20 Things Wrong About "Gilmore Girls" We All Choose To Ignore

Gilmore Girls was a very popular show because many people could relate to that small-town feeling that we got from Stars Hollow and the flawed characters that lived in the town. The focus of the storyline was Lorelai and her daughter Rory. We got a personal glimpse into their lives and that was where we fell in love with them.

They are fictional characters that don’t always get life right but we know that they are trying their hardest. Throughout the series, we see Rory as being pulled between a life of wealth that her grandparents want for her and the simple charmed life her mother raised her in. As the show moves on, we see that it has more to do with Rory’s life than it does with her mother's.

As much as we love the show, there were many flaws in the storyline itself and when we go back to watch it again, we see some things that we just can’t ignore. There are some issues we're still scratching our heads over. Check out these 20 things wrong about Gilmore Girls we all choose to ignore.

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20 Rory Is Obsessed With Harvard But Decides To Go To Yale

Via Woman in Revolt

With any small-town character, there is always the dream of a much bigger life and that usually includes going to an Ivy League school. One integral part of the storyline of Gilmore Girls was the dream that Rory had of going to Harvard. She was so obsessed with it that Lorelai went to her parents to get the money to send Rory to Chilton to give her a better chance of getting into Harvard.

One thing that also confused viewers was that for someone of limited means, she was willing to put all her eggs in one basket.

If that wasn’t confusing enough, then we see her end up deciding to go to Yale at the end.

19 Lorelai Always Worried About Money, But They Went Out To Eat All The Time

Via Eater

If you have ever lived in a household where money was tight, you know that your parents probably did everything they could to stretch their budget and pinch pennies. That means that ordering in food and going out to restaurants was a rare occurrence and it likely only happened because it was a treat. Lorelai is a single mom who just has a regular job, she’s not a doctor or a lawyer and yet, they're always eating out or ordering food.

18 Paris And Rory Being Best Friends

Via Milford Daily News

This is the type of friendship that probably wouldn’t hold up much today because as much as we would love to believe that these two are destined to be the best friends they become, their relationship didn’t make much sense in the series. Sure, they start out as rivals, mainly because Paris is threatened by Rory. We really think that Paris was only part of the storyline to show viewers that Rory wasn’t always the smartest girl in the room. This friendship would never fly today because when you get right down to it, Paris was a bully. She was a selfish roommate and would often punish Rory on a regular basis because she was jealous of her.

17 Lorelai Starts Dating Rory’s Teacher

Via Brit + Co

Most people would know that this is not only wrong but totally inappropriate. Sure, soulmates can be found anywhere and you never know when you are going to meet “that person.” But the fact that she would pursue a teacher at a school that her daughter attends is beyond inappropriate for a mother to do. Lorelai starts dating the English professor at Chilton, a school that Rory is not only new to, but it’s also a place where Rory is having a rocky start. It seems to be a pretty selfish thing for her mother to do.

16 Rory Was Ungrateful Toward Lorelai

Via Revelist

Mothers who have children young learn that they have to sacrifice their freedom and their own adolescence for their child’s needs. They learn that they have to continually sacrifice things in order to give their children a better life. We see Rory constantly take for granted the things that her mother does for her and we have a hard time understanding that from a girl who was basically raised with nothing. There are even opportunities that Lorelai provided for her that she passed on even though her mother fought for her to have them. What’s worse is that Rory missed her mother’s graduation and cut her out of her life a few times over situations that most people would consider to be regular mother/daughter fights.

15 Dean And Rory’s Breakup

Via Teen Vogue

There are certainly men out there that are so insecure that when they see their lady become successful, they feel intimidated by it. But that wasn’t really the case with Rory and Dean. What we never understood about their breakup was that it seemed so unrealistic. You are with an amazing girl, whom you really like and she is part of a great new lifestyle, so instead of being happy to be part of that, you back off and say you don’t “belong.” Come on Dean, man up a bit. Why not live the high life with your girl instead of leaving her and settling for less? He should have thrived for more and become the man Rory knew he could be and the man he knew she deserved instead of just bowing out.

14 Rory Goes Rogue

Via Bustle

For starters, we don’t believe that someone like Rory would ever have stolen any kind of boat for any reason, but that was once part of an episode of Gilmore Girls. She certainly had a lot of character flaws and one of them seemed to be a major lack of impulse control.

Rory was never able to deal with being criticized and she would often lash out because of it.

In one episode, she has to soothe her fragile ego by going out and take someone else's yacht. She didn’t even have a good reason to do it and it was immature but thankfully she didn’t get into any serious trouble.

13 Rory's Relationship With Logan

Via Brit + Co

The one thing that fans could never wrap their heads around was the secretive relationship Rory had with Logan. It was just something that seemed so out of character for her to do that it boggled everyone’s mind. Rory had already been shamed earlier for doing something similar with Dean, so it was weird that the writers would even have Rory get involved in such a long and drawn-out relationship with her ex who was engaged. Sure, the show depicted Rory as being “lost” at the time, but we just don’t buy that she would do something like that when it seemed so out of character for her.

12 Rory Is Not A Very Good Friend To Lane

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Lane may not be a Gilmore but she became a fan-favorite on the show. She was a hugely popular character and just like Rory, we got to see Lane grow up and evolve on the show. Even though these two are supposed to be best friends on the show, the relationship seems to be one-sided. The friendship between them is always focused on Rory and the problems that Rory is going through. Lane always has Rory’s back and we rarely see Rory returning the favor. Friendship should never be one-sided but we saw a lot of that with Lane and Rory.

11 Dean Had Every Right To Be Jealous Of Jess

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Dean got a lot of flak for his jealousy about the friendship between Jess and Rory. Any sane man who saw his girlfriend connecting on any sort of level with another guy would lose his marbles. He saw that Rory and Jess connected differently than he did with Rory.

He was seen as possessive and jealous even though Jess often taunted Dean who was just trying to protect with his relationship with Rory.

No guy wants to see his girl getting close to another guy.

10 Lane’s Extreme Parenting Choices

Via Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles

One thing we noticed throughout the series was that Lane’s mother Mrs. Kim always hovered over Lane to the point where she felt suffocated. She was one of those helicopter parents who caused a lot of strain between herself and her daughter because of her parenting methods. What didn’t make sense to us was the moment Lane gets pregnant and then eventually goes into labor, she states how she is going to give up her career and devote her entire world to her child. Not only is that not what’s best for her child, but she seems to want to embark on the same parenting method that caused a strained relationship between her and Mrs. Kim.

9 Everyone In Town Is Obsessed With Rory

Via Hollywood Reporter

When you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone, it can feel like the whole town is your family. But there usually isn’t a case where a whole town becomes obsessed with one person. Apparently, there was no one else as cool or worthy of attention than Rory because the whole town seemed focused on her success. Sure, Rory is nice and smart and has a lot of great qualities, but so do other characters like Lane and yet, no one seems to care what happens to anybody else — their main focus is on Rory.

8 The Gilmores Are Very Judgmental

Via Los Angeles Times

Lorelai’s parents are insanely judgmental when it comes to their daughter’s life. It doesn’t seem to matter how many years go by, they don’t seem to ever give her the credit she deserves. We see it time and again in movies where rich parents will disown their children if they choose a life that they don’t agree with and we can never understand it. Why did it have to take almost seven years for Richard and Emily to acknowledge their daughter’s accomplishments all because she chose to live a life of her own choosing?

7 Their Diverse Wardrobe

via imdb.com

Again, it comes down to the fact that people who don’t have a lot of money probably don’t have a lot of clothing. But time and again we see Lorelai and Rory in different clothing. We don’t think that they ever wore the same thing twice which is totally unrealistic. Sure, it’s a TV show and there’s endless clothing for the characters, but considering the storyline and who the Gilmore girls were supposed to be, it would have made more sense to have Rory and Lorelai wearing some of their outfits multiple times.

6 She Gives Up Her Love Of Books

Via Bustle

Rory loved reading and we saw that throughout the series. She always seemed to have a book with her at all times. It was so obvious to fans that there were multiple fan websites that listed all of the 339 books that the show either referenced in some way or it was a book that Rory was reading in an episode. It allowed fans to gain insight into the character that they loved. But when we got to A Year In The Life, all of a sudden, we only see Rory with one book in the entire mini-series. Sure, tastes change over time, but it’s unlikely that a love of reading would disappear.

5 Rory Shouldn’t Have Been Valedictorian

Via The Great Gilmore Girls Rewatch - WordPress.com

Paris was not a loveable character at first. She had a type-A personality that was put in the show to irritate Rory. But over time, their rivalry ended and we saw a very human side of Paris. She was once a girl that we loved to hate, but after a while, we found ourselves rooting for her. A lot of fans felt that it was her that deserved to be valedictorian and not Rory. She almost flunked out of Chilton and although she was able to turn her grades around, it’s unrealistic to think that she would be named valedictorian ahead of Paris who was consistently bringing in good grades all the time.

4 The Layout Of Stars Hollow Made No Sense

Via Eater Austin

For any TV show, you try to figure out the layout of the town based on all the popular places that the characters go to. But the layout of Stars Hollow never really made sense to us. We know it to be a small town and yet, there were times that it took a lot of driving to get somewhere. For one thing, why was it walking distance to get to Luke’s and yet the characters had to drive to get to The Dragonfly Inn?

3 The Tiny TV In The Living Room

Via Bustle

Throughout the show, we saw that Lorelai and Rory’s lives revolved around TV and movies and that was where they would connect at times. Yet the TV that was in their living room was tiny and would be awkward to watch when it was two people sitting on a coach. We get it, they didn’t have a lot of money, but maybe if they stopped eating out so much, they could afford a decent-sized TV. The fact that it was so small didn’t really make sense considering their lifestyle.

2 Rory Never Worked Through University

Via IMDb

Considering Rory’s upbringing, you would think that she would have had a part-time job at all times to at least help out around the house. When she attended Yale, she contacted her grandparents for money so that she could attend the school. Not not once did we see Rory pulling her own weight by getting a part-time job on campus like a tutoring gig. Maybe the idea was for her to focus on her studies, but it also goes against how she was raised. Rory was definitely no Joey Potter.

1 No One Has A Life In Stars Hollow

Via Foundation for Economic Education

The puzzling thing about Stars Hollow is that it seemed as if no one but Rory had any ambition to do anything with their lives but grow up there and stay there. The town seemed like a creepy little place that sucked in people and never let them leave. Oddly enough, neither Dean or Lane go to college even though there was never anything to stop them from doing so. Even the adults that live in Stars Hollow don’t seem to ever have a reason to go anywhere else. And when he time to the town meetings, we understand the adults of Stars Hollow would sit in, but why would Dean and Lane even bother spending their night listening to Taylor?

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