Your Favorite Thing About The Holiday Season According To Your Sign

The holidays are many different things. For some people, the holiday season is the best time of the year, while for other people it can be a little stressful. Sometimes it's both. No matter what your faith is or which holidays you take part in, there is a general wintery feel of holiday spirit from around Thanksgiving until New Year's Day. What's appealing about the holiday season is quite a range. We've got parties, food, general merriment, holiday bonuses (if we're lucky), gift giving and gift receiving, themed decorations, etc. There's really a lot going on. We also tend to get time off work, and might even find ourselves outside enjoying the colder elements. We all have our favorite bits and pieces of the holiday season. Here is what your favorite thing about the holiday season is likely to be based on your astrological sign.

15 If you are a Cancer you are Nostalgic

If you are a Cancer your favorite thing about the holiday season is all the nostalgia. That might mean recalling memories of childhood events, spending time with loved ones who you don't usually get to see, or even feeling that romantic melancholy that can abound during the winter months. Nothing will make you take a look at the way you're living your life like being forced to step out of it for a few moments. Even though you might be super busy spending time with people over the holiday season you still keep sight of the bigger picture. For you that involves weaving together the past, present, and the future, sometimes into one emotion. You're the type that loves spending time with your boyfriend during the holiday season, and if you don't have a boyfriend you will spend a lot of the holiday season daydreaming about the one that you'd like to have with you over the holiday season.

14 If you are a Libra you Like to Give Back

If you are a Libra one of the things that you really enjoy about the holiday season is the giving and the opportunities to do charity work. You're a very compassionate sign and it makes you feel great to know that you and others can really help other people out. Of course, this is possible all year round, but there does seem to be something pretty special about the holiday season when people feel more inclined to give than normal. You will not only sign up to do charity throughout the holiday season but you will make it even more fun by getting your friends and family to take part as well. You might even turn some uninterested parties into big fans of the giving aspect of life. You also like gift giving since it makes you feel good to see people's faces light up. But you tend to prefer giving to the people who need it the most.

13 If you are a Taurus you LOVE to Decorate

If you are a Taurus one thing that you love about the holiday season is holiday decorations. You're a bit competitive when there is a reward involved, so if someone mentions a house decorating contest in the neighborhood you can bet that your holiday lights will be the most impressive on the block. You don't see any reason not to go a bit over the top when it comes to decorating since it's all about holiday spirit right? You can bet that you'll also have a large Christmas tree if you are the type to get a Christmas tree at all. You will probably host a party or two where the theme is decorating things. At those parties you will probably also be holding a content to see who can create the most lifelike gingerbread house, or whatever it is that you guys will be making at that party. Some of your near and dear might roll their eyes at your extra behavior, but you know who's really having the most fun throughout the holiday season.

12 If you are an Aries you LOVE Gifts

If you are an Aries you are sure to enjoy the gift receiving throughout the holiday season. They say that you have to be able to receive to give, or something like that, don't they? Maybe that pertains to compliments. Whatever. You are certainly the person who will be anxiously awaiting your holiday gifts, and you are sure to express a lot of delight when you do receive them. If you celebrated Christmas as a child you were probably the one who woke up super early on Christmas morning or could hardly sleep at all waiting for Santa. Maybe even after you found out that Santa is not exactly real. (His spirit is, right?) You love to be stimulated and you're always up for spontaneous adventures, so for you the holiday season can either feel a bit stuffy or super thrilling. Mostly depends on who you are spending time with.

11 If you are a Gemini you love to eat

If you are a Gemini then you probably love the extra eating over the holiday season. Not that anyone has to eat more over the holiday season, but there does seem to be quite a lot more food going around. There is food in the office, food at the holiday parties, food gifting, holiday meals. It's hard to walk down the street during the holiday season without ending up with a candy cane or a cookie or something. Some people dread this aspect of the season, but you quite like it. Geminis particularly like homemade food are quick to drop their healthy eating habits when something sweet or processed crosses their paths. You are not the person to turn down the box of homemade gingerbread cookies from your next door neighbor's visiting grandma. That would feel like a practically evil move even if you didn't want to eat the sweet snacks, but you totally do.

10 If you are an Aquarius you love time off

If you are an Aquarius your favorite part of the holiday season is the time off work. You value your independence and if you feel like work cramps your style at all, you will always be really thrilled for the time that you can keep to yourself. You probably run home from your last day of work before the holiday break and cuddle up in your most holiday-centric pyjama set. Some would even say that you have the tendency to go off track or to disappear for periods of time, but you have a hard time understanding why other people don't like to do that. If you don't have to answer your work emails over the holidays you probably won't be checking your phone every five minutes. Of course, you'll show up for the family functions and stuff (sometimes begrudgingly), but you see the holiday season as a time to chill and rest up for the new year.

9 If you are a Pisces you love All the Drinking

If you are a Pisces your favorite thing about the holiday season is the extra excuse to drink. It seems like there is a holiday party at every turn once we creep in the holiday season, and you are not one to turn down the free champagne. You tend to enjoy feeling like you're part of an alternate reality, so enjoying drinks while in places that are decorated to look like the North Pole sounds like your dream come true. Not that you drink too much...probably. It's not your fault that everyone adopts the carefree holiday feeling for months on end, and it's also not your fault that drinking tends to go along with it. Normally drinking while cooking brunch is reserved for the weekends (or never) but suddenly during the holiday season your boss is handing you something spiked for a team meeting. It's thrilling really, like playing hooky or something.

8 If you are a water sign you love to give gifts

If you are any of the water signs then you love the gift giving. You tend to be a bit sentimental and emotional, so to you giving gifts is an opportunity to connect with people personally and to spread some nicety in the world. You might even prefer giving gifts to getting them because the act of caring for other people resonates so strongly with you. The water signs include Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, all of whom tend to be nurturing and compassionate. You guys tend to have an awareness of what people need and know how to give it to them, which is part of the reason why you enjoy giving gifts. You come up with gift ideas for things that people actually like. You also tend to be artistic and creative with a love of beautiful things, so sometimes you even get involved with the gift decoration, such as making your own wrapping paper or whatever. Let's just say you enjoy putting your heart into the process.

7 If you are a Leo you love Resolutions

If you are a Leo you love making New Year's resolutions. You are a very hopeful sign when you are at your best, and since you like being the best of the best you are always interested in an opportunity to become even better. The act of setting up some yearly intentions with your New Year's resolutions can be really fun for you. Those resolutions and intentions aren't dreams to you in the sense that they are to other people, you really feel confident that you can go after them. Might as well start each new year becoming a better person than the last, right? As a Leo, you also tend to like attention and being the life of the party, so you quite enjoy the actual New Year's Eve celebration itself. And all of the other holiday celebrations for that matter. In fact, you'll make an effort to attend all of the holiday parties that you get invited to just to make an appearance.

6 If you are a Scorpio you love the Jingles

If you are a Scorpio then you love the music aspect of the holiday season. You always love music, but over the holiday season there is obviously a different style and you're totally into it. It's sort of like attending a theme party all throughout the month of December. Scorpios are an interesting sign because they seem super outgoing and sometimes even wild, but they're also sensitive and can have a hard time trusting people. They feel a deep connection to the arts, and anything beautiful on any level is going to appeal to them big time. You can't help yourself from getting into the holiday spirit when you hear a holiday song come on the radio. Or start playing in the store you happen to be shopping at. Or come on your own headphones while you're jogging at the gym. Wherever it happens to be coming from, you always like it.

5 If you are an earth sign you like being home

The earth signs by nature tend to be the most grounded of the signs. You like the home and anything that feels like the home base, so going home for the holidays can be a real treat for you. You appreciate the family environment that your parents created for you even if it looks a bit different now. You also like the feeling of getting together with friends who host holiday parties, especially if they are dinner parties. There's something about the mixture of planning, organization, and home that feels really good to you. People love to have you around at their dinner parties as well since you're always good company and you'll probably be the one guest helping with all of the dishes at the end of the night. You also have a high appreciation for the finer things, so you notice the small touches that people put into their meals and parties, and then you make them feel great by noticing.

4 If you are a Virgo you love to get together

If you are a Virgo you probably appreciate the aspect of the holiday season that involves storytelling. You love expressing your own wisdom and you also love picking it up elsewhere, so any chance you get to talk to knowledgeable people you will be happy. Over the holidays you tend to get outside of your normal friend group and spend more time talking to your relatives, elders, and even neighbors. It's always a pleasant surprise what you will find when you start engaging with new people, and the holidays are a great reason to do it. Virgos tend to pay attention to the small details that have to do with other people, which means you really listen and remember important details when people are talking to you. To you getting together with people that you love and celebrating those bonds is one of the best parts of the holiday season.

3 If you are a Capricorn you love the activities

If you are a Capricorn then you will love all the outdoor activities that the winter affords. You tend to be adventurous or at least willing to get up off the couch to play in the snow. You enjoy being active all year round, but there's something extra fun about bundling up and getting some play time with a sled or at the ski resort. You might even be the person who suggests a snowman building contest or something of the like. It's not that you're competitive exactly, let's go with ambitious. You like to do stuff, and even more so when you can snap some photos to look back on in memory for years to come. Although you're ambitious you're also quite practical, so it's not like you're a reckless daredevil. You're a woman with a plan who has probably studied up on everything that needs to be known about the task at hand before you jump into it. You'll be happy to inform everyone else as well.

2 If you are a Sagittarius you like to Travel

If you are a Sagittarius then the part of the holiday season that you will like the most has to do with traveling and taking trips. You are not the person who gets off work and wants to hop onto the couch. You love the idea of traveling at any given time and are super stoked to take those family trips even if they end up in pretty random places. You love it all and the holidays give you a pretty good excuse to actually get out there and do it. As a Sagittarius, you just naturally have an open outlook on life and for you going from place to place is a way to learn about what life means to other people. optimistic and love change so you're the least likely to be thrown by random hiccups that might occur during a trip. Where some people feel bothered to be away from their normal routine, you actually really thrive in an ever-changing environment, whether that has to do with people, food, or weather.

1 If you are a fire sign you love almost EVERYTHING

If you are any of the fire signs then you are really enthusiastic and for that reason, you love a lot of stuff about the holiday season. As an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius you are obsessed with activities like caroling, decorating the Christmas tree, etc. Pretty much anything where you can be active but also express your excitement over being actively involved is pretty appealing to you. Your lively nature also tends to love expressing itself creatively, so the arts and crafts of the holiday season are super fun to you. Baking, decorating, even present wrapping can be thrilling. Although you guys also really like the part where you get to unwrap the gifts. Fire signs will not just be interested in driving around to look at the neighborhood Christmas lights, you might be interested in organizing a walking group with plenty of cider on hand to check out the lights. Anything you can do to step things up a notch, you will do.

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