacation and you’re set.

3 Capricorn: A Traditional Proposal, With A Ring That Can Be Passed Down

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Capricorn, you value tradition more than almost any other sign. Because of this, a very traditional proposal will sweep a you off your feet. You don't need anything big or elaborate, just the traditional ol' proposal is perfect for you. First and foremost, your man must make sure to ask for your hand in marriage. Getting your father's permission is very important because of how highly you value family and tradition. Other than that, the classic down-one-knee speech is exactly you want.

Ring-wise, you aren't looking for something trendy or edgy. He can skip the rose gold and black diamonds. Opting for a traditional ring that you can pass down your children or grandchildren is exactly what you’d like. And, yes, you're totally already thinking that far down the line when he proposes.

When planning the proposal if he keeps in mind tradition and family, he’ll be fine.

2 Aquarius: Something Original Will Prove He's The One For You

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Aquarius, you have such an innovative mind. You are constantly thinking outside the box. In fact, you may sometimes wonder if you even believe in the institution of marriage. Assuming that you do believe in marriage, you'll need an extremely original proposal.

If your sweetheart is going to propose to you, he has to make sure that the proposal meets your inventive senses. It should be imaginative and different. As an Aquarius, you always wants to feel special and different from the herd, so the perfect proposal would make you feel that way… even if someone is proposing that you two engage in an institution as old as time. If a guy were to hold a boombox over his head outside your window, that would win you over.

Since you tend to run from emotional expression, you may not erupt in flood of tears. Instead, you may simply smile and say yes. Just because you didn't explode into tears doesn't mean the proposal isn't a fit. Aquarius girls love, but rarely show how deeply they love.

1 Pisces: An Imaginative Way To Express His Feelings To You

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Pisces, like the Aquarius, you have an extremely active mind. While the Aquarius is highly intellectual, analytical and philosophical, you tend to be more artistic. You are intuitive and wise. In fact, if your man is planning a proposal to you, you will probably sense the shift in his emotions as soon as he starts planning. You’ll know something is coming, but you won’t know what it is.

Because you are so imaginative and in touch with your emotions, if he finds an imaginative way to express his emotions to you that would be ideal. When Andrew Lincoln’s character shows up with posters in Love Actually, you swoon. You’d love a romantic gesture like this for a proposal.

Being so wise, you tend not to be too bothered by materialistic things. The ring will be the last thing on your mind during the proposal. You'll be much more concerned with how much you love your fiance and your future life together. If he gets a more modest ring, you won't be upset by this.

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