Your Guilty Pleasure Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What's a secret thing that you love to do when no one is watching? When you bail on after work drinks, what are you actually doing instead?

Guilty pleasures! You're totally blushing just thinking about this term, right? What's a secret thing that you love to do when no one is watching? When you bail on after work drinks, what are you actually doing instead? Everyone has a different idea of what makes the best guilty pleasure. For some people, it's trashy celebrity gossip magazines. For others, it's definitely online shopping or eating an entire box of cookies as a midnight snack. But maybe you haven't found the guilty pleasure that really makes you happy. Don't read trashy magazines if they aren't for you! Or maybe you do have the perfect guilty pleasure and you're confident no one could ever figure it out. Well, it turns out your guilty pleasure might not be as secret as you think it is! Your zodiac sign actually reveals a lot about you and what makes you tick. Think we could guess your guilty pleasure? Scroll down and find out!

12 Aries: Reality TV

Aries, you are the ultimate go-getter. You are always moving a mile a minute so your guilty pleasure is, of course, taking a break from your fast-paced life and tuning out for a second. What's the best way to tune out? Reality TV! You love completely zoning out to a few hours of Keeping Up with the Kardashians or the Real Housewives. The trashier, the better! You know it's all garbage but you can't seem to get enough of it. You can't help it! It's entertaining, okay?! When you're ready to start hustling and getting super productive again but still want to blow off some steam, you go for a drive or for a road trip. You love the idea of zooming down the road and rocking out to an awesome playlist. After a day of TV watching and an hour of driving around town with great tunes, you're ready to get back to real life.

11 Taurus: Sleeping In Late

If you're a Taurus sign, then you totally love living in the lap of luxury. What could be more luxurious than sleeping in all day long? Your ultimate guilty pleasure is ignoring your alarm and staying under those covers as long as possible. Basically, every weekend aka when you don't have to go to work is a guilty pleasure for you! But if you need to up the luxury factor, you know exactly where you're going: the mall. Retail therapy is your go-to when you've had a bad day and need to indulge or cheer yourself up. You have no problem spending a whole day at the mall, swiping your credit card, and loading your arms up with bags. Treat yo' self is basically your personal motto! Your dream day would be sleeping in until noon, heading to the mall all afternoon, diving into a decadent meal, and then heading right back to bed!

10 Gemini: Dancing In Your Underwear

You are the social butterfly of the zodiac, Gemini. You love going out and being chatty. Hitting after work drinks, dinner with your boo, and then the clubs with your girlfriend is your ideal night. But your guilty pleasure is actually spending a little bit of time alone. After all that socializing, your lips need a break! Of course, you're not doing anything boring. You turn up the music, strip down to your underwear, and dance it out around the house! It's like your own personal nightclub. You love the idea of singing along to a super loud pop ballad while busting a move in your briefs. You gotta shake out all of your stress! Once you're tired of dancing, it's time to up your social game. You love flipping through magazines or celebrity gossip sites to get some info to share with your co-workers come Monday morning.

9 Cancer: Getting Cozy

Cancer, you are all about comfort. In fact, you're the sign that most craves comfort, coziness, and being a homebody. You love to take care of others but sometimes you have to take care of yourself first. When you eventually give in and agree to pamper yourself, you know exactly what you're going to do. You get into your most comfortable pyjamas. You know the ones: you've had them since high school and they are perfectly worn in. You grab a romance novel you never got around to finishing, and a box of chocolates. You might need a pint of ice cream too or some home baked cookies. And then you snuggle in for a long day of relaxing. You'd love to spend all day wrapped up in your warmest blanket, stretched out in bed with your book, chocolates and other sweets. Ah, perfection!

8 Leo: Karaoke

Everyone loves to rag on karaoke but if your zodiac sign is Leo then it's your secret guilty pleasure. When other people groan at the idea of going to a karaoke bar, you're actually pretty excited (at least on the inside)! You have the perfect karaoke tune picked out and you might even have some coordinated dance moves to go along with it. Sure, you'll glance at the screen but you obviously already have the words memorized. Karaoke is your jam because it lets you be the center of attention, which you definitely love. You can totally ham it up and get everyone laughing. And they'll do it with their eyes glued to you. Plus, going out to a karaoke bar with friends means you can probably indulge in another guilty please: breaking your strict diet and having some unhealthy bar snacks or one too many drinks. You gotta live a little, Leo!

7 Virgo: Watching ALL The Videos

Virgo, you definitely log onto Facebook just to see one thing... and then you look up hours later, totally having forgotten why you logged on in the first place. You get super lost in your feed. What's your all-time favorite thing to waste time on? Those addictive cooking recipe videos. You love watching chefs much more talented than you put together salted caramel brownie bites or chicken taco sliders. It all just looks so tasty! Of course, you'd never actually get around to making them in your own kitchen. But you're optimistic - you bookmark the page and swear you're going to come back later. But then it's on to the next video! You just can't get enough. It's a dangerous spiral for you when you log onto social media.

6 Libra: Hoarding

Okay, Libra. There is a chance this guilty habit of yours is getting a little too out of control. Are you a hoarder? The zodiac thinks you might be! You're the type of person who has a bunch of "just in case" items in your closet. You know, like that dress you wore once that probably doesn't even fit anymore but you keep just in case it comes back into style and you drop a dress size. If your closet is bursting at the seams, there's a chance you might have a bit of a hoarding problem. Of course, we're hoping you're not ready to star in an episode of Hoarders but maybe your friends have already sent in your audition tape. You can't help it! It's your guilty pleasure. You love keeping things around and having a lot of stuff. You just love all things beautiful. Plus, with your flirty personality, you're likely to need lots of cute first date outfits. So maybe you really will wear that dress again one day!

5 Scorpio: Bubble Baths

There are those people who never touch their bathtubs and just spend their whole lives taking a quick shower in the morning before work. That's not you, Scorpio. You love your bathtub! In fact, having a great bathtub was a non-negotiable for you when you moved into your place. After a stressful day, you're heading straight to the tub to relax. And you love building yourself a really luxurious bath: mineral salts, bubbles, bath bombs, essential oils, rose petals, and anything else to make your bath a spa-like experience. You're not one to shy away from lighting a few candles or pouring a glass of wine either. It's been a hard day - you deserve it! And you'll likely take a book into the bath. Because you are the sign of transformation and death, we wouldn't be surprised if you were flipping through a psychological thriller. Steven King, anyone?

4 Sagittarius: Late Night Fast Food

Sagittarius, you already know that you are the adventurous soul of the zodiac. We wouldn't be surprised if you were reading this from some exotic locale halfway around the world! You love experiencing new things and living on the wild side. When you travel, you jump into all of the local cuisine without a second thought. But when you need a guilty pleasure, you turn to the comforts of home. Nothing makes you feel better than sneaking away from the hostel in the middle of the night to find a good old McDonald's. That Big Mac is going to taste like heaven every single time. Of course, you wouldn't admit to anyone that you wasted your time and money on a Big Mac when you could've been enjoying Japanese sushi or Spanish paella. Don't worry, we won't tell! You enjoy your late night fries, burgers, and milkshakes. Just make sure you throw the wrappers away before the morning!

3 Capricorn: Taking A "Me" Day


Capricorn, you are one of the hardest working signs of the zodiac. You never get super lazy and you definitely never procrastinate. You get right to the task and you get it done. You're not scared of hard work and often volunteer to take on complex projects or work overtime at your job. Everyone knows you are dependable and they rely on you to get them through the tough times. Every now and then, even a Capricorn needs a moment to themselves. So once you've gotten more overtime hours saved up than you know what to do with, it's time to indulge your guilty pleasure and take a day off that's just for you. You turn off your phone, put on your email auto-response, and enjoy a full day that's just for you. You might book a massage, treat yourself to a movie and enjoy a good meal at your favorite restaurant. After a day of rest, you're ready to get right back at it.

2 Aquarius: Puzzles And Escape Rooms

You are a problem solver, Aquarius. You love experimenting with new ideas and trying to figure out tricky situations. So when escape rooms started popping up in every city, you could not have been more thrilled. Finally, you could use your problem solving skills in a fun environment with your besties. When you're feeling like you need to indulge in something, you'll round up your best group of problem solvers and hit the local escape room. We wouldn't be surprised if you've been to the same escape room a few times or if you've driven far out of town just to try a new one. You love them! If you can't round up a group, you'll try and entertain yourself with some puzzles at home. Not just jigsaw puzzles but sudoku, crosswords, word searches, and logic puzzles all captivate you. You're that person who still likes to find Waldo when you're waiting at the dentist office.

1 Pisces: Facebook Stalking

Uh oh, Pisces. You need to be careful with this one! One wrong click and you may accidentally end up liking a photo of your ex-boyfriend's middle school girlfriend's cousin's first wedding in Miami in 2013. Phew, did you get all that?! That's going to be a hard one to explain. But you rarely mess up because you're so good at being a sleuth Facebook stalker. It's your guilty pleasure after all, so you are very well practiced. And you can't seem to help yourself. You're a highly curious person so once you start looking at someone's profile, you can't really stop. This might be one guilty pleasure that your friends put to good use. If they need to get some info on someone, they know that all they have to do is give you their first name and you'll figure it out. You're basically a detective. Well done, Sherlock!

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Your Guilty Pleasure Based On Your Zodiac Sign