Your Most Private Diary Entry, According To Your Sign

One of the best things about zodiac signs is that they give us clues about other people’s little secrets. We’re not trying to snoop or gossip or anything but don’t you think it’s a cool idea that you can unearth other people’s secret only by knowing their astrological sign? Of course, you still have to do a lot of thinking because what the signs give us are only basic information, but believe it or not, the thinking and investigating and brainstorming are all worth it. Sometimes, those people are not even knowledgeable of their own dirty little secrets. So whether or not you have a diary, the whole world will know your secrets anyway. And by whole world, we mean everybody who read this article and who knows you well. So we suggest you hide this article from your friends. Or not.

15 Aries – you envy everybody and you’re good at hiding it behind your humor

Aries are super humorous people. They are creative and fun and they find it easy to adapt, which practically makes them the best among the rest. We all want the ability to find it easy to adapt. But if you think Aries are so lucky, think again. This sign may be all about being insightful and being passionate and being full of fierce and life, but they don’t really know how this world works. They find it difficult to understand that in some things and some situations, they are just not the best. And Aries folks are obsessed with being the best. Their personality evolves around being the best, most smartest person in the room. Thus, they envy everybody because they think everybody else is better than them and they’re nothing but trash. Harsh, but true… and oh, they are also good at hiding this envy behind their humor and in their diaries.

14 Taurus – you hate it when people vent too much to you

Taurus folks are good listeners. They are strong people and they are good listeners, which means they are capable of handling even the biggest problem you got. And being the kind human beings that they are, most Taurean people are the go-to people when it comes to venting. Now you know why your friend always chooses you and always asks you to listen to whatever crisis she’s going through, if you’re a Taurus. This is simply because this friend of yours knows that you will listen and you will put your two cents in and you’re on her side. That’s all she needs in times of great crisis. But for the Taureans, life is not that easy. They, too, get tired of listening. If only they had a huge diary for all of them to share, they’ll write something about hating the fact that a lot of people vent on them.

13 Gemini – you’re the basic chick and you hate it

Being twins, Geminis are all about balance and flexibility. They are every bar’s fave customer because they’re good at making friends and they buy tons of drinks for their new friends. Well, if you think this is cool, it’s not. Because no matter how many friends a Gemini has, no matter how many drinks she buys, and no matter how many nights she let her broken-hearted friend stay in her apartment, Geminis will always remain the basic chick. There’s nothing more special about this sign aside from the fact that they can have tons of mood swings and they easily change their mind, making them great candidates for memory-related case studies. Seriously though, Geminis hate the fact that they are basic chicks. First off, there is nothing wrong with being a basic chick. Sure, it has its disadvantages but so does being the superstar chick. But Geminis are so insecure about being the basic chick they fail at being an okay chick.

12 Cancer – you’re not depressed but you’re willing to kill for some alone time

People don’t give you enough alone time and sometimes, just sometimes, you’re almost willing to kill someone for some alone time. And girl, you’re not afraid to share this thought. At least not in your diary. But in real life, you don’t talk about it. Because Cancer folks love silence too much, they find it difficult to express their thoughts. They find it hard to yell into someone else’s face that they can’t talk or hangout because they’re so exhausted and all they want to do is lie in bed in complete silence. This results to Cancer folks feeling so desperate for some alone time and their overly sympathetic attitude is not helping. A huge conservative, our Cancer friends seem okay most of the time but deep inside, they just want some peace and quiet in their own little bubble. And they’re hoping that you would know that so they won’t have to kill someone for it.

11 Leo – you spend every minute of your life faking sensitivity and sucking power and fame

Leo folks are all about fame and power. The minute they came out of their mother’s womb, they started building a foundation for themselves and this foundation is all about fame and power. Be it at the playground park or during prom or at work, Leos want to be the best in everything and they want people to notice that. This makes it difficult to gain real friends because, well, most of us are not really huge fans of those who suck power and fame. We love the people who share it rather than hog it. This drives Leo to fake sensitivity and friendliness. They fake it to their family and then to their colleagues so they can have more friends. We’re not saying Leos are bad people, they just have this faking game we should be aware of. So if you know a Leo, be sure she is being real because her faking skills are so great you might get tricked easily.

10 Virgo – you still hold grudges towards every single person who wronged you

Virgo folks are delightful people and they’re the kind you will never get tired of chatting with. Because aside from being delightful and full of light and positive energy, they’re also super keen. And they’re the type that unknowingly teaches you to be keen as well. We all know that being keen has a long list of positive effects. Virgos are also known to be inquisitive but that’s not something to worry about… they know when and where they should be nosey. They’ve got it under control. What’s not okay with Virgo folks is that they still hold grudges towards the people who wronged them. Apparently, people with this sign have really, REALLY strong memory. Even if the last time you wronged your Virgo friend was back in grade school when you hid her shoes during playtime, she still remembers it. And chances are, she still holds a grudge because they are over-sensitive like that.

9 Libra – you despise being the underdog

There’s really nothing wrong with being the underdog, except for the fact that you’re the underdog. And Libra people hate this. People under this sign have a huge tendency to be underdogs regardless of the route they’re taking. There’s always someone (okay, a lot of someones) who is better than them and someone who is noticed more than them and someone who is just not the underdog. Because Libra is all about balance, they try their best to balance their emotions, but they find it difficult when it comes to processing the fact that they might be the little guy. It’s quite complicated because when meeting other underdogs, they can easily step up and be the champion of underdogs. They hate the fact that someone actually has to be called an underdog. But when it comes to themselves, that’s when they’re having a hard time, and they despise this hard time and all the emotions involved.

8 Scorpio – you cheated countless times to get the job or the promotion

Bold and wild and the kind of people you always see doing the extremes because for them, it’s just normal – that’s what a Scorpio is. And they have no problems with their bold and wild attitude and the fact that they’re often doing the weirdest most extreme thing. Because of this, Scorpio folks find it easier to have new friends and to hang out with practically all kinds of people from all walks of life. Now if you think that’s amazing, think again. Because of said attitude, Scorpio often don’t get promoted in their jobs. They’re great at it, they give their best all the time, but because they do it so often, their bosses don’t see it as their way of growing. They just see it as something normal and typical for this person. Thus, most Scorpios have cheated just to get the d*mn promotion. And this is one of their dirtiest secret they hope nobody would ever know.

7 Sagittarius – you trash talk girls who are actually like you

Loyal and loving are the first two words often used to describe a Sagittarius person. They’re the kind of people who will sleep on your couch because you’re broken-hearted or who will help you come out to your parents or who will go clubbing with you because you’re just so desperate to find a good partner in life. They love their friends so much they’re willing to do just about everything for them, and they don’t expect anything in return. But just like any zodiac signs, Sagittarius have dark, hidden secrets. Something they hope their family and friends would never know. Apparently, because of the loyalty thing, these folks are not huge fans of one-night stands. They discourage their friends to do it and when they discover one of their best buds are doing it, they will trash talk that best bud. But because life is so boring sometimes, a lot of Sagittarius are guilty of having one-night stands as well. Ooops!

6 Capricorn – you are so sick of the fact that a lot of people don’t understand you

Capricorns are highly intelligent people. We’re not saying geniuses, but they often have the brightest idea in the room and they’re the ones who can easily figure out ways to deal with a problem, and at the same time, do something for the greater good. This is what happens when you’re highly intelligent and you’re huge in humanitarian stuff. These folks are full of philosophy and wisdom and all that jazz and because of this, they’re often misunderstood by a lot of people. Capricorns live in the grey area and most of us prefer the black and white. Thus, while they appear pleasant on the outside, Capricorns actually hate everyone who chooses to not understand them, every single time. They despise the folks who prefer to bully them and say bad things about them simply because they are difficult to understand. Because they practice a healthy lifestyle, including healthy criticism, they just pour their emotions in their diary (or some place else.)

5 Aquarius – you badly want to come out of your comfort zone

The water bearer, Aquarians are overflowing with bright ideas and creativity and just like Capricorns, lots of love for the masses. These folks are humanitarians by nature and they know how to use their creativity to make this world a better place. Which is great, if you come to think of it. However, Aquarians are secretly dealing with the fact that they can’t get out of their comfort zone. We know, it’s a complicated thing because they’re creative but at the same time, they want to be safe in their comfort zone. This drives most Aquarians insane. Thus, they’re begging their friends to help them step out of their comfort zone. Secretly, they wish their friends would just drag them out and stand by their side as they walk outside their comfort zone, allowing their creativity to lead them to places. The problem is, because most Aquarians are introverts, they find it difficult to find such kind of friend. Uh-oh…

4 Pisces – you fear death and the idea of being alone

Have you ever seen a lonely fish? No. They swim in groups and in pairs and they are never alone. Unless you put them in an aquarium. And even when put in an aquarium, we have the tendency to add more fish because we can’t dare look at them swimming in their lonely bowl. This is pretty much similar with Pisces. They hate being alone. They hate the idea of dying alone and lying in hospital beds aloe, and heck, they hate lying on the couch alone. Pisces are people of vast knowledge. They’re the kind of people who find it easy to learn anything and everything and they’re so open-minded too. For some Pisces folks, this is a good thing because it helps them have more friends and loneliness won’t be a problem anymore. But then there are also other Pisces who often come off as arrogant, which causes them to lose their friends and pushes them into their lonely island, sailing alone and living alone.

Signs who try their hardest to keep their secrets:

3 Aries


Despite the fact that Aries are known to be amazing people who know what they want in life, and how to achieve those goals, these people never get contented, especially with others. If you’re under this sign, you can blame it on your zodiac why you find it difficult to be happy for other people. It’s because it’s natural for you to be so envious, and you easily fall in its deep, dark hole. Because of this challenge, you’re spending a hell lot of time trying to hide this dark secret. In fact, you’re desperate to hide it and the best way you found was through humor. Some people may think you’re just being your funny natural self, but in reality, you’re so unhappy and you feel so empty. You spend your nights feeling sad over the fact that other people are achieving so much already while you’re still stuck in life.

2 Pisces

So, being a Pisces, you’re naturally sympathetic, kind, and free-spirited. You know the importance of living in the moment and you exercise it every single moment of your life. Which is really good! But the thing is, you fear dying alone. Yes, if you think we don’t know about it, we do. Most Pisces gals, despite being so energetic and outgoing, have trouble keeping friends. You don’t really have the kind of bestie who will leave everything behind for you the moment you text her that you don’t know what to wear for a party you’ll be attending in the next 30 minutes. Wouldn’t it be cool to have that kind of friend? It’s definitely an additional comfort in life! But because you have trouble keeping your friends, you haven’t really felt such kind of comfort. You’re still longing for it and you often feel like you’re going to die alone.

1 Scorpio


Scorpio girl, you should really stop this. Seriously. This is no fun and even when you try to hide it so bad, you’re not very successful with that. We still know about it. You’ve been cheating on your job to get that promotion and sometimes, you actually cheat to get the job. You claim that you know how to do a lot of stuff just so you can get the job, but really, you don’t. We also know how many times you’ve been fired because of this. So, do you still think it’s fun? Definitely not. And what’s another non-fun thing is you trying too hard, exhausting yourself to hide your dirty secret when in reality, everybody knows about it. Nobody’s just talking about it because really, they can’t even wrap their heads around it. Woman, if you really want to succeed in life, you better act right.

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