10 WWE Stars Who Pretended To Date (And 10 Who Actually Dated)

A current buzzing romance in WWE is between Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. It looks perfect: the handsome, highly successful WWE Universal Champion and the wild Irish Women’s Champion who’s become a massive star. The duo came out publicly as a couple after some tag team matches together and then announced their engagement. Many see it as a new power couple in WWE but there is a collection of fans who think the whole thing is being faked for publicity. That may seem odd except that there is a precedent for it.

Yes, a lot of wrestling couples are very much for real in WWE. That’s not just the on-screen ones but others who have had hook-ups behind the scenes. At the same time, WWE loves to push a lot of couples on screen as being the real deal to the point some fans may believe it. In truth, they’re nothing but co-workers putting on a very convincing act. Here are 10 WWE couples that were faking it on screen and 10 pairings that were very real to show how tricky romance is in wrestling.

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20 FAKED: Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus


Vince McMahon has done some crazy storylines but this remains a wild one. In late 2000, it appeared that Linda McMahon had suffered a stroke and Vince just got wilder than ever. He was soon carrying on with Trish Stratus with bits like making out in front of Linda and fans were disgusted. It ended badly with Vince making Trish bark like a dog in the ring but she got payback at him at WrestleMania. In reality, Vince and Linda still somehow have a good marriage going to make this just a creepy on-screen bit.

19 REAL: Triple H and Chyna

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While he had potential in his early WWE career, Hunter Hearst Helmsley just lacked that special something to get over. As it happened, he was dating bodybuilder Joanie Laurer and sold Vince McMahon on the idea of her as a female bodyguard. It soon got HHH major attention and pushed him to the top of the card. They didn’t acknowledge a relationship on screen but it was there. Sadly, it ended when Hunter hooked up with Stephanie and Chyna was fired soon after which sent her on that sad downward spiral.

18 FAKED: Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss


It’s a classic bit for comedy: A massive seven foot tall monster and a barely five-foot tall blonde vixen as a tag team. Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss were paired for the Mixed Match Challenge and fans came to love “Team Big Little” for their fun chemistry and banter. It seemed obvious that the two were getting along and having fun playing at being a real couple. Bliss is actually with Buddy Murphy but fans still like to imagine her and Braun a couple.

17 REAL: Shawn Spears and Peyton Royce

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Shawn Spears, formerly Tye Dillinger, took off in NXT as “the Perfect 10” and was even the 10th entrant in the 2017 Royal Rumble. He didn’t get a lot of success on the main roster and was finally released from WWE. But Dillinger did make a connection with Peyton Royce, one half of the popular heel team the Iconics. While they didn’t have as much time on screen in NXT, the two got along well and were married in August of 2019. Dillinger is now with AEW but does still have one critical connection to WWE.

16 FAKED: Chyna and Eddie Guerrero


The late, great Eddie Guerrero is still loved by fans for his amazing style. In 2000, Guerrero was paired with Chyna, still in her prime as the “Ninth Wonder of the World.” They had a great chemistry together with bits like dressing for the prom and partnering together. They had tension between them and were engaged but in real life, Eddie was married. They split just before Guerrero’s personal problems led to a brief exit from WWE yet their partnership is still a good one.

15 REAL: Paige and Xavier Woods


Paige’s wrestling career sadly was cut short by a neck injury but she was very popular with fans in early 2017. That’s what made it such a big deal when hacked photos were leaked that showed Paige becoming very intimate with Xavier Woods. The fact Woods was married didn’t help matters. His own New Day partners even mocked it on air as Paige was removed from WWE for a while. She made her return but she and Woods appear to be little more than friends to show how each regrets the whole thing.

14 FAKED: Nia Jax and Enzo Amore


Nia Jax and Enzo Amore are a lot alike in that each has gotten serious real-life heat for their arrogance and some bad issues. So it actually makes some sense to put the two together. WWE tried it in 2016 with the funny idea of how these monster of a woman could be attracted to this loud-mouthed goofball. It had some promise but before it could go much further, Enzo got into serious trouble and was cut from WWE and the “romance” never mentioned again.

13 REAL: John Cena and Victoria


Hard as it is to believe, John Cena wasn’t always a huge star in WWE. In 2002, he was still a rookie who hadn’t latched onto his hip-hop persona. Victoria was also rising as a tough female worker who could take some nice hits. Both have confirmed they did have an affair on the road despite Victoria being married at the time. Each say it wasn’t a serious romance, just some fun but notable how Victoria ranks among Cena’s romantic conquests.

12 FAKED: Trish Stratus and Christian


In a plot straight out of a teenage movie, Chris Jericho and Christian decided to make a bet on who could be the first to woo Trish Stratus or Lita. This led to a complex feud which ended with Stratus turning on Jericho to join with Christian. They had a good on-screen bit going for some time and the heat was enough to make some fans wonder if it was real. However, it was indeed all faked as Christian was married at the time. They split on-screen as Trish was always better without relying on a man.

11 REAL: Matt Hardy, Edge, and Lita


It’s probably the most infamous love triangle in wrestling history. Matt Hardy and Lita had been a couple for years when Matt had to spend time off due to an injury. Lita soon hooked up with Adam “Edge” Copeland, one of Matt’s best friends. This led to a huge uproar when it came out which ended up beefing Edge to a main event star. He and Matt had a feud but it seemed the real-life issues were too much to overcome. All three figures have moved on yet this remains one of the most shocking romances in WWE.

10 FAKED: Carmella and James Ellsworth


Despite his bizarre look, James Ellsworth got a push in 2016 in WWE. He was then paired up with Carmella, the “Princess of Staten Island” whose wild style clashed with Ellsworth’s goofiness. This included the controversial bit of Ellsworth helping Carmella win the first women’s Money in the Bank match. It ended poorly with a gag of Carmella and the other women beating up Ellsworth constantly on a tour. They had a brief reunion before Ellsworth left and most weren’t too upset at him being gone.

9 REAL: Randy Savage and Elizabeth


When Randy Savage entered WWE in 1984, he knew he needed something special to stand out. Thus, he had his real-life with Elizabeth coming out as a gorgeous manager. The act was genius with Savage berating Elizabeth but still jealous of someone else coming close to her. It was key to Savage’s success and helped him to the top of WWE. They were married on-screen as well but sadly broke up for real in 1992. They had a reunion in WCW but remembered better as the first couple of WWE.

8 FAKED: Randy Orton and Stacy Keibler


After a bad face turn in 2004, Randy Orton’s career was suffering. WWE thought he and Stacy Keibler could work out as a couple. With her gorgeous hair and those amazing 42-inch legs, Stacy did look great and she and Orton seemed to be okay for a while. It ended badly as Randy decided to send a message to the Undertaker on how he wasn’t scared facing him at WrestleMania. He thus hit an RKO on Stacy to turn heel once more. Thus, the whole relationship was just to make Orton a bad guy again.

7 REAL: The Miz and Maryse


While he plays a huge arrogant jerk on screen, by all accounts Michael Mizanin is one of the nicest guys in the business. Likewise, Maryse loves being an arrogant lady herself but also has a good reputation. The Miz has won fans over as champion and is improving more as a mid-card guy than a main eventer. He and Maryse are not just a big couple in WWE but have their own reality TV show. They are a truly loving couple raising a family to show how good the Miz really is.

6 FAKED: Dawn Marie and Al Wilson


This was one pretty wild storyline. In 2003, Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson had been feuding over who was the hotter lady on SmackDown. Marie decided to seduce Torrie’s father, Al. This led to some truly nutty stuff of the two carrying on constantly before a horrified Torrie which culminated in a wild wedding. Afterward, it was said Al passed away after a vigorous honeymoon even though the real man was very much alive. Wilson passed on for real in 2019 and kept having to explain to people that he and Dawn were never a real couple.

5 REAL: Rusev and Lana


Lana is a throwback to the days when Americans posed as “evil Russians.” With her gorgeous legs, blonde hair and accent, she was the mouthpiece for Russian monster Rusev (who’s actually Bulgarian). The two were in a feud where Lana turned on Rusev to join with Dolph Ziggler so Rusev got Summer Rae as his new girlfriend. But just as it was getting going, Lana posted an Instagram message on her and Rusev engaged in real life. The two are now married and while they acknowledge it on screen, Lana still keeps the fake accent.

4 FAKED: Stephanie McMahon and Test


Andrew Martin was one of those guys who seemed ready to break out as a star but could never quite make it. WWE pushed him hard including when he asked out Stephanie (then portrayed as an innocent young woman) on a date. They were going around a lot to the point of some fans wondering if it was for real. Their in-ring wedding was ruined by Triple H claiming to have tricked Stephanie into marrying him earlier. As it happened, it was all a set-up by the duo and poor Test never quite recovered from this heartbreak.

3 REAL: John Cena and Nikki Bella


John Cena has been linked to a few women in WWE but it looked like he and Nikki Bella were for real. The feisty beauty and her twin sister Brie had been getting fame thanks to Total Divas and their own spin-off. She and Cena teamed together to face The Miz and Maryse at Wrestlemania 33. After their win, Cena proposed to Nikki in the ring and she accepted. Sadly, the two split in late 2018 yet were a big power couple for the company.

2 FAKED: Cien Almas and Zelina Vega


In 2018, Cien Almas was on a bad losing streak in NXT and made out to be a guy wasting his potential. Zelina Vega came in as his agent who got Almas to focus on his wrestling. That paid off with Almas winning the NXT title and some great matches. Rumors buzzed that the on-air partnership between the duo was for real but each quickly shot it down. Almas is dating Charlotte Flair while Vega is married to Aleister Black (who, ironically, beat Almas for the NXT title). Thus, this partnership is just for show.

1 REAL: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon


Vince McMahon had always said there was no way he would let his daughter date a wrestler. However, he was a fan of HHH as the guy rose and also made very sure Hunter wasn’t just trying to get ahead by dating the boss’ daughter. The duo became an on-screen couple that the fans quickly loved to hate. They played at being “divorced” but later on screen and dominating as the Authority. They’re also parents and it seems HHH groomed to take over when Vince leaves to show how much of a power couple they are.

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