You'll Never Guess These 16 Celebs Who Use Psychic Services

When it comes to beliefs in Hollywood, celebrities are all over the map. There are some stars who are super traditional and go to church every Sunday and others who just call themselves spiritual and experiment with everything from crystals to meditation. There are some who are willing to admit they believe in supernatural things, and others who only believe in cold, hard facts and think anything they can't see with their own eyes is silly or a hoax. So, with a diverse group like that, there's bound to be plenty of celebrities who believe in things like psychics — and sure enough, there are.

Now, most celebs who use a psychic on a regular basis don't really shout about it from the rooftops, but if you do a little digging you'll find evidence of celebs visiting psychics for everything from career advice to advice on their love life, to reconnect with deceased loved ones and simply to learn a bit more about where their life is going.

If you're not a believer, chances are the word psychic conjures up images of television hoaxes and weird figures in costume surrounded by a fog machine — but these celebs obviously see enough value in them to waste a few bucks.

Here are 16 celebs you wouldn't believe use a psychic from time to time — but they do!


16 Heidi Montag, who had a psychic as a manager for a week

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Heidi Montag is the type of celeb who would try literally anything to prolong her fifteen minutes of fame — including calling on someone who claims to have some insight into the future. Back in 2010, Montag hired a psychic as her manager — because why on earth would you hire someone with a mind for business when you could hire someone who could see the future, right? However, perhaps luckily for Montag, the professional relationship only lasted about a week before she let him go for being a little too greedy. Who knows how often Montag visits a psychic, but if she was willing to hire one to control her entire career, even if he only lasted a week, she obviously puts some stock in what they do. Now, if only she had used a psychic way back in the day and avoided burning the bridges she did.

15 Brad Pitt, who has apparently visited a 'psychic to the stars' a few times

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Brad Pitt's image has certainly changed over the years — he went from being the clean-cut golden boy with California chic goddess Jennifer Aniston on his arm, to a slightly more grizzled hipster with the edgy Angelina by his side, and now he's a single guy who continues to navigate the world of Hollywood decades after he made his on-screen debut. Through all the drama in his personal life, though, he's continued to select fantastic roles on-screen — and we have to wonder why he keeps making great decisions while many other actors end up taking on a stinker or two over the course of their careers. It turns out that Brad has visited psychic to the stars Ron Bard at least a few times throughout his life, so who knows — perhaps he's getting a little career advice there.

14 Sarah Jessica Parker, who allegedly used a psychic to see if she should make a SATC sequel

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While she's taken on other roles throughout her career, let's be honest — Sarah Jessica Parker will probably always be known as the woman who played the iconic Carrie Bradshaw. Whether you love the designer shoe-wearing, Cosmopolitan-drinking columnist or hate her, there's no denying that she was a memorable character. So, it's no surprise that SJP decided to step back into her Manolos for a SATC movie. However, when discussion came up regarding a sequel, she was a little less certain about whether it would be a good idea — so she apparently asked her psychic to take a little peek into the future and see whether or not she should accept the role and play Carrie Bradshaw one last time. There's been a lot of drama around a potential third movie lately, so she may just have to pay him another visit.

13 Angelina Jolie, who allegedly tries to reach out to her deceased mother with help from a psychic

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Okay, to be honest, if we thought about which celebs would be likely to visit a psychic, Angelina Jolie would probably have been at the top of the list. She's turned more towards her philanthropic endeavours in the past decade or so, but back in her younger years, she was a total wild child who would be absolutely willing to dabble in the spiritual side of things. However, unlike her former partner Brad Pitt, she's not heading to the psychic for career advice, or even advice about her love life. Apparently, she turned to a psychic in order to try to communicate with her mother, who passed away. She never dished on whether or not her psychic helped her reach the other side, but hey — if it helped her even a little bit, it's a win.

12 Cameron Diaz, who is looking for insight on her love life

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Cameron Diaz is just such a sunny, positive person who seems like she'd be down to try anything at least once, from meditation to yoga to visiting a psychic. She's spoken a few times about her sense of spirituality and is always down to explore different facets of that world. She allegedly visited a psychic back in the day to get a little insight into her love life and why she just wasn't finding Mr. Right. Hey, sometimes when your career is doing well and you have great friends and all that is sorted, you want to find out what's going on in the whole love front. We get it. Diaz is happily married to musician Benji Madden now, and who knows — maybe the psychic told her she needed to stay away from actors and search for love among musicians.

11 Denise Richards, who is a big believer

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Denise Richards has been in the press a lot for the drama in her personal life — when you were romantically linked to someone like Charlie Sheen, that's bound to happen — but did you know that she's apparently a big believer in psychics? She visited celeb psychic John Edward in an attempt to reach out to her deceased mother. As she told the New York Post, "I've just become friendly with a psychic medium my mother met shortly before she passed on. I wanted to believe Mom was still around. I wanted a reading. I wanted to believe in some form of reincarnation. I need to think in whatever way I can that my mother is still with us." Hey, whatever helps you deal — if reaching out to a psychic helps, why not?

10 Comedy queen Chelsea Handler, who also used a psychic to try to communicate with her deceased mother

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Comedian Chelsea Handler tells it like it is, and isn't afraid to tell you if you're being stupid about something. However, while you may assume she'd make fun of anyone who believed in psychics, the opposite is actually true — she's a believer herself. A psychic, James Van Praagh, actually was a guest on an episode of her show, and he helped her try to reach out to her deceased mother (something it seems is really popular among celebrities). She apparently has gone back to see a psychic a few times since, to chat and get some insight on everything from her love life to her career and what direction she should be taken. She continues to tackle great projects that her fans love, so obviously something is working!

9 George Clooney, who apparently turned to a psychic to deal with the loss of his beloved pet pig

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Most people who have been paying attention to George Clooney lately know him as the silver fox actor who is married to the absolutely inspiring and super chic Amal Clooney (and he's a new dad!). However, back in the day, George Clooney was that gorgeous actor who had a pet pig. That's right — a pig. Clooney was incredibly close to his pot-bellied partner in crime, Max, and was absolutely devastated when he passed away. So devastated, in fact, that he got in touch with a psychic to help him reconnect with Max and deal with his grief. We're not sure what he got out of the experience — a calming oink from the other side? — but hey, why not? In fact, it kind of makes us love him even more — what a fascinating story.

8 Tori Spelling, who tried to reach out to her father but instead apparently met Farrah Fawcett

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It seems many celebrities turn to a psychic in an attempt to reach out to deceased loved ones, and Tori Spelling is one of them. She apparently was hoping to talk to her deceased father, the legendary Aaron Spelling, so she visited a psychic. However, her session took a bit of an unexpected turn — Spelling claims that instead of reaching her father, she actually ended up communicating with deceased actress Farrah Fawcett, and even wrote a letter to Fawcett's loved ones telling them what Fawcett apparently told her to relay. I mean, it's a bit of a weird story, but hey — if she wants to relay that information, that's her choice. We wonder if she returned to that psychic in the hope of getting in touch with any other Hollywood legends.

7 Lady Gaga, who turned to a psychic for some career advice

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This is an interesting one — and it may just lead you to consult a psychic, out of sheer curiosity. So, before Lady Gaga became, well, Lady Gaga, she was just another struggling musician hoping to make it big in the industry. And apparently, she turned to a psychic to see what she was doing wrong, what her future held, and what decisions she should be making to reach the level of fame she wanted. And it definitely worked — she absolutely exploded out of nowhere, and she's now a staple in the pop scene, and likely will be for years to come. We're not sure exactly what advice she got from that psychic, but hey — obviously it was good advice. Now, the question is, couldn't the psychic have told her never to wear a dress made of meat? Yuck.

6 Jennifer Aniston, who like her ex Brad, went to a psychic for some help with getting over her person drama

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Man, it seems like celebs who use a psychic are always connected — perhaps one person goes, raves about it, and their partner at the time is convinced and decides to give it a whirl as well? Just like her former hubby Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston has apparently popped by to visit a psychic before — specifically after her hugely public divorce. It seems that Jen just kind of wanted to know how to get her life back on track and what she needed to be doing. And, it's worked out for her — she's continued to snag roles year after year, and seems to just be getting better with age. We're not sure what advice her psychic gave her, but it was apparently great advice, because she's totally thriving, both professionally and in her personal life.

5 Miley Cyrus, who consulted some psychics before her big image transformation

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To say that Miley Cyrus has gone through a bit of a transformation during her time in Hollywood is definitely an understatement — she's basically become an entirely different person. Lately, she's been toning things down a little bit and relying less on that shock factor, but the public is still fascinated by the transformation she's undergone throughout her career. And it seems that she didn't take the decision to make over her image lightly — she actually went to several psychics when she was trying to decide if she should shed her Disney princess skin and take on an edgier persona. She may have even gotten a few recommendations from her pops, who is apparently a big believer in psychics as well. Hey, some celeb families have a lawyer on retainer — perhaps the Cyrus family has a psychic on retainer.

4 Rihanna, who checks in with her psychic regularly to ensure she stays at the top of her game

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It seems crazy to remember that Rihanna was once just a teen pop star with a little bit of edge, trying to make it in the music industry. Today, she's an absolute powerhouse who puts out hit after hit, and whose sense of style is constantly evolving and stunning her fans. And, while she's a shrewd businesswoman who has made tons of fantastic decisions throughout her career (uh, the rise of Fenty Beauty, anyone?), she apparently needs a little back-up to boost her confidence from time to time — and in those situations, she turns to her psychic. She apparently consults her psychic on a regular basis, just to get a bit of insight and reassurance that she's going to stay on top of her game and not just plummet to obscurity.

3 Taylor Swift, whose fame was apparently predicted by a psychic when she was a kid

via: time.com

When she was giving an interview for an Australian radio station a while back, Taylor Swift shared a person story that just may have you believing in psychics. Apparently, back when she was just a 12 year old kid, her father threw a circus-themed party that had plenty of attractions for all the kids attending, including a psychic to give that carnival feel. Taylor sat down with the psychic, as did her mom, and both were apparently told that Taylor's brand would become known worldwide. And, that psychic was certainly right — T.Swift is without doubt one of the biggest forces in the music industry today. Now, the only question is, does she ever return to a psychic to get a bit of insight into where her career will take her next, or does she simply realize that just about anything she touches turns to gold?

2 Jennifer Lopez, another celeb who turns to a psychic for career advice from time to time

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Jennifer Lopez's connection with psychics has been in the press a few times throughout her career. Apparently, she visited her Los Angeles-based psychic about a dozen times before making a big personal decision (to cancel her wedding), and returns to her time and time again to get suggestions on decisions involving her career as well. She even visited a psychic when she was travelling, stopping by to get her fortune unravelled by a Toronto psychic while she was in the city filming Angel Eyes — and the psychic allegedly cried during the reading, which totally freaked Lopez out. She's an absolute superstar and icon, so we're not sure why she's so hesitant to make a decision without consulting someone to get a peek at the future, but hey — it's obviously working for her.

1 Tiger Woods, who sought answers from a psychic about how to get his life back on track

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After his marriage was destroyed and countless women came out of the woodwork telling the world about how they'd cheated with Tiger, he went to a psychic to get a bit of insight into what he should do for damage control. Well, to be totally frank, he really should have popped in to visit that psychic way before all his personal drama kicked off — perhaps he or she would have been able to tell him that the women were going to come forward, so he should break it to his wife and all the people responsible for his endorsements before the press got wind of it. Well, who knows — perhaps he got enough insight from the psychic to ensure he won't go through that kind of personal drama again in his life.

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