Two Women Steal $3,000 Worth Of Beauty Products From Texas Ulta

Police in Montgomery, Texas is looking for two women who reportedly stole $3,000 worth of makeup and beauty products from massive makeup store, Ulta Beauty. The Montgomery police department took to Twitter to share a press release which shows photos of the two women, taken from the store's surveillance camera. The statement also reveals that the suspects left the scene by car.

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The police are relying heavily on the help from the public, and using Twitter to spread the word quicker is an excellent idea as people tend to be more forthcoming over the internet than they would typically be in person. This way they increase the chances of someone identifying the two women, and according to reports, tips are already coming in. Police departments using social media is nothing new, but it is also a great way to humanize the force and initiate conversation with civilians.

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According to Teen Vogue, the Ulta Beauty thieves made sure to cover all makeup and beauty products imaginable, and among the stolen items were: eyeshadow palettes, foundation, concealers, blush, and eyeliners. Phew! Once arrested, at least it's safe to assume they will look great on their mugshots.

For those who think $3,000 sounds like a lot to spend on makeup, think again! We all remember when Kylie Jenner went in and dropped $1,200 on makeup in Sephora just like that, and beauty junkies all over the world were green with envy. Although hefty, this theft at Ulta Beauty is nothing new. In 2017 a woman in Annapolis was arrested after getting caught shoplifting $247 worth of makeup, allegedly to gift her daughter. Also in 2017, but in the UK, a woman was caught shoplifting makeup and beauty products from pharmacy and beauty retailer Boots, at a value of £5,000.

Makeup is expensive, and it is frequently listed as one of the most shoplifted items. Stealing beauty products or makeup might seem harmless enough, but it could actually have you end up having to pay a big fine or even end up in jail. As tempting as it might seem, to slide a lipgloss into your pocket is just not worth it!

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