Which Zodiac Sign He Will Date And Which One He Will Marry, According To His Sign

Most people have had a string of failed relationships before they finally meet the one that they want to marry or settle down with. Certain signs gravitate towards other signs not because they feel compatible, but because they have a lot of chemistry. Sometimes we even find ourselves falling for the same type of person. These people have similar personality traits and habits that attracts us in some way. Though it sparks a lot of excitement, it simply does not provide us what we need for a lifetime partner.

Guys know this especially to be true since, unfortunately, they are usually the ones who have the upper hand in relationships. They are less likely to become emotionally attached than we are and elicit attention from the opposite gender more often. Therefore, they will have an idea of what type of girl that they can have a casual fling with and which ones they can take seriously. They can separate who they want to date vs. who they actually want to marry. Luckily for us, that varies depending on what sign he was born under. Here are the signs of who he will date and who he will marry, based on his sign.

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24 The Aries Will Have A Steamy Relationship With A Scorpio


Aries and Scorpios are both ruled by the planet of Mars. Mars is the planet of fire, aggression, and action. These people will have that instant sparks flying the moment that they set eyes on each other. Their physical attraction will be off the charts and they won't be able to take their hands off of each other. The Aries man will be smitten by the Scorpio's sultriness and she will love his overt masculine energy.

However, once the honeymoon phase wears off, they will fight a lot because they both have strong personalities and aren't used to being bossed around. Both will want to wear the pants in the relationship and they will resent each other's attempts to dominate. For better or for worse, they will never forget the time that they spent with each other.

23 But Aries Will Marry The Jovial Gemini


Aries is a fire sign and the Gemini is an air sign, and these two elements go together like peanut butter and jelly. While the watery element of the Scorpio made some steam with his fire, it still doused him out. The Gemini will give a light-hearted influence on him and make him want to explore the world with her. She will delight him with witty banter and funny jokes. Gemini women have an innocence about them that is highly energetic. The Gemini will love to see the Aries man light up as he is reacting to her energy. She will be swept off her feet by his chivalry and make him feel like he is in charge. In his mind, this is the way a man is supposed to be with his lady.

22 The Taurus Will Date The Ethereal Libra


Both the Taurus guy and the Libra girl are born under the flowery planet of Venus. This makes them lovers of pleasure and hedonism. There will be a lot of good times ahead but a lot of clashing of ways at the same time. A Taurus will adore the overt feminine vibe that the Libra woman gives out and she likes his ruggedness. The Libra girl is articulate and he could listen to her talk for hours on end. Sometimes, he won't be in the mood for talking and that will annoy the Libra. The Libra girl is the poetic side of Venus and he is the physical side. He will love the way she looks but then eventually will get annoyed with her. His abrasive side when it comes out will offend her and she will want to walk away.

21 But Taurus Will Marry The Domestic Cancer


Above all else, a Taurus guy will need security in a relationship. This is, of course, if he decides that he actually wants a relationship. Assuming that he does, he will meet the Cancer woman most likely through a mutual friend. They will both be the awkward wallflowers that bump into each other and will instantly catch some eye contact. The Cancer lady is domestic and oriented towards the home. The Taurus man needs this in his life because he loves his doing nothing and being comfortable time. She will make that environment pleasurable to be in and he will be the provider for her. Both signs err on the more traditional side so they suit each other well. She will nurture him and he will protect her.

20 The Gemini Will Run Around With The Virgo Girl


A Gemini man loves to talk and provoke thoughts into people. A Virgo girl is an intellectual and loves anyone that can provide her some good conversation. Although Virgos are shyer than Geminis, they still love people that are able to bring them out of their shell. A Gemini will grab them by the hand and take them on an adventure. The Virgo will hang on to his every word and soak everything up like a sponge. The Virgo will show the Gemini a more physical side of life and get him to actually shut up every once in awhile. Both signs are ruled by Mercury, which is the fast moving planet of communication. This relationship will probably get serious fast but end abruptly.

19 But Gemini Will Marry The Leading Leo Or Aries


At the end of the day, Gemini men are secretly so scatterbrained that they just need someone to tell them what to do. If they do not have this in their life, then it is impossible for them to make decisions. Both Aries and Leo women love to be in a position of leadership so they don't mind taking over that role in a Gemini's life. The Gemini will tame them over a bit because both these signs tend to have fiery tempers. He will be the voice of reason in their life and help them see both sides of the story. These women are fiercely independent and he will feel exhilarated by that. There will be a lively energy between a Gemini guy and either one of these fire signs.

There may even be both these women in his life at the same time. One his wife, the other his mistress.

18 The Cancer Will Love The Cooking Of The Taurus


Cancer men secretly love to be spoiled and pampered. The Taurus lady knows how to cook and make delicious food for him. She is very sensual and will make him feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Her touch will make him feel at home and that nothing could ever possibly harm him. The key here is that he almost wants a mother figure in his life, which is something that she provides. The Taurus will decorate the home and make him feel like he should never want to leave the house. However, these two will bring out each other's possessive streak so that will need to be kept in check. His excessive moodiness and her bullish temperament could get into some nasty fights.

17 But Cancer Spend The Rest Of His Life With A Calculating Scorpio


A Cancer doesn't just need a woman who can provide a stable home environment like the Taurus, but someone with some psychological depth to them. As much as he likes to stay at home, he needs someone who can provide him some late night conversations. A Scorpio lady can give him ideas and strategy about how he should handle his next power move at work. She is calculating and can read people very well. Both these signs know how to not only read each other but read everybody else around them too. They are both emotional creatures and will just pick up on each other's vibes. With these two water signs, "still waters run deep" will be the mantra to that relationship. A Cancer and a Scorpio will have an everlasting bond.

16 The Leo Will Love The Entertainment Of A Gemini


The Gemini girl will keep a Leo on his toes. She is a light-hearted soul and he loves her energy because he is always down for a good time. Leos love anyone who can show them a fun approach to life because they are ruled by the Sun. The Sun represents light and optimism so anything that feeds into that energy is what they are attracted to. However, a Gemini can be too all over the place and hard to keep track of. Since Leo is a fixed sign, they like to have things be consistent and undeviating. Geminis shake things up a little too much and change their mind on a total whim. This will eventually drive the Leo crazy and provoke his anger when he can't stand it anymore.

15 But Leo Will Swear His Life To The Loving Libra


Leos are ruled by the Sun, which represents the self. If you think about how the Sun works, all of the planets revolve around it. Leos believe that the world revolves around them. Libras are people who feel the need to always have company around because they don't like to be left alone. They are ruled by the planet of Venus which represents love and romance. This goes well with Leo's Sun because the Libra will focus on the Leo making it all about them. They will live together in harmony because they are both warm-hearted people that just want to feel loved and adored. Both signs live for pleasure so they will take care of each other's needs using romance and loving gestures towards one another.

14 The Virgo Will Have A Blast With The Easy-Going Gemini

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The Virgo man is reserved but he loves a good conversation. He has trouble initiating conversations and that is where the Gemini will help him in that department. She is a little chatterbox and will keep him engaged for hours on end. She will be enchanted by how adorable he is wrapped up in his little shell. Since these two signs are both ruled by Mercury, they will be attracted to each other without exactly knowing why. At the end of the day, the Virgo man wants a woman with substance. Unfortunately, a Gemini girl is a woman of words, not so much action. They will enjoy each other's company but can't give each other what they need in a relationship.

13 But Virgo Will End Up With The Commanding Capricorn


The match between the Virgo man and the Capricorn woman is a match made in heaven because they are two of the most practical signs of the entire zodiac. They are both perfectionists that manage to stick to their goals and don't let anything get in the way of distraction. They will provide stability for each other and be each other's cheerleaders in life. The Virgo man will calculate the exact path that they choose to go down together and the Capricorn lady will trail blaze through that like nobody's business. They both treat love with the same level of seriousness and will stay faithful to each other for a long time. They both know how to make a strong commitment and stick to it. She will be able to give him some direction in life after he has had much preparation.

12 The Libra Will Have A Flirtatious Fling With Another Libra


Libras are often attracted to other Libras because they are flirts and just love to make people laugh. They will enjoy each other's company over others because all they want to do is engage in silly banter rather than have any sort of serious conversation. They will be turned on by each other's megawatt smiles and sparkly gleams in their eyes. Libras are one of the most inviting signs so it only seems natural that they will gravitate towards one another. However, once the relationship gets serious, neither one will know how to address it or take the leap and declare it official. Even if it is official, some issues in the relationship will be avoided because they are too non-confrontational to bring it up in conversation.

11 But Libra Needs The Free Spirit Of A Sagittarian


A Sagittarius girl will not pressure the Libra man into anything that he isn't ready for. Being the big time commitmentphobe that he is, that will be a breath of fresh air for him. She will stimulate his senses with her educated mind and her never-ending quest for worldly wisdom. Though he is used to entertaining yet superficial conversations, this will make him think on a different level that he has never gone to before. She doesn't really believe in labels so she will be okay with the relationship being casual and no-strings-attached at first. This will make him want to get to know her even more and keep pursuing her. Eventually, he will never want to miss out on the adventures that she has in store for him.

10 The Scorpio Will Have Good Memories With The Aquarius


The Scorpio man will be drawn to the Aquarian girl because of her offbeat personality and ability to engage in deep and meaningful conversations. There will be some intense chemistry between them because they are both the oddballs of the zodiac. They have a polarizing presence about both of them that people either seem to love or hate. Together, it will feel like it is them against the world and nobody could ever stand in their way. However, the Scorpio guy will always be a loner at heart and the Aquarius girl has a need to belong to a community of weirdos. He will get sick of her dragging him out to meet losers that he doesn't care to socialize with. This will annoy her to no end because her friends mean the world to her.

9 But The Cancer Or Pisces Woman Will Steal Scorpio's Heart


At the end of the day, the Scorpio man needs to find a "salt of the earth" type who is conventionally feminine. This is because he is has a dark side that needs to be enlightened. He needs to find some balance with a girl who will understand where he is coming from and make him feel like a man. Cancer and Pisces women are also water signs like him and will be able to read him like no one else has before. These signs are intuitive and pick up on what he is thinking without him having to say a single word. He needs this in his life because he has a hard time expressing this thoughts and feelings because he is not one to wear it on his sleeve.

8 The Sagittarian Will Have A Trip With The Pisces


A Sagittarius lives for adventure and he is always down for the next road trip or party. The Pisces girl likes to go with the flow and let others take the lead. As much as she likes adventure, she needs someone to take her by the hand and give her that extra push. These signs are both ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is represented by expansion and higher learning. They love to push the boundaries and explore what the world has to offer. What will be the downfall in their relationship is the fact that the Sagittarian man will find the Pisces girl to be too sensitive. She will take his brash and oftentimes blunt comments to heart and perceive it as a personal offense even though he was just joking around.

7 But Saggitarius Will Need The Uniqueness Of An Aquarian


What a Sagittarius really needs in life is someone who is open-minded and willing to accept other beliefs even though they may disagree with them. Enter the Aquarian girl. She is unconventional not only in her opinions but by the way that she approaches love. He will love the way that she doesn't try to tie him down with obligations that some of his ex-girlfriends have in the past. They are both curious creatures and can take each other's puns that they will make towards one another. Both signs value their freedom and independence and they will not try to pressure each other into something that they are not ready for. His eagerness to spend time with her will compliment her friendly, yet detached demeanor.

6 The Capricorn Will Enjoy A Fancy Affair With A Leo


Both the Capricorn dude and the Leo girl love to live the good life. They both tend to choose partners that they perceive as high social status and sophistication. They both like to dress in the best fashion. Appearances and image are important to both of these signs and their values will be similar. However, their communication styles are completely different which can lead to a lot of misunderstandings. The Capricorn man has a practical and realistic view of relationships where the Leo woman is expressive and often impulsive in the way she expresses her love. That can be too much for him and he will think that she is being overly dramatic. She will think that he is being cold and pushing her away.

5 But Capricorn Will Need To Settle Down With A Virgo


A Capricorn needs a woman who is just as grounded and realistic as he is. He doesn't need someone who is delusional and out of touch with what really is going on. The downfall that he experienced from the Leo will make him learn a lesson that social status isn't everything. The Virgo girl is unpretentious but she does clean up very well. On a day to day basis, she is a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl, but when she dresses up..she glows. He will be blinded by her effortless and natural beauty that the showy Leo lady didn't really have. Both the Capricorn and the Virgo are earth signs so that means that they will always be on the same wavelength as to what they want out of life.

4 The Aquarius Will Rule The World With The Capricorn For The Short-Term


The Capricorn woman comes off as shy and reserved which is the kryptonite for the Aquarian man. He loves when he sees a demure personality that will be subservient to him. Both the Aquarius and the Capricorn will have an aloof quality to them. He will love the fact that she is not nosy or demanding in her behavior. However, that submissive demeanor is just a facade. He is a social butterfly at heart and she will expect him to drop what he is doing and tend to her needs. This is especially true when it comes to her family. His free-spirit and her family-oriented quality will often clash and show progressive vs. traditional beliefs. At the end of the day, their values are totally different and there will be too much sacrificing on their end in order to make the relationship work.

3 But Aquarius Needs The Vivacious Aries In His Life


Here we have the classic air meeting fire to start a spark that they both will never forget. When an Aquarius man meets an Aries woman, sparks will fly because she will be the first girl to ever give him a mental challenge. The Aquarius guy secretly loves to debate and she has no problem stating her opinion and going against his. There will never be a dull moment between these two because they will always be learning from each other. His need for unpredictability will be complemented by her high energy and need for new experiences. The Aquarian will offer the Aries a valuable perspective because their analytical mind will be able to tame her impulsiveness. They both share the same zest for life and will keep each other on their toes.

2 The Pisces Will Get Swept Off His Feet By A Sagittarius


When it comes to their love lives, both the Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman are restless. They are always looking outside of their current relationship in order to fill holes and voids that are not there. They will teach each other that nobody is perfect and that they will not be able to meet 100% of their needs. He is sociable and easy to get along with and she is both fiercely independent and optimistic at the same time. Her outspoken nature can be too much for some men but he is able to handle it due to his lenient nature with romantic partners. He will be the more level-headed one in the relationship because he will always weight the pros and cons where she won't. However, they will eventually get sick of each other because he wants tranquility where she wants adventure.

1 But Pisces Will Need The Love Of A Taurus


This is a match made in heaven because both of these signs will do anything to seek peace and avoid conflict. The Pisces man and the Taurus woman are both excellent listeners and will always put each other's needs ahead of their own. This pairing will be in it for the long haul and anyone around them will pick up on their chemistry. The Pisces man is a dreamer living in a world of fantasy and dreams. He is also emotionally unstable and is prone to mood swings. The earthy Taurus will bring him back down to reality without hurting his feelings. She will be the emotionally stable one in the relationship while he will be her number one fan and cheerleader for the rest of their lives.

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