Women Are Embracing Their "Thigh Brows" In New Viral Instagram Trend (But What Are They?)

Women across the internet are showing their body positivity by embracing their thigh brows, but what does that mean?

Thanks to celebrities like Ashley Graham and Tyra Banks #thighbrow has taken over Instagram. If you are unsure what a thigh brow is, don't worry you are not alone. The hashtag was created to encourage women to accept and embrace the pesky roll of skin over their thighs, AKA the thigh brow. Most women notice it when they are sitting or bending forward and guess what it doesn't matter what your body size is. Thigh brow happens to all women.


#thighbrow began as a way to combat the not so positive trend of #thighgap that recently blew up on social media. Instead of body shaming those who don't have a thigh gap, the new trend is all about supporting those with a lack of the thigh gap.

Technically thigh brow is not a new term but thanks to Graham and Banks, it is making a comeback. On her Instagram page, the plus size model showed a video of America's Next Top Model judge running her finger along the area to showcase the thigh brow area. Since the post went viral, several women who follow both stars have joined in the new hashtag. Women are not only posting pictures of their thigh brow but also expressing their love for the trend. These beautiful ladies are putting the thigh gap trend on the back burner, exactly where it belongs.

Social media has proven to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to showcasing how to be body positive. It has given women and men alike, a platform to encourage the love and acceptance of one's body. It is always nice to see a positive body trend take the lead over a negative one. Two beautiful and famous ladies may have started #thighbrow, but it is those courageous women without a fan base that are making this body positive trend a success.

Ladies, it is time to stop worrying about the thigh gap and embrace the thigh brow. Now go check out yours, because you know that is precisely what you are doing to do, and accept it, as well as love it!

What do you think about the #thighbrow trend?

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