This Woman Used Eyelash Glue To Repair Her Smile

One Australian woman came up with an amazing, yet unusual way to fix her smile. She used eyelash glue.

“A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do” is a motto so many of us women follow today. Well, an Australian publicist took that sentiment to a whole new level when she used eyelash glue to fix her smile. Roxy Jacenko used Instagram to tell the story about how she found another use for the glue, besides simply putting false eyelashes on.


Jacenko explained to her 215,000 followers that she fell on her bathroom floor and cracked two of her font teeth on the side of the bathtub. She found some $9 DUO lash glue and decided to use that to stick her teeth back together. Her very imaginative solution was discovered as she let her followers know she had finally found a more permanent fix for her smile than the eyelash glue.

“4 months after breaking two of my front teeth in half from falling on to the bath I have teeth again thank you @dfydental no longer will I be adhering my teeth with eyelash glue," she captioned the Instagram post.

The PR queen definitely knows how to spin a tale but this one is quite amazing. She did not reveal how many times she had to use the glue on her teeth. Thankfully, now that she has sought out help from what we can hope is a dentist, she will no longer be fixing her own teeth. However, she has now introduced the world to a whole other purpose for eyelash glue.

"OMG, can you imagine adhering your teeth with DUO eyelash glue borrowed from the person doing your makeup ahead of a fashion week show. It was funny! And who knew how multipurpose good old eyelash glue actually was," the 37-year-old shared with the Daily Mail.

Via Roxy Jacenko Instagram

Although everything worked out fine for Roxy Jacenko, dentist Dr. Maddahi sent out a reminder it is always important to seek dental assistance first. He warns the glue could cause an infection, even though Jacenko reassured her followers she had no issue using the eyelash glue to fix her smile. It is not a permanent fix but could work in a pinch until one has time to get to the dentist.


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