Your Body Wash Doesn't Need To Be Glam, But It Should Be Affordable, And Target Knows Exactly That

Retailer giant Target has dropped the exciting news that they are releasing a new affordable in-house brand called 'Smartly'. The new collection consists of 70 products that focus on basic personal care and home needs, and most of the items will retail for less than $2. This is excellent news for anyone who likes to shop on a budget and enjoys to find everything they need under one roof.

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The Smartly collection covers all your basic needs. It will feature anything from razor blades, body lotion, and hand wash, to paper plates and household cleaners, and all at in very affordable price range. The design is modern and appealing, and the goal is to give customers another a vast array of budget-friendly and attractive products for every-day use.

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As reported in Allure, the Smartly collection will be available in Target's physical stores and in their online shop on October 14th. To demonstrate just how affordable the collection is, buying the entire range of 70 products would cost less than $200, so get ready for a big shopping spree that won't break the bank!

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Just because someone is looking to shop their personal care items at a lower price-point, they should not have to downgrade on aesthetics, functionality or choice. Target's design of the Smartly line has emphasized on packaging and a great selection of fragrances to let customers find their preferred scent. Smartly's handsoaps will be available in the fragrances 'Lavender' and 'Rain Forrest' to name a few, and the all-purpose cleaners come in fresh options like 'Ocean' and 'Citrus Grove'. Anything to make cleaning more enjoyable!

The products under the budget-friendly brand will be available to purchase in small multi-packs as well as individually. This is great since there are some items that make sense to buy in bulk, whereas others come in handy as a single item purchase. Target has really been working hard on offering their customers new and improved lines and in-house brands, that means anyone can comfortably go shopping, no matter their budget. Everyone should be able to buy well-designed, functional products for personal care or the home, that look good and makes them feel good too.

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