WWE: 18 Wrestler Selfies We Can’t Stop Looking At

There are two categories of people - those who go about their daily routine, grinding it out at work and then doing it all again the day after, hiding out in the shadows the entire time, and then there are the rich and famous celebs.

It's not just Hollywood actors and Super Bowl-winning athletes that get all the attention anymore, however. In the last few decades, WWE has risen the ranks to create a unique level of celebrity - the cross-hairs between athlete, actor, and with all the supplementary shows, reality TV star.

With that kind of fame, every time that these guys and gals snap a selfie, it becomes heavily scrutinized - sometimes for great reasons, and sometimes because it makes us want to rip our hair out.

18 A Curvalicious, Jumpsuited Liv Morgan

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Liv Morgan might not have been around as long as some of the other WWE superstars in this rundown, however, her future is as bright as any, and her relationship with Enzo Amore is only giving her more time in the spotlight. Elevator selfie aside, you'd have to be mad not to obsess over that incredible jumpsuit.

17 Seth Rollins And Chris Jericho Flying In Luxury

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It's hard to beat a good old plane selfie, right? While the rest of us peasants have to squish ourselves in a cramped, economy middle seat between a crying baby and a sick teenager, the WWE superstars get to travel around in luxury. As you can see, Seth Rollins & Chris Jericho chilling out without a worry in the world onboard Delta's business class.

16 Why, Hello There Paige

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There were a lot of questions not too long ago surrounding Paige's potential future in the business. Would she return or was she finished for good because of her suspensions and failed tests? Regardless of what the final chapter holds, she's sucking us in with this mirror selfie, that's for sure.

15 Daniel Bryan And His New Friend

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Looking a little like a homeless version of the legendary Aussie icon Steve Irwin, Daniel Bryan is pictured here with a unique opportunity to hold one of the land down under's most beloved creatures - the koala. Considering that these furry little guys sleep most of the day, it's impressive that he's awake and smiling for the camera.

14 Mandy Rose Looking Fine As Day

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Amanda Saccomanno, better known to the WWE world as Mandy Rose, is a prime example of hard work paying off. Her persona started to gain traction on reality TV shows, Tough Enough and Total Divas, but she's put in the hards yards thereafter and risen to fame in NXT.

13 Four Alicia Foxes Are Better Than One

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Alicia Fox has been no stranger to the WWE spotlight since she debuted on SmackDown back in 2008. While she's hasn't been able to reclaim the WWE Women's Championship belt for close to a decade, that hasn't stopped her from trying. Here she is in all her glory, showing off her fit figure to the fans.

12 Ellen's Oscars Selfie, WWE style

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Hands up who here remembers the infamous actor-filled Oscars selfie that Ellen DeGeneres orchestrated back in 2014? Well, consider this the WWE version of it, jam-packed with wrestling fame and fortune including current president Triple H (on the left) and WWE legend Shawn Michaels (smack in the middle).

11 A Touch Of Class For Brie Bella

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Whether you're more of a fan of Brie or Nikki, we can't deny Brie's success in the industry, and it's not just because of her husband Daniel Bryan either. Like her sister, she also has a strong and dedicated following, and they would have been nothing but impressed at the elegance and sophistication on display in this outfit.

10 Matt "I'm Not Even The Best Brother" Hardy

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Does everyone like Matt Hardy? Of course not. Do we often prefer the high-flying antics of his fearless brother, Jeff? Definitely. However, love him or hate him, Matt has been able to put together a wrestling career unlike many before him. We can't help but notice his receding hairline and influx of grey hairs though...

9 It's A Forehead Party And Only The Undertaker And Kurt Angle Are Invited

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Ask any fan of the WWE and they'll tell you without a shadow of a doubt that both Kurt Angle and the Undertaker are some of the most talented figures to have ever graced the ring. Unfortunately, in this photo, the only impression we're getting is that they're old and in need of a couple of toupés.

8 The Miz And His Precious Monroe Sky

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Would you like some fries served with that plate of adorableness? It might be hard to fathom (and make us jealous) considering how much time we spend curating our social media profiles, however, little Monroe at just one-year-old has already amassed 170,000 followers on IG.

7 Paige Making Another Appearance

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Known to her friends and family as Saraya-Jade Bevis but as WWE Diva Paige to the rest of the world, the English wrestler comes from a family of likeminded athletes. Her parents wrestled, her brother wrestled, and, of course, she followed in their footsteps. With her stunning, long, dark hair and envious figure to support her talent, it's no wonder she's made a name for herself.

6 Randy Orton Doesn't Mind An Airport Snap

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'RKO' Randy Orton has been doing his business in the ring for a heck of a long time now, taking on every conceivable wrestler in the industry at one stage or another. With that kind of fame, it's no surprise that he gets approached by fans all the time for selfies, just like this time at the airport.

5 I'm John And These Are My Twins

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In case you've been living under a rock for the last decade or so, WWE powerhouse John Cena has had a relationship with Nikki Bella that can only be described as a rollercoaster. Here they are, snapping a seemingly happy selfie, alongside Nikki's twin sister, Brie. Would you have preferred that the pair stayed together?

4 It's Airport Selfie Time For Finn Balor And Heath Slater

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Finn Balor and Heath Slater are two of the younger Superstars working their way up the WWE ranks, and are therefore all too familiar with the process of taking a decent selfie (unlike the Undertaker and Kurt Angle...). These guys are often snapping quick picks in the most random of places, from public restrooms to airport terminals and everything in between.

3 Didn't Get Any Shut-Eye On That Flight, Did You Sasha Banks?

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As someone who grew up head over heels for wrestling, we still find it surprising how she's so unapproachable in public - seriously, Sasha, what did you expect? With the level of fame of being a WWE Diva, being approached by fans, particularly in public spaces like airports, is all but inevitable.

2 Bray Wyatt, Renee Young, Stephanie McMahon In Group Selfie Time!

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While the trio of Bray Wyatt, Renee Young, and Stephanie McMahon posing side by side is enough to laugh at on its own, we have to focus our attention to Bray for a minute. With energy drink in hand, the WWE Superstar has clearly mastered the concept of the booty pop, better than Stephanie, if you ask us.

1 John Cena And His...Reindeer?

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In case your holiday spirit is lacking just a little, the one and only John Cena has the perfect medicine to get you back on the horse. While this technically isn't a selfie, we're letting it slide, because, for whatever reason, the WWE Superstar is munching his dinner with a stuffed reindeer tied to his stomach.

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