20 Worst Things The Kardashians Ever Did To Their Staff

The Kardashian-Jenner family is probably the closest thing to a royal family that North America has. Think about it— they’re everywhere. You can’t open your television, scroll through social media, or flip through a magazine without seeing some trace of a Kardashian or Jenner.

With all the access we have into their day-to-day lives, you would think we would get a better look at their staff, the people that make their lives run as smoothly as humanly possible. And that only happens because of the crazy things their employees do for them— and sometimes it gets pretty ridiculous.

If you’re wondering about 20 of the worst things the Kardashians have ever done to their staff, you should keep reading.

20 Got Yelled At By Kris For Forgetting To Buy Broccoli


We all know that Kris Jenner is way too busy to do her own grocery shopping, so she obviously has someone to do her shopping for her. Just don’t forget anything on her list, because she might yell at you, like she yelled at an employee for forgetting the broccoli.

19 Forbidding People From Wearing Perfume In Kourtney’s House


Some people have sensitive noses when it comes to scents or fragrances, and it looks like Kourtney Kardashian is one of those rare people. According to a former housekeeper, the eldest Kardashian told her staff that no one was allowed to wear perfume because she didn’t like how it smelled.

18 Needing To Change Kim’s Sheets Daily


When you employ dozens upon dozens of housekeepers, why not have your bedsheets changed every day by the help? Kim Kardashian does just that! But, they are not just any sheets, oh no. Kim only uses  the finest white silk sheets, and they absolutely must be a fresh, new set.

17 Scrubbing Make-up Stains Off Of Kim’s Sheets


When you only use white bed linens, there’s bound to be a stain or two left behind, especially when you consistently wear as much make-up as Kim Kardashian does. It turns out that her sheets are always covered in mascara and foundations stains, which sounds difficult to clean, but the job has to get done.

16 Kylie Leaving Stormi With A Nanny To Go To Paris


Though Kylie Jenner initially refused to employ a nanny for her daughter, Stormi, she did not seem to have any trouble whatsoever with leaving her daughter in the care of one so she could visit her then boyfriend Travis Scott, who, at the time, was playing a show in Paris.

15 Kourtney Throwing A Title-Induced Tantrum


Kourtney Kardashian is very particular in the way she runs her household, both on and off the screen. But probably one of the most bizarre requests she has for her staff is to call her Madam, even going so far as to throw a hissy fit when someone called her Kourtney. Yikes!

14 Lowering Nanny’s Salaries For Waking Kim And Kanye Up During The Night


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West really seem to value their beauty sleep and do not want it to be disturbed. As it turns out, nannies on night duty with the children need to try their best not to wake them. If they should do so, their paychecks can take a major blow.

13 Wash Kanye’s Wet-With-Sweat T-Shirt


The idea that celebrities smell of rainbows and roses all the time is not true. One former Kardashian housekeeper admitted that she was once asked to wash West’s white T-shirt that was emanating a major stench of body odor, soaking wet armpit stains. Laundry is typical nanny housekeeping work, but this seems a bit too far.

12 Kim Made Her Nanny (And North) Eat At A Separate Table


If North West hoped that she’d be able to spend some one-on-one time with her mother and father over dinner, we've got some bad news for the tyke. Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian makes her daughter sit at a separate table with her nanny when they go to dine out. Poor little North!

11 Kourtney’s Tendency To Micromanage


Kourtney Kardashian makes it very clear that her number one priority in life above all else is the wellbeing of her children. So, we’re not all that surprised that she hovers over her nannies as they look after her children. But we get it! Sometimes, it’s hard to relinquish mom duties.

10 Kris' Uber-Specific Coffee Order Every Morning


Kris Jenner is naturally a fairly busy woman, and she needs her coffee so she can have enough energy for the long day ahead. Back in the day, Jenner used to require her staff to bring her Starbuck’s breakfast blend to her door, on a tray at 5 a.m. sharp.

9 Leave Them To Take Care Of Their Pets


Everyone knows how strong an owner’s love for their pet can ultimately be, but apparently the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s love doesn’t run that deep. Apparently, when any of the sisters get fed up with taking care of their pet, they just hand off their duties to one of the staff members.

8 Kylie Making Her Nannies Wash Their Hands 24/7


Washing your hands and keeping your hygiene in check is always a good thing regardless of where or who you work with, but sometimes it can be too much. Apparently, Kylie Jenner is a major germaphobe and has her nannies constantly washing their hands. Anything that keeps the germs away!

7 They Are On Call At All Times

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If you plan on working for the Kardashian-Jenner family, you better be okay with being able to drop whatever it is that you’re doing at all times of day. The Kardashian-Jenners need to know that you’ll be able to be at their side at the drop of a hat— wherever, whenever.

6 Take The Blame When Things Go Wrong


In an interview with Refinery29, one of Kim Kardashian’s former assistants, Stephanie Sheperd, shared that, despite the job having its moments, it wasn’t nearly as glamorous as it may have seemed. She explained that she would be the one who would have to take the fall if anything went wrong.

5 There Can Be Nothing Less Than Perfection From People Working For Kris


Kris Jenner is a woman who has achieved a lot for herself and her family, so be prepared to jump through hoops for her. Former employees of Jenner have said that she expects nothing less than perfection from her staff. And if you fail, you will definitely hear about it.

4 Kanye Basically Ignoring Anyone Who Works For Them


Kanye doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to sit down with someone and make small talk about sports or the weather. But, we had no clue that he was so reclusive that he doesn’t even speak to the nannies that help Kim and him with the children whenever they travel.

3 Everyone Must Walk Behind Kim


If you’ve ever seen street style or paparazzi snaps of Kim Kardashian, you’ll probably notice one reoccurring incident: everyone is always walking behind her. This alleged rule she implemented makes total sense! When you look that good at all times, how could you not want to be front and center?

2 Be Ready To Build Things


In that very same Refinery29 interview, Stephanie Sheperd further divulged that during the early days of her employment under Kim who was, at the time, pregnant with North West, she was building strollers, among fulfilling other tasks. She was just trying to prove her worth to the Kardashian and West family.

1 Kris Speaking To Her Staff Harshly


Anyone who’s even remotely familiar with the Kardashian-Jenner family knows that Kris Jenner is as intense of a "momager" and businesswoman as they come. So, it’s only natural that once in a while she pops her top and lets herself get angry, only for the employees get the brunt of it.

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