10 Wrestler Kids Who Are More Jacked Than Their Parents (And 8 Who Don’t Measure Up)

It’s common for kids to follow in the same footsteps as their dads when it comes to finding a career. After watching their parents compete in the WWE, WCW, or even on an amateur level, the offspring of wrestlers often decide to get in the ring too.

Many of these kids have gone on to become full-fledged wrestlers who’ve made a name for themselves inside the ring, attained fame and, in some cases, even managed to get more ripped than their wrestler dads. Then there are those who, despite turning into accomplished wrestlers in their own right, never manage to get more jacked than their dads, even after they’ve left the sport behind.

We’re going to look at the kids of wrestlers who got more jacked than their dads along with those that didn’t, across all wrestling levels.

18 More Jacked: Cedric Rougeau

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Jacques Rougeau had a good run in the WWE. According to Wrestling Inc, he was an intercontinental and tag team champion. Now, his son Cedric is giving the wrestling world all he’s got. It certainly shows when sizing him up to his dad today, as he’s a lot more jacked.

17 Doesn’t Measure Up: Charlotte Flair

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Out of Ric Flair’s two wrestling kids, Charlotte Flair is the most accomplished of the pair. No one doubts her skills or what she’s capable of accomplishing in the ring. While she’s definitely ripped, she doesn’t have the same jacked physique as her dad does, who’s legendary wrestler Ric Flair.

16 More Jacked: Heather Patera

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In an interview with ProWrestling.net, Heather Patera didn't hold back in criticizing the WWE for the way it portrays Divas. “These women are themselves when they walk out that curtain, gives the fans something different than a 115-pound cookie cutter half wrestler," said Patera. “Shoot, I’m sitting at 160 lbs, 5’4.” Definitely not your typical TV female wrestler.”

15 Doesn’t Measure Up: Xia Brookside

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Not only is Xia Brookside the daughter of Robbie Brookside— the former WWE wrestler— she was also the youngest competitor in the WWE at one point, according to TV Insider. She may have the looks and guts to compete in the WWE, but she doesn’t quite have the muscles her dad did.

14 More Jacked: Colt Toombs

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Colt Toombs shares the same passion for wrestling that his father, Rowdy Roddy, did. Roddy was a big deal in Canada, and today, his son carries on his father’s legacy by wrestling. Sadly, Roddy passed away in July 2015. While some still spotted Roddy around the ring, as in this photo, Colt had managed to get more ripped than his dad did. (Huffington Post)

13 Doesn’t Measure Up: David Finlay

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There’s a reason David Finlay didn’t take on his father’s ring name, Fit Finlay Jr., as he’s not exactly as chiseled as his old man once was. According to ROH Wrestling, David is making his debut in ROH later this year, while his dad wrestled in both WWE and WCW.

12 More Jacked: Mark and Thomas Billington

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This next entry is two for the price of one. Tommy Billington, best known as The Dynamite Kid, was a WWE tag team champion. Sadly, he recently passed away in December 2018. Yet his legacy lives on. In addition to his wrestling daughter, Bronwyne Billington, he’s also got two nephews, Mark and Thomas, who're both ripped. (Liverpool Echo)

11 Doesn’t Measure Up: Sean Studd

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Big John Studd wasn’t exactly known for having a jacked physique, thus leaving behind less intimidating shoes for his son, Sean Studd, to fill. Then again, Sean could possibly try a little more to look in shape (even though it’s not exactly necessary for wrestlers). At least he’s motivated, saying in an interview after his first match, “I got legacy blood in me.” (YouTube Title Match Wrestling)

10 More Jacked: Cody Hall

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Cody Hall may not be a household name, but his dad certainly proved his mettle in the WWF and WCW. Scott Hall (also known as Razor Ramon in WWF) must have made an impression on Cody at a young age, who followed in his dad’s footsteps. While Scott still looks to be in shape, his son Cody already has him beat in the physique department. (Sportskeeda)

9 More Jacked: Tama Tonga

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Tama Tonga is toiling as a wrestler and making a name for himself in smaller organizations such as New Japan and Puerto Rico's World Wrestling Council. His adoptive dad, Haku, has got his back every step of the way. He’s even wearing a “Bullet Club” shirt, which is the same group Tonga is with. (Watching The Indies)

8 Doesn’t Measure Up: Brutus Beefcake - Baby Beefcake

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It’s common for the kids of wrestlers to enter the ring at some point. Wrestling Inc reports that Baby Beefcake, who’s the daughter of Brutus Beefcake, has wrestling ambitions of her own. She’s not exactly ripped, though. At least she has music to fall back on, since the same source notes she’s a classically trained musician.

7 More Jacked: Rachael Ellering

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Wrestler turned manager, Paul Ellering, has given the WWE years of service. In turn, his daughter Rachael has also dedicated herself to the sport she loves. These days, Paul Ellering has lost a lot of the muscle mass he had when he was a wrestler. In the meantime, his daughter only gets more jacked with each ring appearance.

6 Doesn’t Measure Up: Bronwyne Billington

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The daughter of Tom Billington, who’s better known by his moniker “The Dynamite Kid,” has what it takes to be a wrestler like her dad— she just doesn’t have the same guns he did. She shared in an interview with The British Wrestling Revival Blog, “I have pictures of me at the age of 3 with Macho Man and Elizabeth.”

5 More Jacked: Dakota Darsow

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Like his father, Barry, before him, Dakota Darsow has been making a name for himself. He’s wrestled in the WWE and TNA Impact Wrestling, which both raised his profile. Without a doubt, these opportunities have also helped him get ripped— even more so than his dad, who looks like he's enjoying retirement. (WrestlingFigs)

4 Doesn’t Measure Up: David Benoit

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The story surrounding wrestler Chris Benoit’s passing back in 2007 is tragic. Yet in focusing on his wrestling career alone, he managed to make a name for himself and got jacked in the process. His son, David, is now following in his dad’s footsteps, albeit without the jacked physique. We’ll give him a pass though, considering he’s still on the rise.

3 More Jacked: Leland Race

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Leland Race isn’t exactly the most ripped wrestler around, but neither was dear old dad for that matter. Wrestlers don’t need to look Adonis-like to be successful though. Already, Leland Race looks more ripped than his hall of fame dad was. Sadly, Harley passed away just this past August. (Sportskeeda)

2 Doesn’t Measure Up: Juventud "Juvi" Guerrera

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Without a doubt, Juventud’s inspiration for getting in the ring and making a career out of wrestling was his own dad, Fuerza Guerrera. There’s no denying that Juventud has the physique, but it’s not on the same level as his dad’s. He’s still got a ways to go before he reaches that point.

1 More Jacked: Dillon Eaton

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Dillon Eaton was just 17-years-old when he made his wrestling debut in 2006. Since then, he’s managed to make his wrestling dad proud with wins at South Atlantic Wrestling and World 1 Wrestling events. His dad, Bobby Eaton, carries a little more around the waist these days while his son continues to gain muscle. (Online World of Wrestling)

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