Who Your Ugly TV BF Would Be Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Who Your Ugly TV BF Would Be Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every girl has a few TV characters who she would date in an instant (and we’re sure that every guy feels the same way about a few female TV characters as well). When you spend so much time watching your favorite shows, you can definitely begin to feel like you know the characters on a deeper level, and you can’t help but wonder what would happen if certain guys walked off the screen and into your living room. The guys you meet at school just never measure up to the guys in your favorite shows! While we all love imagining these attractive characters as our boyfriends, what if you ended up with one of the more awkward, gawky, or even downright ugly characters on TV? If you weren’t basing your decision off looks, who would you really click with? Find out who your ugly TV BF would be based on your zodiac sign!

24. Aries-Frank Reynolds

Source: YouTube

If you’ve ever caught even one episode of the hilarious comedy show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you will definitely remember Frank Reynolds. Frank is Dennis and Dee Reynold’s stepdad, and he basically functions as the “father” of the gang. He is always providing all of the funding and connections the gang needs to pull off their crazy plots and schemes which always inevitably go wrong? Like the rest of the gang, Frank is also a total degenerate, and he is always getting into trouble and ending up in unsavory situations. But Aries, you love adventure, and you’ve gotta admit that while Frank’s lifestyle is constantly landing him in hot water, you envy his ability to bounce back from any scenario and come out unscathed. He may not be the most charming TV character out there, but the two of you definitely have more in common than you might like to admit!

23. Aries-Raj Koothrappali

Source: TV Over Mind

The Big Bang Theory might seem like the last place that any girl would find her imaginary TV boyfriend. But relationships go deeper than looks! So, what would the guys of TBBT have to offer an Aries girl? At first glance, it may not seem like much. But Aries could be pretty compatible with Raj Koothrappali, one of Sheldon Cooper’s best friends. “Wait,” you might be wondering, “Doesn’t Raj basically go mute around all women?” Well, sort of, unless he’s had a drink or two. Raj has “selective mutism” around women, he can’t speak to women he isn’t related to unless he’s been drinking! But as any Aries girl knows, a challenge always makes things a little more fun! Plus, Aries girls love a good party, so getting Raj to open up wouldn’t be as difficult as one might think. So Aries, next time you’re out, give a nerdy guy a try.

22. Taurus-Ron Swanson

Source: Playbuzz

Any fan of the hit sitcom Parks and Recreation knows that Ron Swanson might just be one of the best TV characters ever created. He has his own set of values, he has a dry sense of humor, his character is always giving out life advice when it’s needed most, and he may not be flashy about it, but he just might be the world’s greatest friend. He’s super low maintenance, doesn’t have much of a wardrobe, and his mustache is his most distinguishing feature. In other words, he’s low-key perfect for a Taurus woman. His down to earth nature would make him extra attractive to a Taurus and speaking of nature, he also loves spending time in the great outdoors! Ron definitely would not believe in astrology, but the stars don’t lie: Ron has all the qualities of a man that a Taurus woman could live happily ever after with.

21. Taurus-Bertram Gilfoyle

Source: Reddit

Just like The Big Bang Theory, Silicon Valley might seem like a TV show that would exclusively appeal to nerdy guys. But the show is so funny and realistic in its depiction of the tech world that anyone could find it appealing. Would you watch it solely for eye candy? Well, if you’re into geeks who love to code, maybe. And if you’re not, maybe some of you would still give the guys of Silicon Valley a chance in real life. Bertram Gilfoyle (who is nearly always referred to as just “Gilfoyle”) also has plenty of qualities any Taurus girl would like, even though he does look like a stereotypical nerd who lives in a house with a bunch of messy dudes. He has a sarcastic, dry sense of humor, he has his priorities straight, and he is always proud of his work when it comes to coding, sometimes a little too proud!

20. Gemini-Alo Creevey

Source: Den of Geek

Skins was that show that made you want to move to the UK and party it up. Life across the pond just seemed so much more exciting and dramatic-the show may not have been a documentary, but it manages to make growing up in the UK a lot cooler than growing up in North America! Because there were so many unique characters introduced throughout the seasons, everyone had certain people on the show that they could really relate to. While Alo Creevey wasn’t the cutest guy in the cast, he could definitely connect with a Gemini girl. He also had two sides to his personality. He always tries to appear tough on the outside, but because of his rough home life growing up, he also needs love, he just can’t stand to show it. But Gemini, you could probably bring out that more loving side of him-it’s just who you are.

19. Gemini-Leonard Hofstadter

Source: Fame 10

If you figured that The Big Bang Theory would make another appearance on this list because it’s basically a TV hub for nerdy guys, you were totally right. But this time, we’re going to focus on a guy who just might be the perfect fit for a Gemini girl. Leonard Hofstader is another one of Sheldon Cooper’s best friends. Like the rest of the guys on the show, he is super smart and definitely has a serious geeky side, but he also has a much easier time socializing with “normal” people than Sheldon and the rest of their friends. Like Gemini, Leonard’s two sides help him to move between different groups, and they can often cause conflict for himself and the people around him. You can totally relate to Leonard on this issue you know exactly what it’s like to feel torn and try to satisfy everyone when you just can’t!

18. Cancer-George Michael

Source: Arrested Development Wiki

Arrested Development is full of unsavory characters. The Bluth family gets themselves into some serious trouble when they lose their family fortune and can no longer afford to live in luxury like they used to. One of the Bluth relatives whose life turns upside down in this turmoil is George Michael Bluth, played by the awkwardly endearing Michael Cera in one of his signature roles. Cancer, as a teenager, you would have totally gone for a guy like George Michael! Is he constantly putting his foot in his mouth, saying and doing silly things, and just generally embarrassing himself? Well, yes. But for you, all of that just makes a guy more adorable and relatable! Plus, George Michael seems less selfish and conniving than the rest of his family, so he stands out as one of the good guys in comparison. So what Cancer girl wouldn’t love that in a guy?

17. Cancer-Kevin Malone

Source: YouTube

If you’ve ever worked in a 9-5 office job, you’ve probably met a few people who remind you of characters on The Office. The first few seasons of The Office were genuinely some of the funniest episodes of television that have ever aired and luckily, it’s all still on Netflix, perfect for binge watching! Ask any girl which Office character she would date, and nine times out of ten, the answer will be Jim Halpert. Sorry, ladies, but he is way too cute for this list, so today, we’re thinking outside of the box. Now, Kevin Malone may not be the most attractive guy at Dunder Mifflin, but hear us out, Cancer ladies, he’s laid back and doesn’t get caught up in office drama, he has a good sense of humor, and he LOVES to eat. All you would have to do to impress him is serve up a great home cooked meal!

16. Leo-Dennis Reynolds

Source: YouTube

Does the name Dennis Reynolds sound familiar? You may remember hearing about his dad, Frank, earlier on this list. We’ve already established why an Aries woman might click with Frank, so Leo ladies, you’re probably wondering why you would end up with Dennis. Dennis may be the most conventionally attractive member of the gang, but he’s not as good looking as he thinks he is! Well, that’s fine with you, because you like a guy whose a little full of himself. He’s overly confident, and while he’s also totally manipulative, a Leo lady might have fun beating a guy like Dennis as his own game. Would this be a relationship meant to last? Absolutely not. Dennis doesn’t really do those, but then again, neither do you. If you’re up for mischief, crazy schemes, and possibly a night or two behind bars, Dennis Reynolds would be the perfect guy for you!

15. Leo-Fez

Source: YouTube

Leo, for your next match, we’re throwing it all the way back a few decades. That 70s Show stars your other TV BF none other than Fez, the foreign exchange student who ends up becoming friends with Hyde, Donna, Eric, Kelso, and Jackie. So, what makes Fez low-key compatible with a Leo woman? Well, for starters, he loves nothing more than to be the center of attention! Even though he stands out in small-town Wisconsin, he does not seem to mind. In fact, it’s clear that he actually kind of likes it. And every Leo girl loves a man who stands out! Fez is unique among his peers, and you get bored with guys who come across as too ordinary. And he did manage to charm even Jackie, so maybe he’s actually a lot more suave behind the scenes than you would assume Leo, you would secretly be happy with a guy like Fez.

14. Virgo-Abed Nadir

Source: Community Wiki

Virgo, you already know that you’re one of the most practical signs in the entire zodiac, and you need a guy who can match you on that level. When it comes to relationships, you’re not super emotional, so you also need a guy who can accept that and who won’t make you feel guilty with overly romantic displays of affection. That’s why Abed Nadir from Community just might be your soulmate. Abed is super socially awkward, but that wouldn’t bother you too much, because as long as he clicked with you, you wouldn’t mind. And Abed is a stickler for details. He is a pop culture aficionado with very particular tastes, and you can totally respect that. You two would have the best movie marathon dates. Plus, Abed wouldn’t mind if your relationship wasn’t super traditional, so the pressure is off for you to act like the perfect girlfriend at all times.

13. Virgo-Sheldon Cooper

Source: The Independent

Now that we’ve gone through a couple characters from The Big Bang Theory on this list, you’ve probably been wondering which sign would end up with the main character Sheldon Cooper himself, and the answer is none other than Virgo! Yes, Sheldon’s name may literally be synonymous with the word “nerd” in the pop culture scene these days, but that just makes him the perfect guy for you, Virgo! After all, you definitely have a nerdy side, and that is something to celebrate, not to be ashamed of. You and Sheldon could have some great intellectual discussions. and he is certainly not the romantic type, so he wouldn’t need to rush to put a label on things if all you wanted to do was hang out and watch Star Wars, that would probably be his dream date. Virgo, there is no doubt about it, Sheldon Cooper is your perfect awkward TV boyfriend.

12. Libra-Richard Hendricks

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

If you’ve seen Silicon Valley, Richard Hendricks would definitely be a very familiar face. Richard is the main character of the show, and Libra, you two have plenty of reasons to be compatible. Richard may not place the same high priority on balance as you do, but he is single-mindedly dedicated to his goals. And he is definitely not satisfied with second best, ever. He is always taking risks in order to improve his company, even if it means having to deal with people who misunderstand him and underestimate him. You’re also the ambitious type, so you’ve probably had to deal with a few people like that as you go for your goals as well! Richard may seem eccentric to others, but Libra, you would understand his drive and determination because you share the same mindset. Sure, he would have limited time for a relationship, but that works for you!

11. Libra-Count Olaf

Source: Metro

As a kid, you may have the loved the book series A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. Recently, Netflix brought the series to life with a TV adaptation for streaming. With Neil Patrick Harris playing the primary villain, Count Olaf, it was a big hit with fans of the series. Now, Libra, we’re not suggesting that you would ever date someone like Count Olaf in real life, but he does share some character traits with your sign! First of all, no detail goes missed when it comes to Count Olaf. Just like you, he’s a stickler for the small things, and nothing misses his attention. Second of all. he is a master of disguise, and he can fool anyone if he wants to! You’re also a social chameleon, and you have no problem tweaking your personality around different groups you can charm adults and kids alike with no problem.

10. Scorpio-Adam Sackler

Source: Pinterest

When Lena Dunham began producing her hit TV show Girls, she changed the way that we see relationships on screen. Her characters just felt so raw and real that other shows honestly felt less authentic and lacklustre in comparison. Adam Driver played main character Hannah Horvath’s boyfriend, Adam Sackler. Their relationship was extremely tumultuous, but for many young people, it was also super relatable. They were always on again off again, and even though Adam is a bit awkward looking, there is something about his passion and emotions that would make any Scorpio girl fall head over heels for a guy like him. You would secretly love all the fighting and drama that came along with dating a guy like Adam. Don’t lie, Scorpio, you absolutely crave that crazy dynamic in a relationship, and you definitely daydream about a guy like Adam coming along to sweep you right off your feet!

9. Scorpio-Sid Jenkins

Source: Keyword Suggest

Scorpio, you were probably a big fan of Skins. All that drama? Count every Scorpio in. You lived for that series. Out of all the guys on the show, why would you be compatible with Sid Jenkins? After all, Sid started off as a pretty quiet, meek character who barely had any experience with relationships and would probably totally bomb at getting a girlfriend. But as the series went on, he really came into his own and occasionally showed his stronger side. He didn’t get mad often, but when he did, watch out! Scorpio, a guy who does have a strong emotional side, but knows how to keep it in check, is the perfect fit for you. You two could balance each other out like night and day. You may want a guy who causes drama 24/7, but what you really need is a guy like Sid, who can stay calm.

8. Sagittarius-Tobias Funke

Source: YouTube

And we’re back to Arrested Development! Tobias Funke married into the Bluth family, and he definitely sticks out like a sore thumb. Tobias wants nothing more than to be an actor, but he is just way too awkward to ever be successful on screen. It doesn’t help that he is married to the absolutely beautiful Lindsay Bluth, so he looks extra silly in comparison. But Sagittarius, there are some things about a guy like Tobias that you would actually find pretty endearing! For example, you like a guy who goes after his dreams no matter what, and Tobias certainly falls into that category. Yes, he may look like an idiot half the time, but you’ve never put a high priority on looks anyway. You prefer to focus on what’s inside. So for some Sagittarius girls, ending up with an awkward guy like Tobias might not actually be so bad after all.

7. Sagittarius-Howard Wolowitz

Source: Pinterest

Now, why in the world would an adventurous, free spirited Sagittarius girl want to be with a guy like Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory? After all, Howard is a total homebody. In fact, he even lived with his mom for years and years before finally moving in with his wife after getting married! So, what would be in it for a Sag girl? Just like an Aries girl would enjoy the challenge of connecting with a guy like Howard’s friend Raj, a Sag girl would totally dig the challenge of being with someone like Howard. You love to live life on the edge, and Howard may not seem like that kind of guy, but you always welcome the opportunity to push people out of their comfort zones! Who knows, maybe Sag girls are actually meant to be with homebodies you’ve always wanted to see if you really COULD change a man.

6. Capricorn-Will McKenzie

Source: Chaostrophic

Will McKenzie was the main character on the show The Inbetweeners. He is one of the most unpopular characters on the show, and he embodies basically every single nerdy stereotype you could ever imagine. So, Capricorn, what do we expect you to see in a guy like Will McKenzie? Well, for starters, his nickname is “Briefcase.” So you know right off the bat that this guy has a crazy work ethic. He definitely works very hard in school, and he takes it very seriously, he wears the school blazer with his uniform, which no one else will do. Capricorn, you really admire that in a man. You need a guy who is proud to take his work seriously, whatever it may be. And you definitely cannot be with someone who is lazy. A guy with a nickname like “Briefcase?” Well, sign up a Capricorn girl, because she is ready for him!

5. Capricorn-Dwight Schrute

Source: The AV Club

So, we’ve already explained why we unfortunately cannot include Jim Halpert from The Office on this list, but another character is making an appearance, the infamous Dwight Schrute! Capricorn, you may be laughing at the fact that you’ve just been paired up with one of the weirdest guys at Dunder Mifflin, but hear us out on this one! You’re super dedicated to your work in a way that not many people are. You’re the one who spends long nights at your desks and early mornings getting a head start at the daily grind. And Dwight is right there with you. Seriously, no one else was as committed to Dunder Mifflin. Not even Michael Scott. Dwight was a one of a kind employee, and he took his job super seriously. You guys would probably bond over your love of work. And you would definitely both be working overtime together any hour of the day.

4. Aquarius-Rick Sanchez

Source: YouTube

Congratulations, Aquarius! You’ve landed yourself the only cartoon character on this list. If you haven’t already been watching the popular cartoon Rick and Morty, you’re missing out (but good news, it’s all on Netflix)! Rick, one of the main characters, is essentially a modern day mad scientist. He is crazy smart, and he has the ability to travel between dimensions and go pretty anywhere in the universe. However, he’s also risking his life and his grandson Morty’s life to go on all of these insane adventures. But Aquarius, you’re super into that. Let’s ignore the fact that Rick is literally a grandpa for a second. He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of him, and neither do you. His lifestyle is obviously unique, because no other guy one earth can do what he does. Aquarius, if you’ve ever felt like the perfect guy for you just doesn’t exist, it’s because he’s actually a cartoon.

3. Aquarius-Orin

Source: Slash Film

Earlier on this list, we matched up Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson with Taurus. If you’re not a huge fan of the show, you may not have noticed the recurring character Orin. Orin is April Ludgate’s weird best friend. He tends to creep out everyone who works in the Parks department. He will appear at unexpected times, and he is always working on some strange art project that no one else quite seems to understand. April, however, thinks he’s brilliant. Maybe she’s an Aquarius, because if Orin was going to be with anyone, it’s got to be an Aquarius girl. Aquarius, you wish you had a boyfriend who would go to weird art shows with you and share your appreciation of depressing indie music. We can just tell that Orin would be into all of those things. You two already have enough in common for an unconventional first date.

2. Pisces-Toby Flenderson

Source: Uproxx

One last Office character making it on to the list! Pisces, you may be a bit confused as to why you would be paired up with a guy like Toby Flenderson. After all, you value deep connections with family and friends, and Toby does not seem to have a lot of friends. You also really value creativity, and Toby seems pretty bland, he works in Human Resources, which isn’t a very creative career. And to top it all off, even his attempts at adventure backfire. At one point, he tried to live a little and move to Costa Rica, but he ended up getting injured and ruining his own trip. But Pisces, you might also see a guy who just needs a little love and sensitivity in his life. And who would be better to provide that than a Pisces woman? After all, she’s the most sensitive girl in the zodiac.

1. Pisces-Jonathan Byers

Source: Pop Sugar

Are you super excited for the hit Netflix series Stranger Things to make its return? We’re counting down the days until the new season is released on Halloween, the perfect time to enjoy this creepy series before heading out in costume. Pisces, if you’ve ever seen the first season, you already know that you have a serious soft spot for Jonathan Byers. And you were ready to throw your laptop across the room when it became clear that Nancy wouldn’t end up with him. But hey, maybe that means you can have him (if only he were real, that is). Jonathan is one of the most sensitive guys to ever cross our laptop screens, and while he isn’t the most attractive guy in Nancy’s small town, he has a very sweet side to him that not many people bother to see. Pretty much any Pisces girl would be happy with Jonathan Byers.

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