This Wooden Picnic Bag Is The Summer's Must Have Accessory

There is a wooden "picnic basket" inspired bag that is quickly becoming the summer’s must have, thanks to its insane popularity on Instagram.

Fashion bloggers are going crazy over this new wooden picnic basket bag. Yes, you read that correctly, it is a bag but it is completely made out of wood and resembles a picnic basket. Although it is just now gaining attention in the United States, the design originated back in Japan in the 1940’s. Wowza are we late to the game or what?

Here are a couple of things you should know about this very interesting new bag taking over your social media feed. It is structured exactly the way it is shown in the photos, meaning it is full of holes. When you look at the bag you can see there are plenty of see-through spots, which was completely done as part of the design. Fashion buffs, if you purchase this item make sure to know your personal items will be on display for everyone to see, just a little heads up!


As with most trendy items, the wooden picnic basket is available from a few different places, with varying pricing. Nordstrom offers the Small Noah’s Ark Handbag. It is described as airy, functional and surprisingly durable, in addition to being lovely looking. Oh it is also referred to as a "cage of striped bamboo" and is priced at $148.

Via Pinterest

Those that are looking to not spend almost $150 on a wooden picnic inspired bag do have another option. Amazon has a number of less expensive options ranging from $35-$65 depending on how big of a bag you want.

It is very interesting to see this particular design become the summer’s must have  Although some fashion bloggers have talked about carrying it as their own personal bag, it would seem as though it would be more beneficial as beach tote bag. But to be completely honest, the whole concept is kind of lost on us, we are not really seeing the appeal of what is being called the trendy summer bag. Hello, there are holes everywhere how would you keep your stuff secure? But we will have to try it to see!

What do you think, yay or nay on wooden picnic basket inspired bag?


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