10 Of the Worst Breakups On The Bachelor That Broke Our Hearts

The Bachelor and its spin-offs like Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelorette are reality TV shows in which people all come together to try to win over the heart of the main cast member that season.

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They go on dates and adventures as they try to show the bachelor or bachelorette of the season that the two of them are simply meant to be. It's so romantic! But unfortunately, it doesn't always work out. Whether it's on the show or after, the two of them can sometimes realize things just aren't working out. To see 10 of the worst breakups in Bachelor history, keep reading!

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10 Olivia & Ben

Even though most rose ceremonies on The Bachelor take place at the end of an episode with all the girls present, there are some special episodes in which the bachelor is forced to choose between the two girls he's on a date with. The producers of the show really know how to create memorable TV!

During season 20 of The Bachelor, Ben was on a date with Olivia and Emily. Although Olivia was confident that Ben returned her feelings, she found herself left alone on an island after he chose Emily instead. Ouch!

9 Andi & Josh

There are many public breakups that involve two people that aren't exactly open with what happened between them. But since Andi was on The Bachelorette, it's not surprising that she wasn't exactly closed off about the details of her personal life.

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After choosing Josh over Nick Viall, it seemed like these two were going to be together forever. It didn't work out and Andi went on to talk about him in her book. In it, she spilled the details of how he really felt about competing with other guys for her heart.

8 Cassie & Colton

This breakup is one that no fan of The Bachelor is ever going to forget about. After Colton jumped over that fence and was nowhere to be seen, we had no idea how the season was going to go on!

Cassie and Colton's breakup didn't just impact this couple but it also caused Colton to break up with the other two contestants on the show in order to prove how truly serious he was about trying to get Cassie back. Luckily, this breakup wasn't forever after all but it was still intense.

7 Courtney & Ben

This couple is one that no fan of The Bachelor was exactly surprised by but it's still one of the more interesting ones that the franchise has seen to date! On season 16, Ben chose Courtney, the villain of the series who went on to give her memoir the iconic title I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends.

Unfortunately, the couple only lasted a few months before they announced that they had called off their engagement and moved on with other people.

6 Nikki & Juan Pablo

Unlike many of the other breakups that have come from The Bachelor and its spin-offs, this is one that not many members of Bachelor Nation were particularly upset about. Let's be honest, Juan Pablo wasn't great during the season that he was on.

Things seemed to begin going downhill for this couple during the After the Rose ceremony when Juan Pablo refused to answer a question about whether or not he loved Nikki. The two of them even appeared on Couples Therapy before calling it quits.

5 Emily & Kalon

Part of being on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is getting to know the other people on the show and hopefully, find out that they're the one for you. Of course, not everyone who goes on the show is totally compatible.

Kalon and Emily definitely fall into the category of people who were less than right for each other. While on their series, Kalon made a pretty big blunder when he told the other contestants that he considered Emily's daughter to be "baggage." Not cool, Kalon!

4 Kaitlyn & Nick

Prior to Kaitlyn being named the bachelorette of her season of The Bachelor spin-off, Nick Viall says he had already been talking to her pretty regularly. But unfortunately, this didn't give their relationship any sort of advantage.

Nick appeared on Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette when he came to New York City to go on a date with her and accepted her offer to become one of the cast members. Unfortunately, at the end of the series, she ended up choosing Shawn over him. Ouch!

3 Vienna & Jake

Fans of The Bachelor will remember that the season premiere of JoJo's season of The Bachelorette featured a mystery guest that Bachelor Nation wasn't too pleased about.

That mystery man was Jake, a former contestant who had been on another season of The Bachelorette and then The Bachelor, the latter of which ended with a major breakup between Jake and a contestant named Vienna. Only a few weeks after the end of the season, they called off their engagement with a storm of rumors and accusations back and forth. Yikes!

2 Melissa & Jason

Bachelor Nation was shocked when Arie changed his mind about the woman he had chosen at the end of his season of The Bachelor but major fans of the series will remember that this actually happened once before.

On season 13, Jason had chosen Melissa and it really seemed like things were going to work out for the happy couple. Unfortunately for Melissa, Jason told Chris Harrison that he thought he made the wrong choice and couldn't get Molly off his mind, prompting a breakup.

1 Lacy & Marcus

This breakup is one that no one saw coming. Lacy and Marcus appeared on Bachelor in Paradise together and while things seemed super romantic and like these two were going to live happily ever after following their super romantic wedding on a beach in Mexico, that's not how things actually turned out for them.

The two of them weren't legally married after that ceremony and after returning home, Lacy apparently got cold feet because she avoided ever making the nuptials official.

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