Your Perfect Wedding Dress, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your wedding day is something many of us have dreamt about since we were children. As little girls, we might have used our dolls to mimic walking down the aisle, or dressed up to play the bride. We fantasized about the cake, the guest list, the food we’ll serve, the music we’ll play, the venue we’ll have it at, and, perhaps at the top of everyone’s list: the dress. Maybe we’ve imagine a princess-style gown with a full skirt and bejewelled bodice, our hair in long, romantic waves, or maybe we’ve instead thought about a simple, streamlined dress with no fancy extras or added bling.

Since many people believe that romance – and therefore, love – is written in the stars, that perhaps it’s worth looking to them for guidance on what to wear on your big day – fictional or otherwise. The signs of the zodiac can determine a lot about us, including our personal style, and maybe we should take them into consideration before we say yes to the dress. We’ve gone through all the signs of the zodiac (plus three bonus entries) to give you some of the best fashion advice you could hope for on your big day, from the stars themselves!


15 Aries: Minimal & Majestic

Since you like to be the leader in almost every situation, you’re not the type to spend too much time thinking about your wedding attire, because it’s all been done before! That being said, your sign has a little bit of a tomboy flair, meaning that lace and fussy details are totally not your deal. Instead, you prefer something minimal and majestic, the kind of simplistic wedding dress that might read boring on a zodiac sign that isn’t as bold as you. You need a dress that lets you MOVE, so anything restrictive or heavy is a no-go. The gown that calls your name is lighter, simpler, and totally gorgeous. You want to be able to dance all night in whatever you choose, but also command a room. You’d hate for anything you wore to look outdated, so you don’t follow trends – you set them. A timeless white number like this one is ideal for the Aries girl on her big day, because you wear the dress, it doesn’t wear you.

14 Taurus: Romantic AF

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A Taurus woman like yourself is known for being one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, which means you were probably fantasizing about your big day since you were a little girl. You love all the sensual details like the food, the flowers, the music, and, of course, what you’re going to wear.

In keeping with your romantic side, an off-the-shoulder dress with lots of pretty lace or floral details makes you swoon. You appreciate good quality in everything you do, and your wedding gown is no exception. Little embellishments that are done well without looking too gaudy show the importance you place on this special day, without making you feel too stuffy or proper. Silks, satins, chiffons, tulles, and lace are all up for grabs when it comes to your gown, because luxe materials are one of your favourite things! Add a sweetheart or portrait neckline and you have a match made in heaven that’ll have your SO – and everyone else – in tears when you walk down that aisle.

13 Gemini: High-Low

When it comes to Gemini gals, you have to expect the unexpected! It’s one of your most endearing – and occasionally infuriating – characteristics, so what’ll stop you from behaving the exact same way on your wedding day?

You’re not really a big fan of tradition, which is why choosing a floor-grazing, full-skirted gown isn’t in the cards for you. Instead, you’re better off opting for something that plays both sides of the field, much like the sign of the twins under which you were born. A high-low hemline allows you to show a little bit of flirty skin while keeping your parents happy by covering things up in the back. Your dual nature allows you to have it both ways and look damn good doing it! Your sign loves fun details that others might balk at, like long, patterned sleeves, fringe, tassels, and fur trim, so something high-low is right up your alley! Plus, when it’s time for the reception, you can really kick up your heels and dance the night away!

12 Cancer: Lovely in Lace

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A sensitive sign like Cancer means that you need a material that’s just as delicate as your emotions, which can turn on a dime. You tend to be pretty emotional – sometimes to a fault – which is why when it comes to your special day, you know that you need a dress as important as the day you’re celebrating. You also care deeply about your family, and understand how this is their day, too, which is why you might opt for something more traditional when it comes to wedding attire. Fortunately, we’ve found the perfect dress for you, featuring loads of lace!

Although lace can be a restrictive fabric, a water sign like yourself needs some movement, which is why diaphanous lace and chiffon, or soft silks are ideal for you. You prefer something refined and a little classic, especially since you can second-guess yourself. Artsy elements like hand embroidery are encouraged, but you know that whatever dress you say yes to, you’ll have everyone weeping.

11 Leo: So Extra

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The Leo woman has been waiting for her wedding day for years, because it’s the best excuse to have all eyes on her (not that you ever ned one). Fortunately, since you’re so focused on yourself, you don’t tend to be a bridezilla (you’re also surprisingly empathetic), but your dress is definitely something a Kardashian would be proud to wear!

Nothing is too over-the-top for you, because you’re extra AF! Statement-making outfits are par for the course for you, so why would your wedding day be any different? You finally have the chance to look like real-life royalty! A diva-esque train that wouldn’t look out of place at a Mariah Carey fête, loads of bling, intricate beading and elaborate lacework – you want them all! While a dramatic dress might be harder for other signs to pull off, you know how to work it like nobody’s business. Sweeping into your ceremony in something that’ll definitely turn heads is exactly what you’re looking for.

10 Virgo: Keepin’ It Classic

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“Clean and crisp” is one of the best ways to describe your sense of style, Virgo. While you can be persnickety and picky in your everyday life, when it comes to fashion, you prefer to keep things classic and simple. To your analytical and perfectionistic mind, too much fussiness is simply more opportunity for things to go wrong!

Virgo is the sign of the virgin, and as an earth sign, you’ll want to draw attention to your natural feminine form on your wedding day. A simple, classic dress allows your true beauty to shine through, without being overshadowed by tons of material or fancy extras. A simple neckline, a nipped-in waist, and a skirt that’s good for twirling are the three ingredients that make up your dream dress. Plus, since you can be a stickler for all things traditional, you’ll definitely want it to be white, cream, or ivory – no coloured gowns for you!

9 Libra: Ultra Femme

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Ruled by Venus, Libra women have a keen eye for all things beauty and love even the slightest whiff of romance. You’ve imagined your dream dress in a thousand different ways over the years, but all of them have feminine accents and make you look like the fairytale princess you’ve always fantasized about.

You’re terrible at compromise, so you have a tendency to go over the top in order to please everyone – in this case, all your differing tastes. However, in pursuit of balance, we suggest you try something that really appeals to your ultra-femme aesthetic. Think a blush pink dress, tiny embroidered flowers, layers of sheer tulle or chiffon, tons of delicate lacework or beading, feminine bows and lacing, and even more. Your eye for design will help you select different elements that complement each other, rather than compete, and no matter what you decide to don, you’ll definitely have everyone drooling over your good taste.


8 Scorpio: Sexy & Edgy

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“Sexy” isn’t usually something many brides go for on their wedding day, but not all brides are born under Scorpio! Luckily, there are loads of sexy bridal looks on the market that cater to this zodiac sign.

Rather than opt for a wedding look that appears frumpy or prissy, a Scorpio lady like you will want something that shows just how seriously and passionately she takes this exciting day. You know that saying “I do” is a big deal and you want to show how much it means to you through your dress choice without sacrificing your daring and mysterious nature. Surprising details – like a low-cut back in an otherwise modest dress – plays into the dark side of your Scorpio character. Clinging silhouettes that skim your curves and draw attention to your gorgeous figure are also incredibly flattering and an excellent choice for you. Not into white? The dark side of your sign might have you leaning towards unorthodox colour choices, like red, grey, or even black!

7 Sagittarius: Beachy Keen

Sagittarius girls are bitten by the travel bug, which is why a destination wedding is likely at the top of your list – assuming you find someone who can keep up with you enough to settle down! You’ll probably shock all your friends and family by letting them know at the last minute that you’ve finally decided to tie the knot, but your dress won’t betray any hint of frantic planning. A beachy gown with a light, floaty skirt perfect for running through the surf is a must-have and you’ll want everything else to be pretty laid-back, from your hair and makeup to your bouquet.

You love the idea of throwing a massive party to celebrate your love – partly because the idea of the wedding itself can give you cold feet – so you definitely require a dress you can dance till 4am in. Looser-fitting, with boho and beachy details are necessary to make it possible for you to let your hair down and really enjoy your big day.

6 Capricorn: Structural Elegance

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The Capricorn girl is all about tradition and family, which is why you won’t be trying anything too daring or sexy when it comes to tying the knot. You hate the idea of spending loads of money on something you’ll only wear once, since you’re notoriously frugal, but you are willing to open your wallet a little more if what you’re getting is well-made, high-quality, and timeless. Trends hold little to no interest for you!

A strong, simple, and elegant dress with architectural details is perfect for the Capricorn woman. A modest cut – think long sleeves and a high neckline – are perfect for this traditional sign, but you also appreciate the elegant structure of a full skirt made of a heavier-weight material, rich fabric, and something that is both classic and current. You know that trends fade, which is why choosing something timeless is ideal for your sign. Patterns, fussy details, and elaborate extras are unnecessary in your mind and, frankly, make you kind of uncomfortable!

5 Aquarius: Anything But White

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Doing anything by the book isn’t for you, Aquarius. You can’t stand playing by the rules and doing things simply because you’re supposed to, so why would you bother wearing a white dress simply because it’s what we’ve been conditioned to choose for the past 150 years or so?

Bucking tradition, your best bet is in a dress that is anything but white. While colours in the pink family like blush and petal are quickly becoming more accepted in weddings today, thanks to celebrities, you’d feel much better in something even more offbeat, like a dip-dyed hem, a periwinkle blue, or even a green! Your progressive and independent nature means that you need a dress that no one else has, but your eco-friendly bent might also have you scoping out thrift stores to find out a bargain, and up-cycle it by dyeing it yourself! In the end, you’ll have something one-of-a-kind and as memorable as the day you’ve finally managed to commit to.

4 Pisces: Vintage Vixen

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Dreamy and romantic, your wedding day – and the dress you’ll wear on it – have taken up the better part of your fantasies. You’re such a sucker for all things sweet, it doesn’t surprise anyone that you’re best fit is something vintage and gorgeous. Since you love love and nothing entrances you more than the idea of a love that lasts a lifetime, an antique dress – in style or in actuality – is perfect for you.

Flowing, soft layers, vintage beadwork, delicate crystal embellishments, and more are some of the prettiest parts of your gown, which could fit in in a modern event or something that looks straight out of The Great Gatsby. You want to feel graceful and ethereal on your big day, so anything too stiff or restricting it out of the question. A weird mix of a fairy princess, a Grecian goddess, and a 1920s flapper are your best bets and something you feel right at home in.

3 BONUS Aries: Suit Up

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Your bold personality means that you might want to eschew dresses altogether for your big day. Since you’re a trendsetter rather than someone who simply follows them, another excellent option for the Aries woman is a wedding dress that isn’t a dress at all – it’s a suit!

Androgyny is one of the surprising parts of women born under this zodiac sign. Since you’re so used to taking charge in your personal and professional life, some might argue that you have some masculine qualities, but really, you’re just a bada** woman and what better way to show that then strutting your stuff down the aisle in a fashion-forward power suit? Sharp, strong lines convey your aggressive attitude, but you can soften things up a little with a suit that’s not a traditional suit, like this halter jumpsuit. Do your best Cara Delevingne and prove to any doubters that a wedding suit can be just as impressive, eye-catching, and statement-making as your regular old wedding dress!

2 BONUS Virgo: Fairy Queen

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Virgo women are drawn towards the classic and clean, but they are also earth signs, and born under the sign of the virgin. As such, there’s an earthiness and some romance that runs in your veins, and it might be a good idea to let that shine through on your special day.

You like things to be feminine and simple, but you also would love to embrace some of that fairy queen flavour that your zodiac sign gives you. Pretty little details speak to you and, while you might be inclined to overthink their effect on your dress, you’re better off just enjoying them and seeing how they contribute to your overall look. Lots of frothy layers, delicate lace, hidden zippers and buttons, and the barest hint of blush are all sweet and ultra feminine details that play to your earth angel vibe. You could play it safe and go classic, like we suggested earlier, or dare to dream a little and call upon your inner fairy queen.

1 BONUS Aquarius: Beautiful Boho

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A total original through and through, you hate anything that’s too even and symmetrical. Instead, you embrace the odd and different – and your wedding dress is no different. Fortunately for you, bohemian styles revel in the asymmetrical, off the shoulder, and handkerchief hem.

Being a traditional bride bores you, so a boho chic style is way more your vibe. You’re not intimidated by the avant-garde or atypical. Seemingly random accessories, like a chunky belt, booties, or a long fringed necklace might have others scratching their head, but on you it’s totally stylish! You know that marriage is more than just the wedding day, and you want your dress to reflect that. It’s all about the journey – your big day is just a pit-stop en route to something even greater. Lace, embroidery, fringe, and tassels are all a-okay by you, and we know that no matter how busy or how boho your dress, you’ll rock it like nobody else!


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