20 WWE Superstars You Had No Idea Were So Rich

The world of professional wrestling is a demanding one that can lead people down a path of wealth and immortality. Over the years, fans have gotten to see what happens when someone comes along with the right amount of talent and charisma, and seeing a fresh ascent to the top of the industry is usually met with thunderous applause from the audience. The men and women that reach the greatest heights in the sport all end up racking up the money, and should they be great enough for a sustained period of time, they will become a legend with a seemingly endless supply of cash coming their way.

But what about the performers that aren’t quite stars yet? They are in the biggest promotion in the world, but they don’t have the same type of mainstream appeal. Well, the 20 people being featured here today have all found a way to have a sizable net worth!

20 Mojo Rawley ($1 Million)

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Mojo Rawley may not be one of the top performers in the business just yet, but he has shown a level of athleticism reserved for very few. This is largely thanks to his time in the NFL, which helped him get the type of conditioning needed for the WWE. Despite not being a huge star, he is still worth around $1 million.

19 Cesaro ($1.7 Million)

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As one of the most impressive athletes in the company, Cesaro has always found a way to impress the crowd and his employers alike. His time as one half of The Bar has been fruitful, and it has helped him secure time on huge WWE cards. His $1.7 million net worth is nothing to scoff at.

18 Braun Strowman ($1 Million)

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Braun Strowman is a giant among men, which means that his net worth has got to be larger than normal as well. Strowman has received an exceptional amount of attention from the brass behind the scenes, and as his popularity continues to increase, so will his reported $1 million net worth.

17 Chad Gable ($1.8 Million)

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Chad Gable took his legitimate background in wrestling and turned it into what has been a lucrative run with the WWE. Gable’s in-ring skills are apparent, and despite being a smaller performer, he has found a sizable following. As time rolls on, expect his $1.8 million net worth to continue to increase, especially with a belt around his waist.

16 Drew McIntrye ($1 Million)

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Despite not being one of the top stars in the company just yet, Drew McIntyre's run that preceded his signing with the WWE allowed him to gain a cult following that has since shown their support now that he is with the biggest promotion in the world. With a net worth of $1 million, McIntyre is clearly doing something right.

15 Elias ($3 Million)

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A great gimmick can go a long way in getting over with fans of the WWE, and Elias has been able to utilize his gimmick to the best of his abilities. We have seen faux musicians in the ring before, and Elias has given a refreshing take on the tried and true character. His $3 million net worth is proof that something is working.

14 Ember Moon ($1 Million)

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Female performers are bigger and better than ever before, and women like Ember Moon have been making strides towards catapulting the women of the WWE to the top of the industry. She has a lot of room to grow inside of the company, and while she improves, her $1 million will grow immensely.

13 Eva Marie ($2 Million)

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Thanks to her hair and her work inside the ring, Eva Marie has always been able to stand out and make a name for herself with WWE fans. A competitor like Eva Marie is able to make money like it’s nobody’s business, and her $2 million net worth is more than some were expecting.

12 Mandy Rose ($2 Million)

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Good looks can only take people so far, and while WWE fans are always willing to support a gorgeous superstar, they prefer it when that superstar has the goods in the ring as well. Mandy Rose accomplished a great deal before coming into the company, and over time, she has accumulated a net worth of $2 million.

11 Bobby Roode ($4.5 Million)

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Bobby Roode has had a lengthy run in the world of professional wrestling, and the following that he built in other promotions has done him well financially. Because of the support of his fans, Roode has always been able to compete on top cards, and his net worth has skyrocketed to $4.5 million.

10 Rusev ($1 Million)

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Rusev has undergone some character changes since coming into the WWE, but one thing that has remained the same is his ability to go toe-to-toe with any performer in the company. Fans have come to appreciate his abilities, and they make sure to tune in when he is competing. His $1 million net worth should only grow from here on out.

9 Natalya ($5 Million)

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Coming from a long line of professionals is a good way to get your foot in the door of the WWE, and Natalya was able to use her family name and her abilities to get a chance to be on the main roster. Over the years, she has proven to be a consistent performer, and her time in the WWE has netted her a $5 million net worth.

8 Samoa Joe ($5 Million)

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Few performers in the WWE have the same type of size and speed as Samoa Joe, and because of this, he has been able to cement himself as an incredibly unique superstar for the company. Joe was popular in other promotions before coming into the WWE, and his $5 million net worth is well deserved.

7 Shinsuke Nakamura ($3.6 Million)

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Japanese sensation Shinsuke Nakamura is a dynamo in the ring, and his entrance song always gets the crowd into it. His entrance music, coupled with his tenacity inside of the ring, has helped him become a sensation in the world of professional wrestling, and $3.6 million is a handsome net worth for the performer.

6 Bubba Ray Dudley ($3 Million)

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Longtime fans of the WWE remember the many classic matches that Bubba Ray has had inside the company, and after all these years in the game, he is one of the most respected men around. Though he has bounced around over the years, his work in the WWE is fondly remembered, and his $3 million has been earned in every way.

5 Trish Stratus ($6 Million)

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Classic performer Trish Stratus rose to prominence during one of the most prolific eras for the WWE, and she cemented her place as a legend during said era. In more recent years, Stratus has reemerged in the WWE, showing the world that she’s still got it and that she is worth every penny of her $6 million net worth.

4 A.J. Styles ($5 Million)

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Unlike some of the other superstars that have held the biggest titles in the WWE, A.J. Styles has yet to reach mainstream popularity. Despite this, he is one of the best and most respected men in professional wrestling, and he has proven his worth in the biggest promotions in the world. His $5 million net worth is a nice chunk of change.

3 Alicia Fox ($1.9 Million)

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For years now, Alicia Fox has been a dependable performer in the WWE, and fans have come to appreciate her work inside the ring. Fox may not be the biggest star, but she has done all the little things right over the years, which has no doubt aided her $1.9 million net worth.

2 Cien Almas ($2 Million)

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Cien Almas has been exceptional during his time with NXT and the WWE, and fans know that he is going to tear the house down whenever he steps foot in the ring. Despite having less time in the big leagues compared to some of the other people on this list, Almas has racked up a net worth of about $2 million.

1 Bayley ($2 Million)

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Back during her NXT days, it appeared as though Bayley was going to be the next megastar inside the WWE. She has been able to do well for herself over the years, and she still has incredible potential that fans cannot wait to see. With $2 million so far, the sky is the limit for Bayley’s bank account.

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