Working Out In A Group Helps Commitment To A Fitness Program

Exercising has always served as a solo activity for many. However, working out in a group has proven to work wonders to assist people in creating commitments to their fitness regime. We’ve all gone for a run and then vowed never to run again because we’re exhausted. What’s more tempting? Going to the gym alone or curling up on the couch and watching Netflix? We definitely think the Netflix option sounds good. However, what would the answer be if exercise was done in a group?

According to outlet Aberdeen News, exercising with other people can help create and strengthen a commitment to a selected fitness program. Aberdeen Family YMCA group fitness director, Terrill Meier, has stated that if a form of exercise is exhausting, and generally no fun at all, most wouldn’t go back to it. Though, if one exercises in a group, they are more likely to keep at it.

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Aberdeen News reports that motivation increases when individuals choose group workouts. If 10 people exercise in a group, it's likely that the same 10 people may return to exercise together again. Meier also said that to keep motivated, you need to have a large variety of activities to do while you’re at the gym. If there is nothing diverse in a routine and you become bored by whatever workouts you're used to, what’s the point of sticking around? Not everyone can find enjoyment from doing pushups or crunches for hours on end!

In order to be motivated to get active, enroll in fitness classes where there are a variety of different activities. For example, a Zumba or yoga class will have different activities planned each time you show up. Also, most classes don’t include a fitness level, so anyone can attend no matter what their abilities might be. What’s also great about taking fitness classes is that they can be incorporated into an individual’s schedule. Large gyms that offer group classes are usually open relatively late and have classes going regularly throughout the day.

Meier mentioned as well that your physical appearance doesn’t matter, fitness has to do the most important muscle: the heart. If you can find a fun and social way to keep up a fitness routine, your heart will thank you!


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