Yogurt Contains Beneficial Bacteria That Can Help Acne

Us gals are all united in many things, one of which is trying everything in our power to improve our skin. So listen in, one of our favorite snacks could do just that, the humble yogurt pot.

Good skin can seem something of a lottery. Some lucky devils can live on a diet of takeout and limited sleep and keep a shiny complexion. The rest of us so much as look at a bar of chocolate and we are breaking out. Skin disorders can range from mild to severe with acne being a particular condition that 80% of people ages 11-30 experience at some point.

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Causes of acne are varied, however, studies have revealed over 50% of acne sufferers have low levels of friendly gut bacteria. This is where the yogurt comes in. Not only is it a yummy protein packed treat, it actually contains the gut-friendly bacteria that so many of us are missing. Dosing up on this food helps to protect the intestinal tract from the inflammatory effects of too many processed foods or allergies. The connection between the gut and skin has come under close examination by dermatologists and it seems that they have diagnosed inflammation in the gut as something that can manifest in acne redness or dry patches.

So what if you do not like yogurt? Well, it seems the beneficial bacteria can work its magic by being applied externally as well as internally. It is important to ensure the type of yogurt you are using contains the effective bacteria. Look at the ingredients list to ensure you see some of the following; Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus delbrueckii, and the sub-species Bifidobacterium bifidum.

As fabulous as this news is, eating yogurt alone is not the only thing to do to look after our skin. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, exercise, good quality sleep, and managing stress levels are all super ways to get that beautiful glow. In severe cases, medical treatment is also required.

Still, it seems adding yogurt to our daily diets can work wonders. It is an exciting supplement to existing weapons in fighting acne. If you need further motivation to stock up, other benefits of consuming yogurt include younger looking, vibrant skin. So for all those yogurt fans, grab yourselves a spoon and dig in.


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