A Wine Bottle Pool Float For Vino Loving Pool Goers

The first official day of spring was just a couple of days ago and you know what that means - summer is just around the corner! If you want to be prepared and ahead of your fellow wine-loving friends on the social media front, you can step up your game by ordering a wine bottle pool float to fill up your feed with photos of you luxuriously stretching out in the sun on a gigantic vinyl wine bottle. Heaven, right?

The inflatable pool relaxation product comes in a variety of "flavors". So, you can choose your favorite, OR order them all and have your inflatable pool toy "bar" stocked the next time your friends come over for a pool party. Or, pack them up in an Uber en route to the ocean on your next boozy beach day.

via popsugar

The pool float is 7.5 feet of fun in the sun and the size is perfect for comfortably resting your entire body unless you are taller than the average Joe or Josephine. In which case, not to worry, you can turn the it "upside down" and rest your feet on the neck of the bottle.

In a world full of unicorn, donut, fire-breathing dragon, flamingo, high heel, emoji, and mermaid tail floats, it's clear that this is what mankind has been reduced to during the hotter months -- seeing who can get the coolest pool float and posting photos of it on social media. So why not be a little different this summer?

Now that there's a way that you can let all of your friends (and everyone at the public pool or beach) that you heart wine, why not take advantage? Unless of course, you have a thing for unicorn pool floats that can fit up to six or more people in which case, we completely understand. TheTalko wishes you a fun and safe summer this year!

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