Wife Material: 21 Subtle Things She Does That’ll Make Him Fall In Love

Dating rituals are about as unique as the individuals in the relationship themselves. When it comes to finding that one particular person to settle down for the rest of our days, there are undoubtedly different strokes for different folks.

Everyone is looking for specific and unique qualities in a partner that tells them they have finally found their true love, the only person for them.

Sure, everyone is going to be attracted to different qualities in another human based on their own experiences and interests. Some people will discover that they feel drawn to homebodies who are ready to hunker down and raise a flock of kiddos while others will search for a partner who prepares for action and adventure at the drop of a dime. What elevates a girlfriend to possible wifey status varies greatly.

Here are twenty subtle things that ladies can try to do to help them make their man realize that he has hit the jackpot and better hurry up and put a ring on it. They might not all apply to one's personality, but it might not hurt to try a couple of these suggestions on for size, especially for a lady who is trying to lock it down with her man.

21 When She Raps Like A Boss In The Car

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You might think that you look downright silly spitting out the lyrics to a Jay Z tune, but your man thinks that it's about the most adorable thing that he has ever seen. Music is one of humanity’s great aphrodisiacs. To him, it shows that you can be playful and not take yourself so seriously sometimes.

It also makes him think that you can be vulnerable, especially considering you probably know two or three lines by heart and then mumble through the rest of the song like everybody else. If you want to win his heart, turn up the radio and belt out some tunes alongside him.

20 She Gets Into Your Sports, Even Though She Could Care Less About Them

Perhaps when it comes to sports, you aren't the most eager beaver. If watching football for seven hours straight on a Saturday is not your jam but it gives your man life, you might have to suck it up and become an avid sports fan.

He isn't stupid; he knows that you would rather be curled up on the couch instead of standing in the freezing rain at a Packers game, but his heart will burst at the sight of you standing there cheering for his favorite sports team right alongside him. Getting into your guy's sports is the ultimate sacrifice, and it won't go unnoticed by him.

19 Spreads The Joy To People In Her Life, Not Just You

It's great if your girlfriend is one of those people who makes it a point to make you happy in all sorts of little ways. No one is going to complain about that! If she makes it her life's work to spread happiness to other people in the world, not just you, then that is at a whole different level.

There is something so appealing about a woman who gives out more than she takes. Kindness tops the list of what men find most appealing about women. If she spends an afternoon with her grandma and volunteers at a shelter or with underprivileged children, you are going to learn to love and respect her. Both are cornerstone qualities for any stable relationship.

18 Be His Ultimate Fangirl And Support His Interests

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Ladies, if your man has his iron in several fires, you are going to want to up your fangirl abilities. Get out and support him if he plays in extracurricular sports. If he is into the theater and performing, make sure you catch a couple of his shows.

Whatever it is he does with his spare time, try and become a small part of it. You don't have to make all of his interests your interest—that is way too extra—but you should make him see that what is important to him is also important to you. Be there to cheerlead for him and also to listen to him talk about the things that spark his interest. Make sure he does the same for you.

17 Have A Stellar Sense of Humor

Everybody wants a partner that they can let their hair down with. Show the sillier side of your personality by showcasing your sense of humor. Goofing off speaks to your individuality and confidence. Let your guy know that life with you will never be boring.

When it comes to being the funny gal, try and create a balance by understanding when to be serious and when to crack him up. He will appreciate how you can cheer him up with your jokes and will also know that if he has something serious to bring to the table you are there to help him work through it and take it seriously.

16 Be Willing To Whip Up A Meal


We all know that the real way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If you want to show him that you are ready to upgrade your current status of fun girlfriend to potential wifey status, then get to the kitchen and show off your culinary skills. Don't think that you have to create some five-course meal with dishes that neither of you can pronounce, though.

Instead, try sticking to relatable comfort foods that will show him you care but aren't just cooking to impress. You are aiming for longevity here, and no one is going to be producing refined cuisine for their man or families every day for the next fifty or sixty years. Set a precedent that you can maintain.

15 Be Down With His Bros

Your chances of moving up the ranks to wifey status will take a serious hit if you can not find a way to get in good with your man's friends. His pals have a lot of say in what happens between you two, and if you end up driving a wedge between him and the guys, then you might end up disappointed when he chooses their company over yours permanently.

There are bound to be a few dudes that genuinely get under your skin, but focus on the friends he has that you can also be friends with and strengthen those bonds. If he feels like he can have it all, then you are golden.

14 She Is Over The Childish Relationship Games Phase In Life

One thing that will send a relationship into the pits real fast is the childish games that girls often play. Trying to "test" him and ignoring his texts to drive your point home is not going to do any good. These types of silly games only set relationships back, not propel them forward.

He is more likely to take the next steps with you if you are willing to put all childish behaviors aside and handle issues in your relationship in a more mature manner. If you are still hung up on showing him who is boss, then he might not want to go much further with you.

13 She Knows That Low Maintenance Looks Best On Her

Do you throw an oversized sweatshirt on when you are hanging out? Tie your hair back in a ponytail or a messy bun? Go without makeup on a lazy Sunday? Wear his sweats to bed? These are all signs of a low maintenance lady, and they are also probably huge plusses for your man.

It's great to get gussied up on occasion and try and look special for the one you love, but spending hours every day to look like you are off to a gala when you are both only planning on hitting up the local sports bar is not earning you the wifey points that you think you are racking up. Low maintenance gals steal guys' hearts more often than not.

12 Willingness To Try New Things Just For Him

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You don't have to prove your love for your boyfriend by jumping out of an airplane or doing anything crazy. If he genuinely cares about you, he won't want you making yourself uncomfortable just for him anyhow. He might, however, enjoy watching you be willing to step outside of your box and give new activities that he enjoys a whirl.

He should, in turn, be willing to do the same for you. It's crucial that couples show one another they are ready to make some personal sacrifices for their partners. Even if you are a bit too shy to accompany him hunting or jetskiing, consider what it might mean to channel a more adventurous side and give it a try once in a while.

11 When Her Interests Include Things Like Reading And Learning

The bottom line is that smarts look good on us ladies. Men find it attractive when a lady has a huge brain. Reading and upping your intellectual game will show him that you are willing to grow personally.

If you are willing to grow on a personal and an academic level, then maybe you will also be willing to grow along with him and take your relationship to the next level too. If you want to really impress him, try reading in bed while wearing one of his shirts. You probably won't get past page one of your book. You're welcome, ladies.

10 She Doesn't Make A Habit Of Lying Because She Knows Trust Is Key

In a healthy relationship honesty is indeed the best policy. If you and your guy make lying to and deceiving each other part of your relationship from early on, that mistrust and skepticism will never go away.

If you are always willing to tell the truth, even if it could cost you in the end, he will respect you and probably make it a point to be honest back. If he catches you lying, even about silly, small things, it will be harder for him to commit to a life with a person that he cannot fully trust. Telling the truth also shows him that you have solid morals.

9 She Is Willing To Tell You The Cold Hard Facts, Even If It Costs Her

Sometimes we women have to tell our partners the cold hard facts. They might not like what we are saying, but we have to be willing to go there if it in his best interest or the best interest of the relationship. A woman who is willing to tell her guy when he is in the wrong or out of line might face some pouting, but in the end, he will probably see that she is giving him the business for good reason.

It isn't always good to be the gal who only says yes. There is no realness in playing that role, and down the line that song and dance can get pretty old.

8 She Turns The Tables On The Romantic Gestures

Generally, it is the guy who is bringing flowers and balloons to his girlfriend's work or planning elaborate candlelit date nights to show her his love and admiration. The guys always seem to be the ones who have to bring the romance factor in a relationship.

Turn the tables on him every now and again and show him that you can also be a romantic. Who doesn't love a sincere gesture of flowers or a random I Love You card? It might feel unconventional, but we are willing to bet that he will appreciate the gesture more than you know. Go ahead and bring your man some flowers. It's cute!

7 When She Is Secure With You Having Female Friends

While things like loyalty, kindness, and a sense of humor are all great looks on a girlfriend or potential wife, jealousy is never a good look on anyone. If you want to become his number one girl, then don't make him give up the other ladies in his life.

Chances are he has a couple of harmless lady friends that run in his social circle, and him having female friends has some great benefits! If you can be secure in your relationship and not freak out over who he chooses to be friends with, he will find that much more attractive than if you try and control who he can and cannot hang out with.

6 She Doesn't Ditch Her Besties For A Man

Another thing that might make him hit the skids on getting serious is being a stage five clinger. If you give up everything and everyone who was once important to you to be at his beck and call, he might end up running for the hills.

It's good to show him that he indeed matters but also that you are a complete person outside of him as well. Don't go giving up your Friday nights with the girls or your Sunday dinners with your college pals just because you think you have finally found Mr. Right. Being your everything might freak him out.

5 She Eats Like A Human Being Not A Rabbit

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Fact: Men like a woman who is not afraid to put back a plate of chicken wings or a hefty load of spaghetti. If you are trying to maintain your svelte figure, do it by engaging in moderate activity and eating healthy. Don't order iceberg lettuce as he orders a cheeseburger.

If he is asking you to go to dinner with him, he would probably like you to eat something too. Show him that you are secure in your looks and proud of your body. Order what you want and if you overeat, go on a jog in the morning.

4 She Listens To Your Occasional Rant

It's critical to be a good listener when your guy needs that. If he has had an extra lousy week at work or is dealing with something more substantial, be the listening ear that he craves. Show that you can help him work through his problems and at the very least be support when he needs it.

Being a good listener shows that you are kind, caring, and not all about yourself—and guys find this quality highly attractive. If you ever plan on being his wife, there will be lots of times where you each take your turn leaning on one another and being that shoulder to cry on.

3 She Has Those Certain Maternal Instincts That Are Undeniable 

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The two of you might be lightyears away from having a baby of your own, but he can see that when the time comes, she will be an amazing mother. Guys know maternal instincts when they see them.

If you show that caring and intuitive side when you're around animals, nieces, and nephews, he will see that and be excited to watch this side of you grow over the years. Kids aren't for everyone though, so if it isn't something that you see happening for you in your future, try and be upfront about that too. You don't want to lead him on thinking that parenthood is a possibility if it is most definitely not.

2 She Is Into Learning About Your Culture

You know what they say, opposites attract. If both of your families come from opposite corners of the earth, that means that as a couple, you will only be more interesting. Learning about your partner's culture is something that you might have to make great efforts towards if you know nothing about it coming into the relationship.

It will warm his heart to see you trying to adopt his culture's beliefs and attitudes, and it will make him smile if you go ahead and cook a meal traditional to his lifestyle. Learning about where he comes from means that you care about who he is.

1 Your Family Considers Her The Daughter They Never Had

If you hope to become his wife someday, then you will want to get in good with his family. If his mother can't stand the sight of you, then eventually he is going to have to cut you loose. Don't ever think that you will completely usurp the ultimate Queen in his life.

On the other hand, if his mom, his sister, and his grandma all adore you, maybe like you a little bit more than they like him sometimes, then you are probably a keeper. If you seem like you are already part of the family, he might go ahead and make it official. Most guys dig a family, oriented girl.

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