"Yoga Skin" Is The Newest Makeup Trend To Take Instagram By Storm

When most people finish doing yoga- regardless of which kind it may be- they usually look the opposite of attractive. That's because most anyone who's ever done yoga typically ends up really sweaty and red-faced. It can be a workout that's taxing on your body- but can also leave you feeling nice and rejuvenated.  Despite the well-known fact that yoga leaves most people looking like a hot mess, some on social media have been inspired to recreate this- albeit in a much more flattering manner.

According to Allure, many on Instagram have created a new makeup trend called "yoga skin". This trend has a person apply makeup in a way that their skin is glowing and radiant. While rather simple looking upon first glance, it's still a gorgeous look that can be worn alone, or with another bolder makeup trend. It's definitely a trend that anyone can pull off well.

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Sara Hill- a makeup artist based out of Glasgow, Scotland, UK- posted a video tutorial on her Instagram on how the nail the yoga skin trend. Hill's process may seem lengthy, but the end result makes all the effort clearly worth it. It starts with using your regular skincare products and letting them absorb fully into your skin prior to applying primer. Next, you mix liquid foundation with both face oil and liquid highlighter before applying it with your hands. Add concealer to cover any blemishes or marks that need to disappear. Put on any cream blush and/or bronzer, and then finish the look off with a very light layer of powder.

As mentioned before, the yoga skin makeup trend is one that can be worn on its own if you wish. However, it can also be paired with either a dark smokey eye, a bold red lip, or any other daring makeup look that you can think of. Yoga skin is a trend that's universally appealing on anyone- regardless of skin color or skin type. It's just one way to look fresh and awake, even on days when you got little to no sleep and look (and perhaps even feel) like death.

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