WWE: 17 Things About Bayley’s Character That Make No Sense

Wrestling heel turns rarely make much sense. Usually, it means a babyface hero will turn their back on their morals, and there's no explanation or reason for it. But there is something different with Bayley's heel turn...

Bayley, who is the SmackDown Women's Champion, didn't change her identity as a character at all. She had the same mannerisms and still came out with the same music blaring through the arena. She smiled in the ring and talked to the crowd like she was a babyface. However, she's used flawed, heel logic to justify her attack on Lynch, which made her a heel. It would've been easy for her to actually start acting like a heel, but that complete personality switchover always seems strange. However, there are some flaws to Bayley's character that doesn't make any sense.

17 A Lifelong WWE Fan - With None Of The Classic Moves

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Bayley has supposedly been a lifelong fan of WWE. So why doesn't she have any extraordinary moves? At the very least she should be using some, if not all, of the classic moves she has been watching her entire life. Not only would it make her character more believable, it would also give her an almost endless supply of moves - especially if she modified them to make them her own.

16 Speaking Of Moves... Her Finisher Is Awful

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If a Superstar's go-to finishing move is used by plenty of other Superstars as just merely a move in their bag of tricks, it's not really selling the concept of that finisher being devastating. That's the case with the Bayley to Belly, which in reality is just a belly to belly suplex.

15 She's Supposed To Be Tough, Yet For A While She Was Portrayed As Weak

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Her entire feud with Alexa made Bayley look weak and indecisive, incapable of showing a powerful response in the ring or even on the mic during the promos. It's almost as if they actually tried to kill her character. Since then she's come back a lot stronger... until she's given a microphone that is.

14 Supposedly A Role Model To Girls, Then Acts Like A Coward

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There have been a few instances where she's run away with her tail between her legs. This has resulted in lots of fans thinking she's some kind of adult-child and that her character hasn't seen any growth since her NXT debut. She should be allowed to be who she is - the hero who will always fight fair but will break her opponent if she has to.

13 For A While Her Character Was Neither Here Nor There

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Bayley's fan-favorite gimmick has gotten to be incredibly stale over the past couple of years, and the fans truly reacted to her gimmick in a positive way was when she appeared to turn heel. WWE, however, took their time before finally following up on that heel turn, leaving her and her career in limbo with fans growing sick and tired of her over-the-top, happy-go-lucky character.

12 She Worked Because She Was An Underdog

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A lot of the reason why Bayley works is that she is a plucky underdog who never gives up. Having her be dominant - even giving her the title - makes no sense, and it's far more interesting to see her as an enduring "loser" - as she was in NXT, and as she always has been to a lot of her fans.

11 Misplaced Loyalty?

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Bayley teamed with Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch to face off against WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Bayley's former partner, Sasha Banks, interfered and attacked Lynch. Banks was gonna hit Lynch with a steel chair, Bayley stopped her, before assaulting Lynch herself with the chair. The following night on SmackDown, Bayley justified her actions, explaining that she helped Banks because of their friendship.

10 Sasha Partnership

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Sasha Banks and Bayley worked well together. They had a natural chemistry, probably because of their real-life friendship and having them together actually made a lot of sense. There was never any reason for them to break up in the first place, and while Bayley’s loyalty has been shown, it remains to be seen how it will all fit in with the storyline.

9 The Character Doesn’t Fit

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The big question right now is whether or not she'll fit into her new role. After all, she is the most natural babyface we’ve seen in the WWE for years. That unproven quality in Bayley is something that's just a little worrying because we can't necessarily trust WWE to change a lot of the aspects of her character.

8 Charlotte Feud Confusion

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For a while, everyone was talking about Charlotte Flair as the heel in her rivalry with Bayley over the SmackDown Women’s Championship. And then they all had to retune their brains to consider some other possibilities. We're still not sure this twist was a clever move, only time will tell we suppose?

7 Golden Opportunity Gone

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We felt that the correct way to turn either Bayley or Sasha Banks heel would’ve been for one of them to attack the other. While we got that during their recent ‘extended’ feud before they went after the Women’s Tag Team Titles, there wasn’t really a conclusion to it and both women just kind of made up and remained as babyfaces/tweeners.

6 Most Wins

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Bayley is constantly showing technical improvement in the ring... but is she really at the point where she's good enough to be the titleholder? We don't think so! Well past the halfway point of 2019, Bayley is leading the way in WWE when it comes to match victories. This makes no sense seeing how limited her skills are, even with her massive improvement... and cheating.

5 Uneven And Uncertain Promos

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Bayley’s babyface promos have always been a little bit unsteady and unconvincing, which makes us worry about the quality we’ll get from her heel performance. There is, of course, a possibility that she is finally going to find her rhythm on the microphone, but it would perhaps be better if she took on the strong and silent role?

4 The Turn Of The Four Horsewomen

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The Four Horsewomen came up together and WWE fans know that. But what they may never have expected is that three of the four are now heels and the most unlikely villain of the trio is Bayley, who now has the hardest road to travel. While it’s still extremely early in the process, there’s plenty of reason to doubt whether or not all of this is going to work.

3 Boring Look

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For someone who has such a colorful personality, her look is boring and a total rip-off of John Cena from a decade ago. Even going as far as getting the nickname 'The Doctor of Hugonomics', you know, since Cena was the Doctor of Thugonomics. Hopefully, now that she's turned bad maybe we get to see her presenting herself in a different manner?.

2 Merchandise Issues

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Bayley has had some of the most popular merch in WWE, but now that she's a heel, she better prepare to cut down on her expenses. Heels do not make as much money from merchandising as babyfaces do - unless you’ve got a truly awesome shirt - so from a financial standpoint, turning heel is literally risky business.

1 WWE Is The Biggest Concern

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WWE is perhaps the biggest concern regarding the future of her career. Will the company spotlight Bayley the way she needs, or will her booking fail, as it has failed so many before her? If WWE does not fully get behind her and give her the right moments to shine, then Bayley’s new turn will not work. She will ultimately fall flat and WWE will be forced to turn her back once again.

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