Your Cell Phone May Be Causing You To Age Prematurely

Health experts are finding evidence that supports the theory that the blue light coming from the screen of digital devices may be damaging the skin. Based on these studies, it seems as if the blue light is causing the skin to age prematurely, and this in particular when it comes to cell phones. This is because we hold the cell phone closer to our skin, for example, while doing the typical Instagram scrolling laying down in bed, whereas the laptop screen is typically placed further away from the face.

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Blue light is a natural, visible light that we also get from the sun. It is a high-energy, short-wavelength light that can potentially cause wrinkles, worsening skin elasticity, and hyperpigmentation. The research on blue light and its possible side effects on our skin is still in an early stage, but it seems as if dermatologists and scientists see a lot of potential issues that can be caused from blue light; especially on more sensitive skin.

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As reported by Allure, the blue light from our screens has already been found to have a potentially negative effect on the eyes, contributing to eye diseases like cataracts and eye strain. However, blue light also gives a lot of positive benefits like boosting memory and cognitive functions, as well as elevating the mood.

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This research may be fairly new, but several cosmetics brands have already picked up on the potential issue, and are now offering products that contain ingredients which provide protection against blue light. The idea with this blue light fighting products is to block the high-energy, short-wavelength light that comes from the sun and screens alike, and they also have the ability to protect the skin against damage coming from pollution. It is important to bear in mind that sunscreens that protect from UVA and UVB rays do not protect the skin against blue light.

Dermatologists have still not confirmed that there is a clear risk of our phones causing our skin damage, but with the evidence of some negative side effects, it might still be worth looking into adding a blue light blocking product to the skincare routine.

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