Wild Broads: 16 Celebs You Never Knew Were Zoned Out All The Time

All too often as celebrities become more and more famous, their partying and substance use go up, too. In my opinion, it's even worse when stars become famous as kids (e.g. the Olsen Twins and Macaulay Culkin). Personally, until we can find a way to not screw them up for the rest of their lives, we shouldn't even have child stars because it seems like every single time the child has a lousy childhood and/or they get hooked on substances at an early age. We really need to stop doing this to children—it's not right.

As for the adult celebrities who accidentally get hooked on prescriptions, we can sorta get it. It’s stressful being an A list star. Everything you do is under intense scrutiny, all the time. Some just take the pills to help cope with their fame. Before they know it, these substances are used to help cope with everything. Just because these pills are prescribed, doesn't mean they can't be dangerous.

The celebrities included in the list may shock or surprise you, but we gotta remember: they’re human beings just like us.

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16 The Bigger Her Lips, The Worse The Behavior 

via Daily Mirror

Kylie Jenner is know as the most controversial of the Jenner/ Kardashian sisters. Tabloids back in 2015 would often bash the celeb for her quickly changing looks as well as her wild behavior. Not only were her lips getting bigger by the day, but she was often caught (underage) partying with her friends. Some sources say that she enjoys smoking some of that green, as, let's be honest, a lot of people do. The concerning part is that prescription pills have become a popular substance among millennials, and Jenner has been called out on enjoying them a little too much. As she has gotten older she seems to be calming down, and we understand that her level of fame must cause stress we wouldn't believe. We just hope that celebs aren't all automatically prescribed pills every time they see a shrink.

15 Brandi Glanville Needs Some Help To Chill Out Before Bed

via The Inquisitr

So, apparently there was an awkward, cringey dispute going on between Brandi Glanville, her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, and his current wife, LeAnn Rimes. Glanville accused  Rimes of stalking her and using her two kids to torment her. All of this was too much for Glanville who tweeted; "Super stressed the f*** out. Xanax and sleep happening now good night." There you have it—straight out of the horse's mouth. Rimes and Glanville have been feuding for years according to Glanville, and she's fed up with it. If she’s right about how Rimes has been treating her, then I’d be pretty fed up, too. It’s just that...it’s hard to know who’s in the right or wrong when it comes to Hollywood gossip. Let’s just hope that their children aren’t too emotionally damaged from all this messy drama. 

14 Heather Locklear Was "Out Of Control"

via National Enquirer

During an errand outing, Heather Locklear was seen driving around with her assistant. Many witnesses said she looked puffy-faced and zoned out. A lot of her fans were deeply concerned after seeing Locklear like this because of her history with alcohol and prescription drugs. She has had her string of romances end hastily, either landing her in a psych ward or back to her old bad habits. A source who claims to be close to Locklear said there's nothing to worry about: "...she’s healthy. She’s been playing a lot of tennis lately. There’s no need to worry.” Let’s hope we can trust this friend of hers and believe she is actually okay. It wouldn’t be shocking to find out the friend lied to protect Locklear's privacy.

13 Sarah Silverman And Her Lifelong Battle


Sarah Silverman has had a long battle with depression. When she was just 13 years old, her psychiatrist prescribed her pills to treat her depression. "I'm going to give you a prescription for something whenever you feel bad, you take one" she was told by her doctor. This was before tragedy struck. A hypnotist who shared an office with her psychiatrist came into the waiting room, sobbing, that her doctor had hung himself. I can't think of anything more traumatic for a teenage girl than that. Her early prescription use paved the way for a downward spiral turned into drug use. By the time she was 14 she was taking large doses almost daily. Today she applauds herself for her getting the help she needed to become sober.

12 Ashley Benson Needed Help

via CelebMafia

This Pretty Little Liars actress says she has a history of anxiety and panic attacks. She's not so good with groups either, usually retreating to the corner of the room to scroll through her phone which is ironic because she plays an iconic "IT" girl on the TV series. She told Health.com that she used to take pills for a long while before trying to find other ways to self-medicate. These days this star finds solace in exercising, meditation, and eating healthier. She is a perfect example of how sometimes we just need to take care of our bodies before resorting to drugs for help: the actress talks about her exercise regime these days, "Probably squats—and not for my butt but for my legs. We usually do circuit training, so I'll do 25 squats, then I'll run back and forth, and then I'll do lunges to the other side of the gym both ways, run, then squats. I can't move for days!" Good for her!

11 Winona Ryder Found With Eight Different Types On Her 

via nydailynews

Back in 2001, Winona Ryder was arrested for shoplifting thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and the cops found eight different painkillers on her. In 2007 she was interviewed by Vogue to explain what went down that day. She said that was the year her arm broke and her doctor prescribed her oxycodone (not to be confused with oxycontin) along with some other painkillers. What was really strange was that this happened a few months after Sept 11 and she was still getting a lot of attention for this scandal. Maybe Americans needed a distraction from the horrific acts that had taken place. Let's hope Ryder learned quite a bit from this whole embarrassing ordeal or at least let’s hope she is getting (or has gotten) the help she desperately needed.

10 David Beckham Zonked Out At Ed Sheeran Concert

via Unilad

David Beckham was seen at an Ed Sheeran concert enjoying himself possibly a little too much? There were a bunch of Twitter posts of him, starry-eyed and slack-jawed while watching the show. He seemed to be having a pretty good time to say the least. Some reports claim he was high on prescription drugs or intoxicated from alcohol consumption, while other reports say his droopy demeanor was from tiredness. Perhaps that truly was the case? Let's hope David Beckham doesn't make a habit of this in the future. We don't want him turning into the next Ozzy Osbourne, Brandi Glanville, or Brad Pitt. David Beckham has yet to comment on his state of mind at the concert. This pic was taken earlier this year, so he still has time to explain what the heck was going on.

9 Macaulay Culkin Spends Thousands Of Dollars A Month 

via US Magazine

Unfortunately, being a child star forced Macaulay Culkin to turn to prescription drugs. The National Enquirer reports that a few years back he was spending at least six thousand dollars a month on drugs. They also referred to his tiny New York City apartment as his "drug den". Many of his fans were deeply concerned for his well-being, despite his lawyers denying the amount of money he would spend of substances. The National Enquirer cites his breakup with Mila Kunis as the straw that broke the camel's back and has led to his downward spiral with drugs. One source calls Macaulay Culkin's case as a "real tragedy" and also saying that he only hangs out with junkies and lowlifes these days. Recent reports have shown a healthier looking version of Culkin, could he have cleaned up his act? We hope so. 

8 Brad Pitt Admits To A Rocky And Hazy Past

via National Enquirer

Brad Pitt has admitted that he has had a drugged up past in many tabloid interviews. During his filming of Inglorious Basterds, his costar Samm Levine couldn't believe how much Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino would drink, do drugs, and party during the film's production. Levine told Us Magazine that Brad Pitt was "A fine drinking buddy. Between Brad and Quentin, I would die of alcohol poisoning on day two if I had to keep up with those guys!” Wow, looks like those two were having a bit too much fun. Angelina Jolie wasn't impressed when during one of his intoxicated states he verbally abused one of their very own children. Not cool. It was probably for the best when Angelina Jolie filed for divorce a year ago.

7 Eminem Was Taking Pills "Every Day"

via Pop Dust

Eminem came out with a documentary a few years back which detailed his dark history of abuse with prescription drugs. He claims the addiction hit him out of nowhere. Since it wasn't like he was doing illegal substances, his descent into prescription use took him by surprise. He never expected his use to spiral out of control. He explains that if anyone called him out or said that he needed help he would say "Get that person outta here. I can't believe they said that to me." It was his short-sightedness that nearly cost him his life. His use of pills got so bad that he ended up in the hospital. It was that point that he realized he needed to turn his life around. We hope he can stay clean and sober. 

6 John Mayer Keeps Some In His Pocket At All Times

via Herb

In an interview with the Huffington Post, John Mayer, admits that he doesn't go anywhere without Xanax in his pocket. His reasoning? He told the post, "...you can create dark neighborhoods in your mind as easily as you can create rural wonderlands. And the day I realized that was one of the worst days of my life. It sent me on quite a spin. I went on a bender. An anxiety bender.” I totally get what he means. Sometimes illnesses of the mind are the result of years of thinking the wrong things. Maybe you're too worried about looks or maybe you're super worried about your assets and the kind of car you drive when really life is about the relationships you have throughout your life. And nothing can quite lock you away like an inferiority complex. John Mayer was right on the money when he gave that quote to the post.

5 Korn Band Member And The Magic Pill 

via YouTube

Korn band member, Jonathan Davis, has had a lot on his plate ever since he found out his son had diabetes: "My baby had diabetes and I was like, 'Oh my god, he's going to lose his feet and go blind.'" That would be enough to worry any parent. While the band was creating their album "The Paradigm Shift" poor Jonathan Davis was going through Benzodiazepine withdrawals. He sat down with the writers from Loudwire and told them, "stopped writing and listening to music and a lot of stuff that I love because I was really battling with this detox off of benzo's. It's a horrible drug; they call it Xanax at home, I don't know what it's called here [U.K.]. I was fighting having seizures, I was shaking all the time, I couldn't think. My brain, actually, was wired a certain way from the medicine so it had to rewire itself. I had one foot in reality and one foot out." Well, that's enough to scare just about anyone.

4 Ozzy Osbourne Was Prescribed More Than He Could Handle

via Esquire

Unfortunately, Ozzy Osbourne has had his fair share of substance abuse. Although, he's taken a lot more sinister substances than the behind the counter kind of drugs. He also spent a lot of time drinking in the 1970s, anything that would give him a buzz. In April 2013 he admitted to only being "44 days sober." According to the Telegraph, he had a doctor who "prescribed Ozzy with 13,000 doses of 32 different drugs in a year turned him into an incoherent, stumbling wreck." This led to him getting into an almost fatal quad-bike accident. Thankfully, this was a big wakeup call for the Black Sabbath singer. He’s been trying to get clean ever since. He had a little bit of a slip-up when learning of a close friend's illness, but these days he seems to be back on the track to recovery.

3 Lead Singer Of Aerosmith Relapses After 12 Years

via Selespeed

Aerosmith's lead singer Steven Tyler was nearly replaced by his bandmates because of his unpredictable behavior. It took his own teary-eyed son to tell him, "Dad, you were so high every night, and I was afraid," when he finally realized that he needed help. But before that, he would combine Lunesta and large doses of Xanax each day. This was right around when his own mother died which caused him to become depressed. This rockstar laments that often his band would come before his family which led to his divorce from his wife after 18 years: "the lesson of the last couple of years was that I really need to nurture the family I really got.” Thankfully, Steven Tyler has finally gotten a clue and is now remembering what's most important.

2 Stephen King Doesn’t Remember Writing Some of His Books

via Hashtag Maine - Bangor Daily New

During the 1980s his drug use was so serious that he doesn't remember writing Cujo which he mentioned in his memoir, On Writing. In fact, his family staged an intervention where they dumped all the evidence of his drug dependency, right in front of him. This included alcohol, cigarettes, and harsher substances, according to Wikipedia. In the late 1980s King (as stated in his memoir) took the initiative to get rid of all his old drug habits. Let's hope he remembers what he writes now and continues to stay on the path towards sobriety for his own sake and his family’s sake.The novel that he wrote during his sobriety was called "Needful Things" which came out in the early 1990s.

1 Stevie Nicks Describes Detox As "Hellish"

via Daily Mail

This singer has a lot to say about benzodiazepines. Although she has taken a lot harder drugs, she describes her withdrawals from benzodiazepine as "hellish". She claims one of the worst days of her life was when she walked into her psychiatrist's office and was prescribed Klonopin. To this day, this singer blames Klonopin as the reason she hasn't met someone yet or had a kid. That's a pretty big accusation. She described the drug turning her into a psychological zombie. Many people who take Klonopin say it gives them a sense of euphoria; however, the "comedown" is usually horrific and not worth the positive emotions it gives them. After all, it led to Stevie Nicks having to stay at Betty Ford hospital for about 45 days straight. Dang!

Source: Hollywood LifeInquistir, TheRichest, FoxNews

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