Your Biggest Flaws Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and while you should always know your strengths, it's also important to know your weaknesses as well. Now, that doesn't mean the kind of "weaknesses" that you say to a potential employer during a job interview like "Sometimes I just work too hard" or "I'm a perfectionist"--but the weaknesses that you don't like to admit to yourself. As much as you would like to not think about your flaws, it is important to know about them and to accept them so that you can overcome them. For example, if you happen to be overly competitive, it's better to be aware of it so that you can find ways to become less competitive or you might come to the conclusion to avoid competitive sports altogether. Everybody has flaws but you shouldn't let them get the best of you. Remember, you can compare yourself to people around you but you won't be able to grow unless you compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. It's not about being better, it's about growing.

Fortunately for us all, zodiac signs can give us some insight into what our flaws are and which bad habits we are prone to. While they are not always accurate, you will be surprised how eye-opening your zodiac sign can be. Each sign has strengths and weaknesses and no sign is more flawed than the other--but they are different. Some signs have difficulty with commitment, some have trouble taking things slow, while some prefer to be alone and others thrive on attention. Your flaws don't have to be a bad thing if you can learn from them and grow. These are the weaknesses you may have based on your sign.

15 Aries: Failure is Not An Option

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Aries is a fire sign and you can expect anyone with the Aries sign to have a fiery personality to match. While Aries men and women are often unstoppable and devoted, it can be a double-edged sword. When they are studying for a test, they will pull an all-nighter and when they are in a competition, they will stop at nothing to win. However, their all-or-nothing personality can often make them incredibly stubborn which can get in the way of their personal relationships. Because of their hot-headedness, they often get into arguments and it is difficult for them to admit it when they're wrong. Aries know what they want and they will stop at nothing to get it, when it comes to getting good grades and being productive at work their stubbornness can be a good thing but when it comes to arguments and getting what they want, their stubbornness can be an issue.

14 Gemini: They Don't Know the Meaning of the Word "No"

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Because Gemini is ruled by the dual sign of the twins, they can be a mixed bag. The Gemini is dynamic, smart, quick, charming, adventurous, and spontaneous. Though their spontaneity can be a good thing, it can also lead to issues down the road. They don't mind plans as long as the plans are their own and they enjoy doing things at a moment's notice, just for the heck of it. So when something or someone gets in their way, they can become very difficult to be around. The Gemini has to learn to hold their plans loosely and to understand that not everyone is at the same pace as they are. The sorts of people who get along with a Gemini are the ones who don't mind going with the flow and just enjoy being along for the ride. It can be very difficult for a Gemini to slow down so it's best not to be around people who prefer to stick to their own schedule and their own plans.

13 Scorpio: Delusions of Grandeur

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Because Scorpios can be magnetic and fascinating, they feel most comfortable in positions of power. Their ambition and charm will likely bring them success and power which can be used for good but power can easily corrupt the most moral of people. If a Scorpio isn't careful, they can fall victim to their own delusions of grandeur and become obsessed with the illusion of power. Though they should always take pride in their successes, they should also remember to stay humble or else they risk losing touch with their friends and family. It is important for a Scorpio to surround themselves with people who will remind them where they came from and what their morals are. A Scorpio with integrity and good friends can accomplish anything but as soon as they become too obsessed with power, they risk losing everything.

12 Cancer: Controlled by Emotions

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The symbol of Cancer is the crab and it is fitting considering that they have a strong outer shell with a soft and vulnerable underneath. They are often described as compassionate and empathetic which makes them the perfect caregivers but it also means that they are very sensitive and emotional. While their nurturing personality can often be mistaken for weakness, it is their strength and they can put up with more than most. Like a crab, they carry their home around with them that they can retreat to when they feel threatened. However, because they are likely to hide when emotion gets the best of them, it can lead to passive aggressiveness. For the Cancer, it is easier to retreat than to deal with problems head-on and they may feel particularly sensitive about their own sensitivity which makes them lash out in unusual ways. It is important for the Cancer to understand that their emotions and feelings are valid and should be worked through instead of being bottled up.

11 Libra: Vanity Fair

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Considering that scales are the symbol of Libra, it makes sense that they are obsessed with justice. Libras generally take positions of power like the Scorpio but they don't end up there because of their charm or hunger for power. Instead, the Libra enjoys being in power because they are naturally diplomatic, though they aren't afraid to put their foot down when it comes to matters of justice and ethics. Even though their my-way-or-the-highway attitude can cause many people to dislike them, they are generally, at the very least, respected. Libras hate insincerity and while their what-you-see-is-what-you-get personality is admirable when it comes to politics, it's not exactly what you want from a friend. The Libra has their own set of ethics and morals and they do not care if people disagree with them or if people don't like them. Since they can often become obsessed with material goods, it can lead many to think that they are spoiled and vain. It is important for them to think of how other's feel, even if their feelings don't make sense to them.

10 Capricorn: No Plan? There's Going to be a Problem

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If you are planning a trip, a Capricorn is the kind of person you want to bring along. Because they are willful and goal-oriented, they hate doing anything without a plan. They like to stick to a schedule because they are obsessed with details and doing things the right way. However, sometimes the "right" way to them isn't the right way to others. It can be incredibly difficult for them to be spontaneous and relaxed because they feel that if they have an airtight plan, nothing can go wrong. Because things can go wrong even if you plan everything out perfectly, they can easily become pessimistic and hopeless. They often assume that if things don't work out the way they planned that must mean that they are a failure. In order for the Capricorn to keep from succumbing to this mentality, they should learn to hold their plans loosely and while they can plan for anything, they should always have a backup plan in case things go wrong.

9 Taurus: Overthinking is Underrated

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For a Taurus, slow and steady wins the race. They never make decisions based on a whim and they are more likely to spend money on gourmet food and soft bed sheets than a fancy sports car. Above all, the Taurus is organized, patient, cautious, and motivated but even if they have all the money in the world, they still use coupons and they love a good sale. While their cautiousness is a good thing when it comes to saving money and not making hasty decisions, it can difficult for them to be spontaneous and adventurous. Though a more spontaneous friend or partner can be the best thing for them, it is likely that they will push those kinds of people away. This may make them feel more comfortable but, in the end, they will probably regret not taking more chances in their life. If they are ever going to be truly happy, they need to realize that work isn't everything.

8 Aquarius: Alone in a Crowd

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There are few signs more friendly and welcoming than Aquarius and you'll notice them immediately by their warm and inviting nature. Aquarius men and women are all about community and they thrive when they are working in a team. Though the Aquarius is likely to have many friends who love and appreciate them, they can become out of sorts when they are alone. When they are not in a community, the Aquarius is likely to become moody and neurotic. Sometimes it's easy for the Aquarius to become too dependent on creating and maintaining connections and friendships that they can lose sight of themselves. Though it may seem contradictory that while they hate the feeling of being dependent on others, they are extremely unhappy if they are not in a group. They need to realize that they should still feel a sense of community even when they are alone and that it's okay to depend on people.

7 Sagittarius: Following Hearts Instead of Rules

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Of all the signs, there are few more adventurous and spontaneous than Sagittarius. While they dream big like Capricorn, they are much more likely to take risks to reach their goals than to methodically follow a plan of action. More than anything, Sagittarius men and women crave experiences and hate commitment. While they are bound to bring excitement and adventure anywhere they go, it can be difficult for them to form longterm relationships or make any longterm plans. Their motto is "carpe diem" which leads them on many adventures but they can be so focused on immediate gratification, that they forget to invest in their future. Because they hate commitment, they are often flaky and unpredictable which can make them difficult to be friends with. As long as the Sagittarius can occasionally slow down a bit and think about their future, they can find a good balance of excitement and responsibility in their lives.

6 Virgo: Over-analyzation is Never Over

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Virgos have many good qualities such as being organized, hardworking, and practical but, of course, each of these qualities can be a double-edged sword. Though they are organized, they can be too obsessed with perfection. Though they're hardworking, they can work too much. They may be practical but they can spend so much time trying to pick the rational decision that they can't make a decision at all. Their need for perfection causes them to over-analyze everything which leads to "analysis paralysis" because they would rather do nothing than do a bad job or make a bad choice. If the Virgo wants to overcome this, they should learn to not be so hard on themselves when they do something wrong and to learn from their mistakes instead of feeling like a failure. A mistake doesn't have to be a failure as long you learn from it.

5 Pisces: Rose-Colored Glasses

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Pisces are known as the care-free, romantic dreamers who view life through rose-colored glasses--or a rose-colored Instagram filter. They are the most magical and whimsical of all the signs and they easily attract friends and admirers. Pisces don't sweat the small stuff and they don't stress over deadlines and workloads because they live in a world entirely their own and their optimism can get in the way of properly seeing the big picture. Their idyllic nature is often fascinating and mysterious, they can easily become out of touch with reality. They have high expectations for everything and everyone in their life and they will cut out anything or anyone that doesn't fit into their perfect dream world. In order for them to combat this, they have to be able to separate their fantasy life with their real life and accept the fact that sometimes their life isn't like the movies but, instead, like the behind the scenes.

4 Leo: The Spotlight is Just Right

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Like Aries, Leos have are fiery, energetic, and prone to arguments. Because Leos are fiercely loyal, they often expect everyone else in their lives to be just as loyal to them which means they can easily become aggressive at the mere thought of being cheated on or lied to. Also like the Aries, Leo men and women enjoy being the center of attention and because they are generally a magnetic ball of energy, it is easy for them to find friends and admirers. However, Leos can become obsessed with their image and are only happy when they can shine in the spotlight. If you are a Leo and you want to avoid these weaknesses, you should remember that most people are just focused on themselves and, if they aren't paying attention to you, it's probably because they're thinking about what they should say, where they should sit, or if there's anything in their teeth. Being in a community is most important and if you do make it to the top, it can get lonely up there.

3 Aries: They Want What They Want

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Sorry, Aries, but you're up again. Like we said before, Aries men and women are fiery, passionate, and unstoppable but most of their good qualities can become not so good qualities if left unchecked. Aries know what they want and they will stop at nothing to get it which is a great quality to have when it comes to school and careers but not when it comes to relationships. In order to get along with others, Aries men and women need to learn how to choose their battles. For example, if you have a friend who is really craving Chinese food but you want pizza, create a system with your friend where they choose where to go for dinner one day and you can choose the next day. Though being flexible may not be in your nature, you don't want to lose friends because you happen to be craving pizza.

2 Scorpio: Under the Influence

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Scorpios love to be trendsetters and they are the kinds of people who have flawless Instagram aesthetics, tons of followers on social media, and a killer sense of style. However, their obsession with having followers doesn't stop at social media. Scorpios generally like to be trendsetters because it makes them the leader and, like we said before, they love to be in control and they love power. While this may seem harmless, it can rear it's ugly head if you're not careful. While they may just use their ability to influence people to advertise FitTea on their Instagram, they can also use their influence to get what they want, without caring about what anyone else wants. Scorpios are blessed with the ability to inspire and motivate people and that should be used for good, not for selfish purposes.

1 Leo: Alone But Not Lonely

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We already know that Leos love to be the center of attention but it can also be incredibly difficult for them to withdraw. They feel most comfortable around others and they become strained when they are alone. Since Leo is ruled by the sun, it makes sense that they expect the world to revolve around them but it is definitely not practical. Even at night, the sun keeps shining and so does the Leo. They find their worth in how they are seen by others and rarely think about how they actually see themselves. Though the Leo shines the brightest in a crowd, they need to learn how to withdraw and to be introspective. Making people laugh and smile may be satisfactory at the moment but the Leo will never be truly happy and fulfilled until they learn to be alone.

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