Your Biggest Weakness According To Your Zodiac

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Your Biggest Weakness According To Your Zodiac

Facing our weaknesses is no easy task. To be honest, we often avoid looking at ourselves in a negative way. Sweeping our inferiorities under the rug and tossing them out the window is normal for human survival. However, denying our shortcomings can still be very dangerous. Then there’s the polar opposite way of looking at oneself where everything is imperfect and we always find faults within ourselves. This causes a general sense of pessimism. A good balance is necessary when dealing with our weaknesses. True, we need to face them, but we cannot let them become the focal point of our lives and our beings. Basically, we can’t obsess about them all the time. Knowing our weaknesses helps us fortify our strengths. It allows us to embrace both the light and dark side of ourselves. Whether we like it or not, both of these elements reside inside of us to maintain proper emotional stability and homeostasis. The point is don’t underestimate the darkness in you. This darkness does not cast shadow on your light, but rather instills a balance for a more honest way of living.

Each zodiac sign has a weakness, several actually. But for this article, I will focus on two major weaknesses –that of the heart and that of the body. Remember, your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant play a role in determining your personality, so don’t only rely on your Sun sign to determine your character. Another key determiner is your natal char. You can find a trusted astrologer to guide you.

12. Aries: Bossy & Short-Tempered

Oh, Aries, you are the most pro-active sign of the chart. You are independent and you keep things moving no matter what. However, all that fire has made you a bit demanding, some might even use the word aggressive. When you are in a mood, you can be as bossy as a CEO. And there’s no mincing words with you. You’ve always had a sharp tongue, which can be uncontrollable at times. This leads us to your temper. The fire within you burns constantly, and if you don’t release it through physical activity, then you will explode. You don’t have time for slow moving people. You want things done fast and even faster. If things are not done according to your rhythm, or if people are just being lazy, your temper will flare up and all hell will break loose. Aries, you need to notice when you feel the blood circulating through your veins in a negative way and address the issue head on, but with a sense of compassion and control. Go splash some water on your face and set away before you take things too far.

11. Taurus: Possessive & Stubborn

How can one move a bull who is dead set on charging the matador? That’s a good question. The answer to that question is nothing. Taurus, just like that bull, you are not one for giving up. Normally, this can be perceived as perseverance, but this trait can also be regarded as stubbornness. There’s a fine line between the two, and if anyone is going to cross it, it’s you. When you put your mind to something, there’s nothing or no one that can move you. You are immovable and you are fixed. Even if you’re wrong, you won’t budge your stance. And that stubbornness will even lead you to claim things as yours that really, at the end of the day, are not yours to begin with. This is yours and that is yours. Always claiming things as mine, mine, mine – stop with the possessive madness, Taurus! Sometimes you just have to let things be and stop claiming ownership. Letting go can be tough, but it starts with one foot in front of the other. Move your body forwards so you can take your mind with you, please.

10. Gemini: Two-Faced & Gossipy

Two women gossiping in studio (B&W)

Come on, now, Gemini! As if you’re even surprised. You have the sign of the twins, so clearly you’re going to have two sides to you. You already know this, and in some ways, you’re fine with it. A Gemini will often embrace both the dark and light side of herself, which isn’t a problem because we all have contrasting characters. But you, Gemini, seem to bask in the glory on your duality. When it comes to being true to people, you might have a hard time. This holds true in all types of relationships. Aside from being true, you also struggle with being faithful and loyal to anyone. One moment you will dislike someone and the next you’ve flipped the script. The worst part is that you can’t stay quiet about it because you are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. As a result, you’ll go gossiping to others quite often. You are the queen of gossip at work. Also, some family rumors are often times perpetuated by your inability to stay quiet sometimes. The lesson you can learn from this is silence is golden, Gemini.

9. Cancer: Pessimistic & Over Emotional

Boohoo and ho hum is the sound a Cancer makes. Y’all are just so caught up in emotions that you don’t see the situation for what it really is. You’re buried deep in your feelings that you’re ready to pinch anyone who makes you feel like your emotions don’t matter. Ok, Cancer, good for you. It’s important to defend self, but you take it to another level. You take almost every comment personally. You’re steady on the grind to defend yourself, and you feel even the slightest negative emotion in very big ways. Which brings us to your pessimistic nature. Once you think something will go wrong, regardless of facts, you will still believe the worst is yet to come. Cancer, stop digging yourself into an emotional hole. Stand up, look over your shoulder, see the glorious ocean behind you and realize that being negative all the time is a waste of time. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is one thing, but if it isn’t moving to a positive beat, then you’ll be missing out on the best parts of life.

8. Leo: Boastful & Jealous

Lawd almighty, here comes Leo. You can’t miss a Leo (they won’t let you, either). And should you happen to ignore one because you were too busy talking or looking over there somewhere, she will come back and redo everything she did just so all eyes on are her. Leo, it’s nice to steal the show, but sometimes you take it way too far. It’s not enough to grab everyone’s attention, but you talk about how did so over and over again, even for weeks on end. You don’t let anyone forget all of your accomplishments. How dare they forget in the first place is what you tend to think, Leo. If they forget, you feel shunned and slighted. You also start to question everyone’s loyalty. Here is where jealousy plays its part. You will question people’s intentions and then become suspicious. If you see friends, family, or lovers giving attention to someone or something else, forget it! You will toss back your mane and let out a cry. It might be scary AF, but it’s really a cry for attention, insecurity, and desperation to hold onto someone you truly adore. Yes, Leo, you adore others more than yourself. Don’t be so surprised.

7. Virgo: Super Critical & Hard on Self

Poor, dear, Virgo can’t get a break because she won’t give herself a break. You are known as one of the hardest working signs. You play in waters of perfectionism, but it’s really improvement and development you seek. In many ways, you are what makes the world a better place – always striving for more, for better, for the best. But after a while, that can really be a lot to carry. If you do not complete a task or make many mistakes, a new side will be revealed. Virgo will become irate and belligerent, but not towards anyone in particular; all of that criticism is directed at yourself even if it feels otherwise. Virgo, you really do carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and do too much to serve others. Recognize all you do, not all you didn’t do. Don’t focus on the mistakes but reflect on them face on because they are what promote growth. And don’t start picking on others when you feel bad about yourself. That will only lead to you being even harder on yourself. Breathe deeply, Virgo, and find peace in the errors of your way.

6. Libra: Indecisive & Uptight

Woe is me, cries the Libra who is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Yep, that’s a tough spot for anyone, but for you, it will feel like an immense pressure. When it comes to decisions, you cannot seem to make up your mind. Whether the decision is big or small, you will feel flustered and out of sorts, and you will want to crawl away and forget that you have to make a choice in the first place. Actually, you’re fine with someone making the decision for you. And if you don’t get help, you will feel stressed out. You hate making a choice between two things. For you, the world should just automatically be balanced and everything fall nicely into place. That goes for personalities and people, too. A person who is a bit too much or too lightly will rub you off the wrong way. You hate the underachiever and the overachiever alike. Also being around crass or vulgar people would make you uptight. Your planetary ruler, Venus, is about beauty, subtlety, and class. But should someone get all rude or in your face, turn on your Venus charm and they’ll soon disappear.

5. Scorpio: Moody & Mean

No other sign can sting like a Scorpio can. You easily get carried away with your emotions. But you don’t often come out and never do you share those feelings. Those feelings are yours and yours alone. They’re private and Scorpio is about secrets and hiding out, deep, deep underground. Since the feeling meters are on full blast with you, that means you can run the gamut of emotions is a short span of time. Within one single day, you will reveal several emotions and personalities. This does not make you crazy, but it can drive someone else crazy, for sure. The problem is not the emotions, but in how you display them. Which takes us to your mean streak. If someone doesn’t get you, if you’re misunderstood, or if someone wrongs you –watch out! You do not hold back and you go for the jugular. But try to remain calm and realize that not everyone feels as deeply as you do. And take pride in knowing that you are in touch with a part of life that most don’t even explore. Be proud you don’t live on the surface and let the rest fall away.

4. Sagittarius: Avoid Feelings & Risky

Sagittarius, you don’t want to hear all the sad stories, all the rollercoaster relationship details –that’s not your cup of tea. Y’all are not trying to hear it. You want to avoid feelings at all costs because, essentially, they hold you back from living life to the fullest. In a perfect world, emotions would be swallowed down like a pill and life would keep on moving. There’s too much life to live for you to stop and catch a feeling or two. For you, if there’s too much emotion and not enough movement, you’ll get annoyed – quickly. Movement for you is key. You love to travel, and should that bug bite you, you’re out. You don’t think twice. This could potentially be a problem because you don’t like to think too much about the moves you make. Just doing is what makes you feel alive, but you need to consider the consequences or the outcomes. Before you hop on board and say yes to all the adventures, be sure you’re keeping yourself safe in every sense of the word. And if all lights are green, go for it.

3. Capricorn: Reserved & Cold

Do you feel that chill in the air? Don’t worry, it’s just you, Capricorn. You are the ice queen. You are not only frigid, but you often times won’t even let yourself feel. This does not mean you don’t care. On the contrary, you care a lot, but you feel more comfortable withholding your emotions. This has a lot to do with the fact that Capricorns experienced some struggles in life –if not mentally, then physically. You have learned your lessons and decided that approaching life with a less emotional and more direct manner will get the job done. It’s pretty amazing that you’ve looked so deeply at yourself and life in order to come to this conclusion. Being reserved allows you to focus on the things you want to do in this lifetime. Without days or hours caught up in torrential spirals of either positive or negative feelings, you have time to accomplish goals. For what is a Capricorn without goals and without determination? Although achieving your dreams is important, also remember, once in a while, to crack a smile or let yourself cry. After all, we’re humans and not robots. You’ve learned the lesson, well, but don’t be afraid to be vulnerable again.

2. Aquarius: Inconsistent & Detached

What in the world, Aquarius? You cannot keep things together. You are all over the place. From one minute to the next, you are constantly shifting. Whenever someone engages in a conversation with you, you start so many topics but leave them unfinished. You also squeeze in so many random comments – it’s enough to make one feel out of touch with reality. And then you say, yes, welcome to my world. Speaking of which, you are so out of it, Aquarius. Helping humanity is one of your primary goals here on this planet, but don’t ignore the fact that a little order goes a long way. Following through is hard for you because you find yourself lost in thought or just lost. While it might seem like you’d be one of the more emotional signs, that’s not the case. The vision you have in life is both foggy and crystal clear that you get easily confused. This is why you choose to turn off your emotions sometimes. It’s the best way to keep calm and strive for that which you seek. Don’t worry about not fitting into everyone’s box, that’s just not you. But do try to find a way to complete the beautiful work you’ve started.

1. Pisces: Too Sensitive & Too Woo

Is there anybody out there? No one will hear a Pisces respond because, Pisces, you haven’t even heard the question. You’re floating out there in space, riding on the embers of astral travel and seeking the love of the universe. Spiritual might not be enough to describe you. In everything, you see a sign. You read into everything, and you swear that the universe talks directly to you. Ok then, if you say so. The woo is strong within you, boo. We see you. That connection to spirituality has a lot to do with your sensitivity. You feel things on a way deeper level than any other water sign. You feel it in your bones and in your heart, but also on an emotional and spiritual level, too. And you feel it on a level you can’t quite explain. You feel the pain of others and that can really be a burden sometimes. Find ways to ground yourself, Pisces, otherwise you’ll stay out there in space forever and never bless us earthlings with all your woo-woo wisdom.

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