"Why I Quit Working At Sephora" 15 Harsh Confessions From Ex-Employees

It's no secret that we all love shopping at Sephora. Whether we're in the market for a new brand or shade of lipstick or just feel like browsing through the sea of beauty products for a few hours, we would never say no to heading to our local store. Former employees of Sephora have shared all kinds of secrets about what it's really like to work there -- some good, some bad, and some in-between. We're totally suckers for insider information, so needless to say, we love hearing anything and everything that we can.

We all know that nothing lasts forever and that sometimes, you just have to leave a job that's making you totally and completely miserable. One woman's dream job is another's nightmare scenario, and that's just the way that it goes. In the case of Sephora, there are a lot of women who have had to leave the company behind.

We've rounded up 15 women who have shared online (all on video) why they decided to quit their job at Sephora. Their reasons are each super unique... and every single story is super fascinating. Are you sitting down!? Get ready! Here are 15 harsh real life confessions on why women have quit working at Sephora!

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15  The Lack Communication Between Employees Became Too Much To Handle

This girl shared in a video that when she worked at Sephora, no one seemed able to agree on how to do certain things in the store. She was often left feeling super confused, wondering why each employee that she talked to seemed to tell her something completely different.

One example? How to sanitize and clean beauty products. There was no one standard way to clean the products. Yeah, that's kind of surprising, isn't it? As she says, "When we had to clean our makeup brushes, everyone had their own way, and as I said before, I'm a certified makeup artist... I knew the right way, but everyone else had their own way, and everyone made sure that I knew their own way." It definitely sounds confusing. She calls it "frustrating."

14 She Felt She Had To Kiss Up To People In Order To Get Ahead

The same girl quit her job at Sephora because she felt that she had to suck up to everyone.

As she puts it in her YouTube video, "You have to kiss a**, like

literally lips to booty cheeks, in order to get hours and in order to get respect.

If you know me, you know I ain't kissing no booty cheeks... Because it's dignity over anything else when it comes to me, okay?" She also mentions that everyone in the store (well, for the most part) gets the same salary regardless of what their job title is, which is another interesting insider tip. We can relate to not wanting to suck up to people in order to get job perks or anything like that. Honestly, there's no room for sucking up in the workplace. We should just work hard and have a great work ethic and be recognized for it.

13 Praise Is Hard To Come By, And Once You Get It, It's Not Very Clear

The same girl was also frustrated that when she was made Employee Of The Month, she didn't know about it. Well, obviously she knew about it eventually since now she's talking about it, but she didn't know about it at the time.

She shares a story of assisting sisters with beauty products for more than an hour and how that was probably one thing that allowed her to get the Employee Of The Month designation. But what really bothered her was that her picture wasn't put up in the store and no one said "Congrats!" or anything like that. She points out that's the way that this is handled at other stores and companies. While some of us might think that this was no big deal and that she shouldn't complain about that, we do understanding wanting to feel appreciated for a job well done.

12 Makeovers Are Done With Old And Used Testers, Not Beauty Products

The same girl's biggest reason for quitting her job at Sephora? The fact that when customers come in to get makeovers, the people doing the makeovers don't use brand new beauty products.

Wait, what?! Doesn't that sound super gross? Yup, it's gross and it's apparently what really goes down. She says that the makeup artists who work at Sephora use testers for makeovers. Yup. Testers. She calls this

"cringey and gross and nasty"

and we have to say that we totally agree with that. We're not sure if this happens at every single Sephora store or just that one or what's going on, but this confession is something that we didn't expect to hear. She found this really tough to swallow and after a while, it just really got to her.

11 She Felt "Targeted" And Held Back By Sephora For Having A Youtube Chanel

It's pretty normal these days to have a huge social media following, especially if you have a blog or a YouTube channel or something like that. We almost take that for granted and expect that. Sometimes your personal social media accounts can clash a bit with your professional life, and that's what happened to this one beauty vlogger.

She shares in a video that her social media account seemed to ultimately cause issues for her at Sephora, and that's why she ended up quitting her job. She's popular on social media and at first, she was careful about separating her personal account from the fact that she was working at Sephora. She says,

"I felt like I was being held back a little bit."

Eventually, she felt that she was being "targeted" because of her social media accounts and beauty vlogs, and she quit.

10 In Her Interview, She Was Lied To In Order To Accept The Job, But Never Received The Things Promised To Her

Another former employees shares in a video that when you start working at Sephora, you get free products so you can tell customers that you have used the stuff. Makes sense, right? You definitely want to be able to share that with the customers who want to buy the products. This girl was told (in her interview) that she would get 10 free beauty products plus the free products that she would get as a new employee anyway. Then she was hired and trained... and it didn't happen.

She heard one of her coworkers saying to another coworker, "She's not allowed to get all that stuff because our policy changed." She was mad about this and so it seems like things were rough from the very beginning.

9 She Ultimately Quit Because She Was Pregnant And There Were No Benefits For Her

The main reason that this former employee quit her job at Sephora? She was expecting a baby... and she learned that there would be no benefits or maternity leave for her.

This was just a technicality. "Because I started in August of 2016 and I worked until February 2017, four weeks before my due date, I actually didn't have any maternity leave benefits. You actually have to work at a company for a full year to actually have any maternity benefit. So that meant, pretty much,

I was either going to get fired or I had to quit."

But, even though this was just part of the system and the way that things work and not the fault of this one particular company, that's still a pretty harsh reason to leave your job.

8 Fellow Employees Are Unprofessional And It Created A High School Environment

The same girl shares that she felt that her fellow employees were super unprofessional. She was very committed to her job and says,

"For me, work didn't end when I clocked out."  

She felt that when she was being trained or "educated" as the company calls it, the woman in charge wasn't a big fan of her. She found that unprofessional and that made it a tough working environment.

Also, since the woman told her that she wouldn't get "gratis" (free beauty products) because she said the policy changed, this girl found that it was very unprofessional. She said, "I'm not being a spoiled brat like I'm super greedy. You have to give people what you promise them. First problem. Everybody's totally unprofessional at the place I work at."

7 Her Assistant Manager Was Cold Hearted Towards Her

The same girl says that her assistant manager, who was 26 years old, wasn't a fan of her, either. She says, "This girl was so mean to me for probably -- I worked there for 9 or 10 months. She was probably the rudest person I've ever come into contact with and I've never had somebody hate me so much. She could barely stand me when I walked in the door. It was like she couldn't even physically be near me or she would like explode."

Okay, whoa. That's pretty harsh. This girl was very upset, obviously, because she loved her job and says that she had a great work ethic. She also says that she was committed to her job and didn't even get commission, so she should have been respected and treated better.

6 They Were Shown Surveys About Their Work With Harsh And Hateful Comments

Another thing that really bothered a former employee about working at Sephora? She and her coworkers were shown the surveys that people filled out... which sounds okay, except everyone could see the mean, harsh things that people said about them. We get that surveys are supposed to help motivate people to work harder, but that seems like a bit much, no?

Ouch. None of us would want to witness that. Honestly, we know that not everyone is going to love us or even like us, especially in a professional setting. We're not super naive or innocent. It's just crazy to think that a place of work would be such a negative environment. We definitely hope that this was just this one girl's experience and that this doesn't happen at more stores.

5 She Didn't Feel Accepted Working At Sephora While Pregnant

Another former employee shares in her YouTube video that she ultimately quit Sephora because she got pregnant... but it wasn't smooth sailing for her. Nope. A coworker actually said really mean things to her about her pregnancy.

It always sucks to hear stories about women being mean to other women, doesn't it? We want to believe that us females are going to stick together and support each other, but sadly, life isn't like that. This girl's coworker was honestly saying, "Are you sure you want to do that?" about the pregnancy. Yes, really. The former employee said, "At the end of the day, that's my personal life. I felt like I didn't even have to bring it to that manager's attention. It's moreso HR'S attention so HR knows, 'Okay, there's an employee that's pregnant and she will be needing maternity leave.'" She says the manager acted like it was a "big deal" and said mean things to her for months on end. Oh man. We can't even believe this.

4 Her Schedule Was Sent At 1 A.M The Night Before Her Shift Started

We would think that any employee would know about their work schedule ahead of time, aka at least a week in advance, but that wasn't the case for one former employee of Sephora. Nope. She confesses in a YouTube video that she got schedules sent to her at 1 a.m.

"We can't plan our week until the schedule comes out. I couldn't deal with that."

Oh yes. One in the morning. That's not a joke. It might sound like one but it really did happen to this girl. We don't blame her for wanting to quit her job. We don't blame her at all. Who could honestly deal with never knowing when they were going to be working a shift at the store? It would be super tough to organize your time. Actually, it would be super impossible.

3 The Work Environment Caused Severe Anxiety

Sometimes a work environment is just too horrible and we can't possibly stay, and that's what happened to this one girl. This former Sephora employees shares in her YouTube video that she quit thanks to the super chaotic work environment.

She felt that there were just always too many people around... and that was both the employees and the customers, too. She says that everyone was "crabby" and that the stores were always too busy. She also really didn't like the people that came into the store that she was working at. She found that they were always in a bad mood and just weren't super nice. Those of us who have worked retail are probably nodding our heads right about now because that happens to the best of us.

2 Even Beauty Products That Create Skin Breakouts Are Still Sold

The same girl has another bone to pick: that beauty products were still sold at Sephora even when customers said that they were breaking out because of them.

We can kind of see why the store would keep selling these products since this is a subjective thing. What would cause one woman to break out a ton could be totally fine for another woman. That's the way that these things go. Some women have sensitive skin and others don't, just like our skin types are all different (ranging from dry to oily to in-between, etc.). But we can see why this would frustrate an employee at the store, especially because you're supposed to recommend the products and try to get people to buy them. That's the whole job, right?!

1 Work Life Was Expected To Be More Important Than Personal Life

The same girl who talked about not getting a schedule until 1 a.m. says that she had to leave because there was not only no work/life balance... but it seemed like no one cared about that fact, either.

"They had no consideration for our lives. They're always talking about work to life balance. Ain't no balance. Ain't no balance because you ain't telling me when I got work, when I don't, and I can't balance out my life because I don't know when I'm working or not. I'm sorry for being so aggressive but feel me on this. Can you imagine not knowing what you're doing for the rest of the week because your manager is too lazy to make the schedule on time? Yeah. That was me. That was my life." Whoa

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