Here’s Why Whitney Port Was Surprised By Her “The Hills” Co-Stars

The Hills: New Beginnings is the reboot we didn't know we wanted- but are we glad we have it! The first season was beloved by fans of the original The Hills, while newer fans were able to watch another great reality TV show. But with there being such a wide gap between The Hills' end and The Hills: New Beginnings' premiere, the cast isn't the same.

Take The Hills OG cast member Whitney Port, 34. After leaving the show at the end of season four, she did a lot of successful things with her life. She had her own MTV reality show called The City (which lasted two seasons), had a fashion line, launched her own brand, got married, became a mom, and launched her Dear Media podcast called With Whit. So when she agreed to be on The Hills: New Beginnings, Port was surprised to see her co-stars.

"It was really surreal! [I] haven’t been on TV in like a long time, so it was definitely… surreal to be back in that again, I never thought that that would be happening again. [It was] definitely more fun to watch than to actually film it," she explained.

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When asked what was the most unexpected part about returning to The Hills, Port said, "I think the most unexpected thing was probably I feel like, how little people had changed. You know, I think you think everybody would like mature, but that didn’t necessarily happen."

The star of The Hills: New Beginnings clearly loves being on the show with her once former co-stars. But if there's one thing she loves more than being back on TV, it's being a mom to her son, two-year-old Sonny.

"My favorite thing about motherhood is just like, seeing the world through new eyes," Port revealed. "You know I think that you become an adult and you kinda get jaded about things and I think having a young kid you start to appreciate small things that you kinda forgot about. You know, and you kinda like relearn. So it’s just fun to have like a newfound excitement towards life."

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