Yellow Blush Makes Wearers Look Bright And Stunning

It's always fun to mix up a makeup look for summer, and an easy way to do that is by incorporating bright colors. While many fall and winter looks tend to lean towards darker tones like deep plums and berry reds, and spring is all about fresh-faced pastels, summer is kind of an anything goes season. Makeup mavens can rock everything from popping coral to sunshine yellow.

Although it may seem like a bold color, there's no need to be afraid to play around with yellow products — even as a replacement for a typical peach or pink blush. You may worry that sweeping yellow across your cheeks will make you look horrible, but according to Popsugar, the shade is actually quite wearable — and super on trend for summer 2018.

One of the most important things to know is that you can lean as much into the yellow blush trend as you want. There are some women who opt to have their canary yellow blush be the one wild factor in their otherwise normal makeup routine, while others completely embrace the shade and pair it with a yellow eye makeup look or even yellow lipstick

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Some have speculated that the release of Fenty Beauty's "Trophy Wife" highlighter in a yellow-gold shade was a big inspiration for this new fad, and it definitely wouldn't be the first time Rihanna was a major trendsetter. There aren't a lot of yellow blush shades on the market at the moment, but every beauty lover knows you can adapt products, so even if you can't find a blush specifically, you can play around with this trend by sweeping a bit of eyeshadow across your cheeks.

One thing you might notice in a lot of flawless looks which incorporate yellow blush is that they do so in a way that's almost semi-sheer, and they create a bit of a glow. While you certainly can embrace the matte, super-pigmented look, there's no denying that it's a little bit harder to get perfect than taking a more gentle approach to this trend. However, beauty is all about experimentation, so just figure out which kind of application works best for your skin tone and overall vibe. If you're a high fashion type of person who absolutely loves shocking looks, go a bit more heavy-handed with the blush. If you're just looking to mix it up a little, add a whisper of color to your cheeks to have onlookers doing a double take. Your options are limitless!

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