Your Celeb BFF According To Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever noticed that a lot of your friends tend to have the same astrology sign? We all have our types even when it comes to friendship, and it makes sense that we might vibe with certain signs over others based on their different personality characteristics. But there are actually a few different signs that each sign tends to vibe with the most. There might be an awesome sign that you have not yet had the chance to get close to. In the following list, we tell you which sign that's most likely to make a really good friend based on your sign... as well as mention the celebrities that have that sign. It's a great way to get a picture in your head about the sort of personality types that you would bond with in real life. Here are the celebs that you're most likely to be BFFs with based on your astrology sign and theirs.

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15 If You Are A Cancer...

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If you are a Cancer then your celeb BFF is a Virgo like Blake Lively or Beyonce. Cancers tend to be creative and very loving creatures who can take a while to open up to people. Once they do, it's because they're sure that friend is going to be around for a while. Virgos make a good friend match for Cancers because they are a solid earth sign for the water sign's emotional tendencies. It's not that Virgos aren't emotional themselves because they totally can be, but they'll always have a good perspective to bounce things off of. Virgos can be private about their lives and they can also be perfectionists so they don't always let in tons of people, either. But both of the signs are very specific about who they spend time with and have a lot of the same values so when they bond, they bond for good. Let's say they're both selective. With that selection process comes serious loyalty, though, so it's ultimately a good thing.

14 Or...

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If you're a Cancer, you might also get along well with a Sagittarius like Miley Cyrus. Cancers love their people but they don't usually crave attention, and actually, they need to retreat into their homey home life to recharge. The Sagittarius pal will totally get this since they're very nature oriented and have to return to the land to get their own charge going on. They both tend to be the introspective type, although Sagittarius tends to be a lot more high energy or hyper where Cancer likes stability and can take emotional journeys on the regular. If they are casual acquaintances they might not understand these things about one another, but when they get to know each other they will actually learn to appreciate these characteristics and really appreciate them from each other. They're both pretty authentic so they know what to expect from each other. And now you're upset that you can't have an actual celebrity BFF, right?!

13 If You Are An Aries...

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If you are an Aries then your celeb BFF would definitely be a Libra like Kim Kardashian. Aries tend to be spontaneous and creative, but they're also impulsive and impatient. Libras are peaceful and like to keep everything in harmony so they can be a great person to keep you in line when you start veering off course. Libras can do a bit too much for other people, though, so keep in mind that your Libra pal may go above and beyond and start to resent the situation if they do too much for you. But with the perfect balance, your Libra BFF will be loyal and thoughtful which gives you a sense of stability and calmness. Aries and Libra are considered opposites in many ways, so they can each bring something to the table that the other is lacking. Aries is also a more masculine energy sign while Libra is a more feminine one. Again, just another opportunity to find some great balance, and it will be an awesome friendship.

12 If You Are A Taurus...

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Your celeb BFF is Selena Gomez who is a Cancer. Taurans and Cancer are both super creative signs but they are also pretty different. Taureans are the more likely of the two to focus on finances and where to make money with their creative ideas, while Cancers are quite sensitive and have to constantly check in with their internal compass to make sure that they're on the right path, whether that is financially motivated or not. When Selena Gomez took some time off to heal herself, that was definitely a classic Cancer move. Many signs would be afraid to step away from the limelight and risk losing fans and money, but sensitive Selena knew she'd only be able to grow her career more if she took some time out to tend to her inner or outer needs. Having a Cancer friend like that can remind you Taureans to focus on the internal stuff, while both of you stay totally supportive of one another.

11 If You Are A Gemini...

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If you are a Gemini you might find a good friend in a Leo like Mila Kunis or Jennifer Lopez. Geminis and Leos tend to understand each other really well. They're very different but they can appreciate their differences and even learn from them instead of being thrown by them. Geminis are busy and might be interested in the more practical mind that Leo can have, as well as be interested in slowing down a bit to match their pal's pace. Leo will be amused by Gemini's sense of humor and open up a bit in that department. They do have to make sure that there's plenty of cooperation and balance since the Gemini is more likely to spread their wings and the Leo is more likely to feel possessive about that. But when they can communicate well about that sort of thing and respect one another they make some pretty awesome friends.

10 Or...

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If you are a Gemini, then you might also find that you get along well with an Aquarius like Alicia Keys or Chloe Grace Moretz. Gemini and Aquarius are both super energetic air signs. Neither of them likes to live an idle life so when they hang out they are likely to come up with all kinds of crazy things to do both in the moment. Geminis like to analyze and think through things but also might take longer to commit to those things. The Aquarius might be able to help the Gemini make decisions faster as long as they are supporting the Gemini's need to think everything through super carefully. They're both super focused and can be good at organization, so these two can actually make good business partners. Many dream of being able to work with our best friends in life, and these two might actually make it happen.

9 If You Are A Leo...

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If you are a Leo, you might get along well with a Libra like Gwen Stefani. Leos and Libras tend to admire each other's qualities so they don't end up being competitive friends at all. Leos are always up for being the center of attention while Libras are sophisticated. They think their differences are cool and can be super supportive of one another. They're also good at communicating since they're truly interested in hearing what the other has to say. The sign of Leo has a bit more masculine energy while the sign of Libra is more feminine so that's another reason why they balance out well. You can just imagine that Gwen Stefani would be a totally kind friend that would never be put off by the Leo's need for attention here and there, right? They might even encourage it and find new ways to put that attention to work.

8 If You Are A Virgo...

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If you are a Virgo, you might be great friends with a Cancer like Jessica Simpson or a Capricorn like Kate Middleton. Virgos and Cancers make good friends because they have similar values and the earth sign of Virgo meshes well with the water sign of Cancer. Virgos and Capricorns make a good match because they both want a lot out of life and they both tend to be smart and fairly logical about their choices. They're both loyal signs, as are Cancers, and all of them commit strongly when they choose to do so. Virgos and Capricorns are both stable signs so they tend to remain friends for long periods of time unless something crazy happens. They both value security and making money so these two will never try to push one another to be impulsive or wasteful. They'll both appreciate this about the other person since they love when things are stable and secure.

7 If You Are A Libra...

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If you are a Libra, you might get along well with a Gemini BFF like Angelina Jolie or Iggy Azalea. You too will be very similar in the sense that you both like to be intellectually stimulated. As a Libra you're great at staying balanced in your life, while Geminis are more likely to change their mind on a whim. Together, you can see each other strengths and weaknesses and better see how to commit to goals and carry them through. Geminis have a reputation for being a bit flighty and having two different sides to them, but since you two are so aligned in certain ways, you can see through those tendencies and understand where they come from instead of getting thrown off by them. The upside to the mutable aspect of Gemini's sign is that they can take things in stride that are more likely to throw other people off. Having that sort of person around can lift you up and make you feel like everything is going to be okay even on the craziest days.

6 If You're A Scorpio...

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If you're a Scorpio, you could find great friendship with a Virgo like Cameron Diaz. Scorpios and Virgos are quite different but this is why they make such great friends. When you meet a Scorpio friend you might feel like you've known them forever already which just shows the depth of the sort of bond that you two can share. When Scorpios and Virgos become friends they might find themselves spending more time together than they do with other friends because their friendship is so tight. Scorpios and Virgos are both interested in getting the finer things in life and enjoy feeling like they've got a high social status. But where Scorpios might show more emotional depth, Virgos keep the steady ground. They both like these things about each other and can even balance each other out when they feel stuck in their ways.

5 If You're A Sagittarius...

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If you're a Sagittarius, you could find a good friend in a Leo like Jennifer Lawrence. When a Sagittarius and a Leo come together they can have tons of fun, so this is the friend that you can not see for a long time and then feel like no time has past when you do end up together again. They both have a ton of energy so let's just say that the two are the duo most likely to end up getting each other all fired up and then dancing all night long. Since you two are so fiery and passionate about life you might get into some arguments here and there, but you'll also get through them quickly because you tend to put everything out on the table and go from there. Jennifer Lawrence demonstrates some of the Leo qualities that you will love such as being the center of attention in a fun way and being comfortable being a bold character.

4 If You're A Capricorn...

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If you are a Capricorn, you might do well with a Taurus best friend like Jessica Alba. Both signs are practical and realistic with how they look at life so you'll always be on the same page as far as being traditional and consistent. These are both earth signs which is where the stability aspect comes in as well as a love for having nice material things in life. Although you both like to have the nice things, neither of you is frivolous or careless so you're good at balancing the wants and needs. Jessica Alba certainly seems like the determined yet grounded type. She doesn't seem like the type who's thrown easily, and she's always stayed consistent to who she is within her career and the entertainment industry. If you have a Taurus best friend, you might learn even more about stability than you knew you could, while you will demonstrate a lot of perseverance.

3 If You're An Aquarius...


If you are an Aquarius, then you would match well with a Sagittarius like Nicki Minaj or Taylor Swift. Aquarius and Sagittarius are both super active signs that usually have a lot of fun together. Your Sagittarius bestie will appreciate your smart mind and great ideas, while you will appreciate her excitement and plan for making your ideas into something great. You two communicate well and really understand each other which can make for a super supportive friendship. You're likely to get along in every aspect even though you might have different tastes and ideas about your personal interests. It's easy to imagine how Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj would have your back in pretty much any situation, which exactly what an Aquarius wants in a great friendship. You two can really epitomize what BFF stands for.

2 If You're A Pisces...

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If you're a Pisces, then you could find yourself developing a strong friendship with a Capricorn like Zooey Deschanel. These two signs are incredibly different from each other, but appreciating their differences can create a really deep bond between them. Capricorns tend to be quite rational with the way that they approach life and their goals, while Pisces tend to have a stronger imagination. You're probably interested in the same things but go about getting them in very different ways. This can work well within a friendship because you can both introduce each other to new ways of looking at things and together you can be stronger than you are as individuals. Capricorns do have a tendency to tell it like it is which can occasionally sting for a Pisces, but when you understand where it's coming from it doesn't usually pose an issue.

1 Or...


If you're a Pisces, you might also make a good friend in a Cancer like Khloe Kardashian. Pisces and Cancer are both pretty compassionate signs so they understand the importance of being kind in a friendship as well as tolerating the differences between one. They're both water signs so they understand each other's tendencies to ride the emotional wave. Pisces and Cancer are both so giving that they can be likely to give too much, but since they have so much in common these two aren't likely to take advantage of each other. These two don't want to get caught up and get stuck in their emotions, however. Sometimes having a friend with opposite qualities is good, and sometimes it's better to find one with similar qualities. In this case, your qualities will be more alike than different which is something to keep in mind.

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